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Countdown to London 2012 Information for Communications Providers from Openreach and BT Wholesale Issue 3. January 2012.

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1 Countdown to London 2012 Information for Communications Providers from Openreach and BT Wholesale Issue 3. January 2012

2 ORDER TIMELINES There are no changes to standard contractual lead times up to and including the period of the Games As per business as usual, order dates will depend on the products or services concerned Customers are reminded of the impacts of TfL’s embargo on street works. Before and during the Olympic and Paralympic Games there will be no digging allowed on roads or pavements over the entire Olympic Route Network From 1 March 2012 to 30 September 2012 for the Core Route, Venue Route and A501 From 1 July 2012 to 9 September 2012 for the remainder. For Ethernet orders that terminate on or near the ORN and require any construction work such as digging, test rodding etc, we will need to have planned any jobs and applied for street works access before the embargos come into effect For impacted Ethernet orders on the Core Route, Venue route and A501 we should be receiving orders by the end of January 2012 for the best chance of success For impacted Ethernet orders on remainder of the ORN as well as many other roads in London, we should be receiving orders by early May 2012 for the best chance of success The earlier we can receive forecasts and actual orders for all services required before during and after the Games, the better preparation can be made After the embargo period TfL are likely to face a large number of requests for permits from all utility companies CPs are advised to: –Order early (with early delivery date) where possible –Provide early forecast of expected volume increases –Advise of potential or planned marketing campaigns that may drive demand spikes Please speak to your Account teams for further information

3 GETTING AROUND DURING THE GAMES During the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games there is likely to be major disruption for London based workers and businesses. In September 2011, Transport for London [TfL] reported they anticipate that: –On the busiest day of the Olympic Games (day 7) there will be around 800,000 spectators travelling to the Olympic venues. –The number of daily trips on London transport is expected to double to 6.8 million. –640,000 spectators are predicted to arrive by rail & tube and will be travelling during peak hours. –Another 20 million trips will be made by spectators alone within London during the 2012 Games Businesses based in London are being asked to think about how their people will get into, and travel round, London during the Games During Games-time, around 1,000 BT employees will be dedicated to ensuring that the communications networks and services supporting London 2012 run smoothly. For the wider BT community, we have built travel/transportation plans for our own employees We are working on travel/transport plans for our employees who need to travel in and around London to mitigate impact on customers including alternative work locations, flexible hours and where appropriate, working remotely Our priority is to keep any delays to a minimum and we have defined a transport strategy with a 4 step approach: -Reduce requirements for journeys by proactively rescheduling maintenance routines and planned works. Increase network resilience prior to the games by ensuring outstanding faults on resilient paths are repaired and restored. There should also be fewer network incidents during Games-time as a result of service protection plans -Re-time Reschedule work and appointments so that they do not clash with the most severely impacted times or times when the Olympic Route Network is not in operation -Re-route Create smaller defined engineering working areas to increase road, venue and event knowledge meaning more effective and reduced routing -Review transport modes and use alternative vehicles where appropriate We will use best endeavours to serve all our customers We will be working with customers to understand their own plans for access to their premises and other key locations

4 CLEARWAY 2012 ClearWay 2012 is an initiative from the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and Transport for London (TfL) to define and manage the ‘Olympic Route Network’ and the ‘Paralympic Route Network’ ClearWay 2012 comes into effect on the Olympic Route Network –1 March 2012 – 30 September 2012 for the Core Route, Venue Route and A501 –1 July 2012 – 9 September 2012 for the remainder The Olympic and Paralympic Route Network will be made up of five areas: –Core: routes between accommodation, the Olympic Park and other main venues that will be heavily used by the Games Family. These roads are entirely within London and will operate for the duration of the Games. –Venue-specific: routes linking other competition venues, accommodation locations and international arrival points –Training venues: routes linking the preferred training venues to the rest of the Olympic and Paralympic Route Networks –Alternative: routes used in the event that a core, or venue-specific route is not usable for any reason. –Road Event: some of the core and alternative routes will be replaced and aligned with additional routes as road event venues e.g. the marathon and road cycling.

5 CLEARWAY 2012 – WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Before and during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Transport for London (TfL) are planning an embargo on all street works with no digging allowed on roads or pavements over the entire Olympic Route Network –From 1 March 2012 to 30 September 2012 for the Core Route, Venue Route and A501 –From 1 July 2012 to 9 September 2012 for the remainder. During Games-time, the embargo on street works will continue and there will also be additional traffic control measures in place, including : –Restrictions on right turns, –Restrictions on parking and use of bus lanes –Closure of taxi ranks and waiting zones and changes to traffic light timings. –Introduction of Games lanes in London exclusively for the use of The Olympic family. There will also be a no digging policy on A& B roads within the A406, North Circular and A205, South Circular roads, from 1 July 2012 to 9 September 2012 Additional restrictions from TfL include : –Movement Management Areas: Areas that are likely to become congested with pedestrians will need to be kept clear of works and crowd barriers will be erected and some roads will be closed. –Local Area Traffic Management & Parking Plans: Roads within the vicinity of venues will be subject to additional security as well as additional traffic management. Further details regarding the scope of these restrictions are due from TfL. We are working with TfL on access in the case of genuine emergencies Further information :

6 TFL’s TRAVEL HOTSPOTS Transport for London (TfL) have recently published details of the main travel hotspots expected over the course of the Games The information can be found on the following site: While many parts of London will be busy during Games-time, the impact on roads in the capital will vary depending on the day, time and location. Some events and Olympic activity will cause some roads to operate differently either throughout, or at different times during the Games Find out more about the Olympic Route Network and Central London Zone 70% of London’s traffic will be unaffected by the Games but those journeys into or across areas directly impacted by the Games, such as those near venues, the Olympic Route Network or road event routes, will be impacted To help with journey planning for businesses, TfL’s site has a range of interactive maps that show what impacts are expected by day, time and location Businesses can use TfL’s planning tool to see how their journeys might be affected and to assess their travel options There are also a series of downloadable, high resolution PDFs available detailing the expected road impacts during the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

7 EXCHANGE ACCESS We have no plans to close any BT buildings in London over the Games period Security in and around all BT buildings including exchanges is something we take very seriously It is important that our own teams and those of our customers and their agents continue to have access to carry out provision and repair activities in a safe and secure manner at all times We have developed an Exchange Access Policy to ensure appropriate access is provided to all who need it We have completed trials on an internal basis and these have been successful We have begun engaging on a trial basis with customers that currently have access to specific exchanges in the London area We will continue to engage with all stakeholders over the coming weeks to make sure that we maintain appropriate levels of security while ensuring that our customers and their agents can carry on with required activities

8 EXCHANGES AND THE OLYMPIC ROUTE NETWORK Many of our exchanges in the London area are on or near to the Olympic and Paralympic Route Network We are introducing a special service to those customers that have points of presence in exchanges that are either on or near to the Olympic and Paralympic Route Network Customers impacted by this will be contacted by your account teams in order to share with you, on a one to one basis, details of the affected exchanges, the services that you currently have in each exchange and the times when these exchanges are likely to face the greatest impacts over the period of the Games For customers that do not have points of presence in any of the affected exchanges, your account teams will be pleased to share with you details of where these are located and the main times when they are likely to face the greatest impacts. For further information please contact your account teams

9 SECURITY We have been actively reviewing the physical and logical security needs for our buildings, networks and systems We currently deploy ‘Defence in Depth’ security protections for all our customers with a multi-layered approach for cyber, physical and human security controls Physical security will be enhanced across the city in the run up to and during the Olympic and Paralympic Games We have completed a full security audit of our key buildings across London and the UK. As well as uplifting physical and manned security, we are tightening access controls to a number of specific buildings in the run up to the Games BT forms part of the Olympic Intelligence Centre which is co-ordinating the activities of all agencies to ensure all necessary counter-measures are deployed to protect critical national infrastructure and in turn all our customers’ interests We are working with the Police on the ‘search and seal’ policy for manholes and street cabinets around the venues and on the Olympic Route Network in the run up to the Games BT’s strategy is to have specialist, dedicated and mobile response teams on call 24x7 If any units need to be deployed in London during the Games, BT will have additional teams on call should unforeseen events take place elsewhere

10 SERVICE CONTINUITY THROUGH THE GAMES Fewer than 1000 BT employees will be dedicated to delivering the communications needs of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games This means almost 99% of BT staff remain available to support its customers non-Games requirements Planning for the Games started in BT three years ago It is BT’s priority to protect its customers’ services whilst delivering a flawless Games All Network and IT change requests will be processed using BT’s well established processes and procedures with additional enhancements during test events, technical rehearsals and the Games period During the critical Games-time period of 9 July 2012 until 12 August and 29 August 2012 until 9 September 2012, BT will be implementing a Games-time ‘service protection’ policy to protect all of its network customers’ services

11 SERVICE PROTECTION Our aim is to protect services to all our customers throughout the period of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and to deliver a flawless Games We will be putting in place additional measures to minimise the risk of service incidents The Service Protection period will apply additional controls on IT and network changes in the run up and during Games time to protect service to all customers The Service protection period will run from 9 July 2012 through to 12 August 2012 and then between 27 August 2012 and 9 September 2012 During this time there will be targeted restrictions on large scale changes on our core IT and network services in order to protect the network for all our customers This doesn’t mean that we will be stopping business as usual provision and repair activities for customers Service level agreements with our customers will not be affected by the implementation of the Service Protection Period and as always, we will endeavour to meet SLAs for all customers

12 WHAT DOES SERVICE PROTECTION MEAN FOR CUSTOMERS? During the practice events and run up to Games-time there will be minimal impact to BT and customers For non-Games networks, services and exchanges, all changes will proceed as per well established change management processes BT is carrying out an additional risk assessment on our Networks, Services and Exchanges During the ‘Service Protection’ period - 9 July 2012 until 12 August 2012 and 29 August 2012 until 9 September 2012 there will be some restrictions to the UK core network, core IT systems and international gateways Work is underway across BT to understand any major projects or deliveries that could be impacted BT will keep this under review and advise customers of any changes We have already notified that the deployment of EMP Release 2000 has been brought forward from 21 July to 16 June and interim releases, immediately before and after R2000 have been cancelled Further engagement will be taking place with customers directly to fully assess and understand potential impact, and identify any mitigation where required

13 CORE COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES CAPACITY There’s no doubt there will be a high level of demand for key services during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games BT is working actively with its customer groups, including CPs, to understand capacity demands for core communications services during the games. These include: Data circuits Wifi Backhaul for 2G and 3G mobile networks Broadcast connectivity in the UK and overseas Games-time services During Games-time at peak moments we expect demand for broadband to be higher than normal. Exactly when and how high these peaks might be will depend on a variety of factors including how well Team GB performs Many organisations are involved in broadband delivery on an end to end basis and each has choices when providing services to their customers and maximising broadband performance during Games-time Communications Providers and supply partners across the broadband delivery chain need to work together in anticipation of the greater broadband demand expected during Games-time We will be doing everything we can to maximise broadband performance for you - and in turn your customers. We are bringing forward investment in our next generation advanced copper services and introducing additional optional service enhancements like Real-Time QoS which will enable you to prioritise time-critical services for your customers Watch out for shorter contract bandwidth terms, to help you deliver the best customer experience possible during Games-time Your account manager or client relationship manager will be pleased to share with you our thoughts on predicted Games-time demand

14 RESILIENCE We routinely conduct over 10,000 hours of maintenance across the core network infrastructure each month We have commenced a programme of additional enhancements following a series of rigorous audits We are proactively confirming that power capacity is proven and tested under load and network diversity and resilience is tested at key nodes across London and the UK Business continuity plans are being reinforced with London 2012 in mind and we are engaged in ‘War Gaming’ exercises to ensure our people experience and understand their roles in the event of real life scenarios

15 SUPPLY CHAINS BT depends on a range of third party suppliers to deliver its services. These range from hardware and spares providers to administrative and logistics support. Ensuring availability of stock and spares through the Games will mean partners aligning with special arrangements being made within BT. Our supply chain needs to be ready to mitigate issues like travel disruption and resource availability in exactly the same way that BT will. This work is already underway and our suppliers are responding well

16 KEY MESSAGES BT is proud to be the official communications services partner and Openreach is the official telecommunications infrastructure partner for London 2012. It is BT’s intention to help makes the Games a great success, for London, for BT and for the communications industry, while continuing to support all our customers throughout the events. London 2012 represents a significant investment by BT designed to help make London 2012 the most connected Games ever held. BT has been planning for the operational delivery of the Games for three years, in parallel to the delivery of business as usual service. We are confident in our ability to support the Games and all our customers. BT aims to ensure service continuity for all customers throughout the Games, despite the inevitable disruption that an event of the size and scale of London 2012 will inevitably create in parts of London. BT will be very much open for business and no BT building in London will be closed during Games-time. As far as possible BT will serve its customers on a BAU basis. We will ensure that no CP will be disadvantaged because of BT’s sponsorship of the Games BT is working closely with the various authorities delivering the Games like ODA, TfL and LOCOG, as well as its CP customers, to understand the requirements of the Games and planning to meet these requirements. As a provider of Critical National Infrastructure, BT is also working to heighten the security of its networks and services to help ensure safety during the Games. BT aims to contribute significantly to the London 2012 legacy, creating an advanced communications infrastructure that will contribute to the transformation of parts of East London.

17 OUR TEN LONDON 2012 INTENTIONS BT is the official communications services partner responsible for delivering the communications network and services for London 2012. Openreach is the official telecommunications infrastructure partner to London 2012. BT intends to deliver the communications that make London 2012 the most connected Games ever. We will, where it is operationally possible and economically responsible: 1.Deliver the communications network and services required to make London 2012 a success for the UK and the UK communications industry 2.Contribute to the lasting legacy of the Games in London and other parts of the UK 3.Enable core services to meet the capacity and quality demands placed upon them, not just for the Games but for non-Games needs too 4.Ensure customers are made aware of any change control processes that we may need to make in advance for the provision of new services or service functionality as a result of the Games 5.Ensure that service centres, operational teams and functional support organisations are resourced appropriately to deliver the Games as well as business as usual activities 6.Ensure that our end to end supply chain is fully aligned to help deliver on our intentions 7.Implement the heightened security arrangements expected of BT without unduly hampering our customers or service delivery 8.Ensure operational plans are developed with as full an understanding as possible of any practical events or third party actions that could hamper delivery, such as restricted transportation in London 9.Communicate frequently and transparently with customers in the run up to and during the Games 10.Through our network design and investment decisions, ensure that our contribution to London 2012 considers sustainability and adds long term value to the local communities in which we operate


19 LONDON 2012: KEY FACTS Over 14,500 athletes will be competing in the Games Over 27,500 accredited journalists will cover the Games from London Up to 70,000 volunteers are required to make the Games work Almost 11 million tickets are available for the Games, with demand outstripping supply Over 800,000 spectators and 55,000 athletes/officials/media will use public transport to get to the Games on the busiest day Staging the Olympic and Paralympic Games is like staging 46 world championships London 2012 is expected to contribute an additional £21 billion to the UK economy The Olympic Park in East London is the largest park development in the UK for over 100 years 2800 new homes on the Olympic Park will be made available to the public after the Games

20 PRACTICE EVENTS Cluster One Basketball Aug 2011 Cycling – BMX Aug 2011 Equestrian Eventing July 2011 Modern Pentathlon July 2011 Marathon & Race Walk May 2011 TennisJune 2011 VolleyballJuly 2011 Canoe SlalomJuly 2011 Cycling – Mountain Bike July 2011 SailingAug 2011 TriathlonAug 2011 RowingAug 2011 BadmintonAug 2011 Volleyball – BeachAug 2011 Aquatics Marathon Swim Aug 2011 Cycling – RoadAug 2011 Olympic Park VenuesRiver Zone VenuesOther London Venues / Outside London Venues Handball Nov 2011 Goalball Dec 2011 Cycling – Track Feb 2012 Aquatics – Diving Feb 2012 Aquatics – SwimmingMar 2012 Table Tennis Nov 2011 BoxingNov 2011 FencingNov 2011 JudoDec 2011 Taekwondo Dec 2011 WrestlingDec 2011 Weightlifting Dec 2011 Gymnastics Jan 2012 Canoe Sprint Sep 2011 Archery Oct 2011 Cluster Two Boccia April 2012 Aquatics – Synchro. SwimApril 2012 HockeyMay 2012 Wheelchair TennisMay 2012 Aquatics – Water PoloMay 2012 Wheelchair RugbyMay 2012 AthleticsMay 2012 Shooting April 2012 Paralympic Archery May 2012 Football April 2012 Cluster Three

21 LESSONS FROM VANCOUVER Network Capacity One in four organisations surveyed suffered capacity issues with employees/and or customer demand. One in five businesses increased their network capacity ahead of the Games. With hindsight, a third of companies said that they would have increased capacity. Capacity issues were particularly an issue for Media and Leisure companies (57%), Retail (33%) and Financial Services (29%) Operational Capacity 23% of organisations surveyed increased their call centre capacity ahead of Games time, while 42% experienced a higher than normal level of call centre volumes during Games time. 21% increased their technology security and resilience ahead of the Games. People Capacity 42% of businesses took no steps to prevent employee absenteeism during the Games 28% of businesses experienced higher levels of staff absenteeism than normal. With hindsight, 30% would have increased flexible working facilities for their staff Research commissioned on behalf of BT, 2010

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