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“Let us lend a helping hand” County of Sacramento Building Inspection Document #CO-183/10/2011.

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1 “Let us lend a helping hand” County of Sacramento Building Inspection Document #CO-183/10/2011

2 “Always have a meeting place outside of your house in case of an emergency such as fires or earthquakes” says Inspector Sam, “then you can make sure everyone is safe”. Good job everyone! Document #CO-183/10/2011 2

3 Look at the construction sites in your neighborhood. You will see that they use many new things to keep excess mud, dirt and other harmful pollutants from entering the storm drains. Think of ways you can help keep bad things out of our rivers. Document #CO-183/10/2011 3

4 When hazardous materials such as wet concrete run-off, fertilizers, and pesticides go into the storm drains near your house, they end up in rivers and may poison fish and plants. Remind your neighbors to properly dispose of hazardous materials and help the quality of our rivers! Document #CO-183/10/2011 4

5 Building Inspectors encourage builders and homeowners to keep their construction sites clean. Extra silt going into storm drains from your house ends up in our creeks and rivers where fish live. Document #CO-183/10/2011 5

6 Inspector Sam says, “We don’t inspect cars, boats or airplanes, but we do inspect hangars, garages and docks”. Document #CO-183/10/2011 6

7 If your house is not properly insulated, you could be wasting money. Inspector Sam says you should have R-38 insulation in your attic. Document #CO-183/10/2011 7

8 Houses need light and air to make them a safe, healthy place to live. Windows need to be at least equal to 8% of the floor area of each room and half that window area has to be openable. Bathrooms, kitchens and some other rooms have reduced requirements which can be found in the California Building Code. Document #CO-183/10/2011 8

9 Inspector Sam says, “ All houses must have adequate foundation systems to keep them from slipping away”. Wait! Come Back! Document #CO-183/10/2011 9

10 Inspector Sam says, “Always make sure that any electrical outlet in the bathroom is G.F.C.I. Protected to prevent electrical shocks”. Document #CO-183/10/2011 10

11 All fireplaces should have a protective screen to keep embers from flying out and starting a fire! A screen is required on top of the chimney too! Document #CO-183/10/2011 11

12 Danger! All swimming pools must have approved barriers or fences to prevent drowning. Inspector Sam says, call our office at 916-875-5296 and we will send you a copy of our swimming pool and fence regulations. Document #CO-183/10/2011 12

13 Inspector Sam and his friend “Matchless Mike” say, “Don’t store flammables near gas appliances. They may ignite!” Document #CO-183/10/2011 13

14 A happy furnace can become a dangerous furnace if it is not properly maintained. Always change the filters per the recommended specifications and have the furnace serviced regularly. Document #CO-183/10/2011 14

15 Billy knows that at least one window in each bedroom must have an openable area a minimum of 24” high and 20”wide with a total clear openable area of not less than 5.7 square feet. Then it is big enough so a fireman can climb in with all his equipment on and Billy can get out quickly in case of an emergency. Document #CO-183/10/2011 15

16 Um! That apple pie sure looks good! Hey Kids! How high can a window sill be in a bedroom? Answer: If it is a rescue or escape window, the sill can’t be over 44 inches high. It is easier to climb out of in case of a fire! Document #CO-183/10/2011 16

17 What is the minimum opening height of an entry door? Answer: 6’6” Document #CO-183/10/2011 17

18 Uh Oh! This front door lock requires a key to unlock it inside and outside. Inspector Sam says the front door must be able to open from the inside without special tools or knowledge. Maybe a deadbolt handle would work. Document #CO-183/10/2011 18

19 Inspector Sam says never use extension cords where they can be a hazard! Document #CO-183/10/2011 19

20 My parents are busy watching TV. I think I’ll climb the stairs Inspector Sam says, “All guardrails and stair rails on new houses must have intermediate rails no more than 4 inches apart so small children can’t fall through”. Document #CO-183/10/2011 20

21 Inspector Sam says, “Never run down stairs kids!” It’s very dangerous. All stairways with 4 or more steps must have at least one handrail on an open side, to protect you. Document #CO-183/10/2011 21

22 Ha Ha! You can’t reach me! This fence is 7 feet high! Oh Yeah? If your fence is over 6 feet high, a building permit is required. Do you have a permit? I’m calling Inspector Sam! Document #CO-183/10/2011 22

23 Barns, garages and sheds are inspected too, to make sure they are strong and safe. Document #CO-183/10/2011 23

24 Document #CO-183/10/2011 24 Building Inspectors inspect moved buildings too!

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