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Sherri Saines, Ohio University Colleen Boff, Bowling Green State University.

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1 Sherri Saines, Ohio University Colleen Boff, Bowling Green State University

2 Library Instruction Ideas for FYE Established Wiki Wiki = open contributions


4 To rejuvenate FYE instruction To foster networking between colleagues To share expertise To document approaches

5 On Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki at http://www.libsuccess.org

6 Best Practices Wiki

7 Services to Specific Groups

8 5 FYE Seminar types, plus 100-level classes General first year outreach

9 1. Extended orientation 2. Academic seminar with uniform content 3. Academic Seminar on various topics 4. Pre-professional seminar 5. Basic study skills seminar

10 Introduction to the field Gen education requirement Common syllabus Multiple sections

11 Orientation and Registration Welcome week activities Open houses


13 General First-Year Outreach: Examples Ohio University Ohio University: 4+/pub/lge // Contact: Sherri Saines The Code Game Learning Objectives:10 Things freshmen need to know about the library (Learning Objectives) 1. Librarians like to answer questions: 5 ways to talk…

14 Academic Seminar with Uniform Content Course Description: Bowling Green State University BGSU 4+/pub/med //Contact: Colleen Boff Honors Program First year students in the Honors Program are typically enrolled during their first semester in Honors 201: Introduction to Critical Thinking. I've been piloting the use of wikis …

15 Honors Wiki (Bowling Green State University)


17 General First-Year Outreach (not related to classes): Yale University Yale University: 4+/prv/med // Contact: Emily Horning Personal Librarian Program Our PL program matches each incoming freshman with a Yale librarian, or PL. The PLs send occasional announcements (approximately every 3-4 weeks)… …

18 Pirate Orientation (Randolph Macon College)

19 General First-Year Outreach: Randolph-Macon College Randolph-Macon College: 4/priv/v sm : Megan Hodge, Circulation Supervisor Pirate Orientation We have students come through the library for a themed orientation...


21 Add to the wiki OR E-mail us!

22 Anyone! 2/4 year private/public small / medium / large

23 Institution name (use 3rd level heading) Institution name (linked to institution homepage): type/ fund / size /// Contact: your contact name (linked to your contact info) (+see below for categories) Next line: Name of your example as a 4th level heading Next line: Learning outcomes (bold) Next line: Description (bold) of your example. Include links to files, web sites, etc. Tell us how many students or classes you used this approach with. Note successes, assessments. Include things that didn't go so well, too, and tell us why. We're interested in how to do things, especially if it involves outside help or funding. With whom did you collaborate and how did that go? Next line: Assessment (bold) Description and results of any assessment efforts that have been made regarding student learning as a result of activity.

24 Discussion tab at top of “Services for First Year Students” wiki. Facebook Group


26 Questions? Sherri Saines, Reference / FYO Librarian Colleen Boff, FYE Librarian Ohio University 740-593-9587 Bowling Green State University 419-372-7901

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