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McCullough Highlanders

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1 McCullough Highlanders
Boys Cross Country

2 Coaching Staff Head Coach - Edgar Cantu 14 year coaching experience
8 year military service 2003 Operation Enduring Freedom / Afghanistan B.A. in Kinesiology from Sam Houston State University SHSU Cross Country & Track Teams

3 Coaching Staff Assistant Coach – Matt Klotz 5 year coaching experience

4 Topics of Discussion Academics What is Cross Country? Program History
Team Rules/ Policies/ Conduct Class Requirements Attendance Grading Criteria Practice Schedule Locker Room Procedures Equipment Nutrition Running camps Physicals Sports outside of Cross Country Booster Club

5 Cross Country Long distance competitive running, training ,and racing.
Competitive races are two miles long. Competitive races are held on fields that are on flat, hilly, grassy, sandy, and/or muddy surfaces. Training is very demanding, physical, and rigorous. Requires strong courage, commitment, discipline, and dedication.

6 Program History High School 17 State Championships
Numerous All-Americans Has produced many runners who have run in college. Coached by Dan Green and now Juris Green Junior High Established in 2005 7th & 8th Grade District Champions since 2005

7 Class Requirements 7th graders have to be able to run under 16 minutes for 2 miles without walking by the first week of school to remain in the class. 8th graders have to be able to run under 14 minutes for 2 miles without walking by the first week of school to remain in the class. Students who fail to meet the class requirements will be moved into regular P.E.

8 Academics Priority High Standards Students have to pass classes.
Students who fails to maintain passing grades on a regular basis will not be on the team as an 8th grader.

9 Grades/ Class Attendance
Unexcused Before School Absent = 0% Excused Before School Absent = X Does not participate in class = 0% Does not participates but has a doctor’s/parent note = X 3 or more consecutive days without practicing will require a doctors note.

10 Grades Participates in class = 100%
Overall grade will consist of before school practice and participation grade in class Before School Grade + Glass Grade = % Then divided by two = Overall Daily Grade

11 Before School Attendance
Is required and expected for all students in the class. It is part of their participation grade for the class. It will be year around. We will continue to practice before school even after our season (Aug. – Oct.) has finished. Coach must be notified by prior to 8:30 am, on the day the student is absent in order to be excused.

12 Athlete Misbehavior 1st Offense – Student/ Coach Meeting.
2nd Offense – Phone call/ to parent and the student will have to perform extra physical work in class. 3rd Offense – Referral and meeting with Assistant Principal. This will result in student’s suspension from team activities which include before school and competitions. 3 or more referrals results in 2 days of ISS.

13 Forgetting Supplies 1st time – Student /Coach Meeting and a phone call to parent. The student will be given an assignment to complete in class. Receive a 0. 2nd time – Referral and the student will be placed ISS for the class period. They will receive a grade of zero for their participation grade and will not be allowed to compete at the upcoming competition. Three or more referrals will result in two days of ISS

14 Equipment Running Shoes Running Shorts
Light colored T-shirt/ Dri- Fit Shirt Socks Clean clothes to change into.

15 Practice Schedule 7th Graders will practice before school on Red days only from 6:45 – 8:00am. 7th Graders will practice in class during their 4th Block class on Green Days. 8th Graders will practice before school on Green Days only from 6:45 – 8:00am 8th Graders will practice in class during their 4th Block class on Red Days.

16 Practice Schedule We run 6 days a week Saturday – Run at Home
Sunday – Recovery Day Year around ( August –June) Summer mornings 3 week break in October 3 week break in April

17 Training 7th Grade -30 to 35 miles weekly - shortest run is 2 miles
-longest run is 7 miles - fast pace runs (intervals, tempo runs, repeats, & fartleks) -track, running course, and off-campus

18 Training 8th Grade - 35 to 42 miles weekly - shortest run is 3 miles
-longest run is 10 miles - fast pace runs (intervals, tempo runs, repeats, & fartleks) -track, running course, off- campus

19 Locker Room Lockers with combinations will be assigned.
Must shower (Open showers) in the morning. Will need a towel to donate, body wash, shampoo, shower sandals, deodorant & clean clothes to change into. Must secure and put away their items in their locker.

20 Nutrition/ Hydration drink 64 oz. Of water daily.
drink electrolyte beverages. avoid caffeine drinks 3 healthy meals ( high on carbohydrates) a day, with healthy snacks in between. 8 hours of sleep.

21 Meet Requirements Earn a uniform. Be at practice daily.
Finish runs/workouts. No unexcused absent for the week. No more than 2 excused absences for the week. Good standing in the classroom and with teachers. Expected to perform and compete each day at practice.

22 Physicals Every athlete has to have take one in order to participate.
Have to be turned in order to be allowed to participate by the first day of school. If a students does not have a physical after the first week of school, they will be moved into P.E. Physical Night at TWHS on May 21st

23 Other Sports 50/ 50 effort on athlete's part.
Do not use XC solely to get in shape for another sport. Will not alternate training plan in order to accommodate student's outside sport. Be in cross country to compete and represent McCullough at competitions.

24 Booster Club Not mandatory to join, but highly encouraged to do so.

25 Spring Running Camps Dates:
Session I – March 31st – April 10th (Monday –Thursday) Session II – April 21st – May 1st (Monday – Thursday) Session III – May 12th – May 22nd (Monday – Thursday) Time: 5 pm – 6 pm Location: McCullough Junior High Place: Stadium Track Registration: On Site Cost: $65 per camp Eligible Participants: Current 6th graders and new 7th

26 Summer Running Camps Distance Training Camp Session I- June 9 - July 3 (Monday – Thursday) Session II- July 14 - August 7 (Monday – Thursday) McCullough Junior High / Woodlands High School 7:30-8:30 for 8th grade runners 8:30-9:30 5th - 7th grade runners Cost is $85 per camper

27 Highlander Standards Excel Academically Be Competitive Be Respectful
Be Accountable Be Responsible Be Commited Have a Strong Work Ethic

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