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CR-3A – Power Point Presentation Example. Coke is it! Craig Bench: Example of a Company Presentation.

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1 CR-3A – Power Point Presentation Example

2 Coke is it! Craig Bench: Example of a Company Presentation

3 Coke is it! Coca-Cola is the world’s top soft drink producer They manufacture, distribute and market over 300 different nonalcoholic beverage concentrates--primarily soft drinks, syrups, juices and juice drinks--in over 200 countries Coke leaves the capital-intensive job of bottling to flagship bottlers in various parts of the world Nearly 2% of the daily global fluid intake involves Coke products

4 Coke is a Buy I am assigning Coke a “Buy” Rating

5 Positive Factors The stock price of $55.71 (3/26) reflects some of the poorest sales growth is recent history As global outlook improves, sales will rebound Coke has had historical volume growth trends of 6-7% over the last 50 years I expect a return to normal levels Coca-Cola enjoys unrivaled global brand recognition BusinessWeek 2001 Survey rates them high It is a powerful global leveraging tool

6 Positive Factors Coca-Cola is well diversified They are diversified in both their beverage portfolio (over 300 brands) and in their global market penetration Douglas Daft, CEO, has pushed global “Get Local” initiatives In Mexico, the “Senzao” brand is a prime example

7 Positive Factors Their Expansion into China has been Successful Coca-Cola has successfully expanded their penetration efforts into the crucial Chinese market China recently became Coke’s 6 th largest market, up from 16 th just ten years ago Coca-Cola’s Chinese volume has expanded 24% annually for the last ten years and the company enjoys a 48% market share of the CSD (carbonated soft drink) market

8 Valuation Support of “Buy” Rating Price (3/25/02):$55.71 Market Value ($millions):$117,262 Forward (2002) P/E:32.8x Premium (Discount) to market P/E: 4% Premium (Discount) to Index P/E:(10%) Company Type: Stalwart PE Relative Fair Value Range: 1.5-1.8 Intrinsic Value: $70.49 (26.5%) Recommendation: Buy

9 Valuation Support of “Buy” Rating

10 Negative Factors Coca-Cola has lagged in brand development of growing non-core CSD market In Water, Isotonic, and Juices it has under-performed Pepsi holds market share in U.S. in each category Coca-Cola concentrates too much of their business in core CSD’s While most companies are increasing their allocation of non-core CSD’s, Coca-Cola has chosen keep most of its eggs in the same CSD basket

11 Negative Factors Products are sensitive to the economic cycle Consumers tend to cut the fat out of their budgets when times are lean, and Coke products are definitely fatty Key is the example from Germany

12 Earnings Estimates 12/0212/03 date Craig Bench1.741.82 3/26 Goldman Sachs1.802.00 3/26 Prudential Securities1.781.92 3/26 Zachs Mean (std. Dev)1.78(.02)1.97(.03) 3/26

13 Questions? Any Questions?

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