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Together, Let’s make out of the Nord Pas de Calais « a land of entrepreneurs ! »

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1 Together, Let’s make out of the Nord Pas de Calais « a land of entrepreneurs ! »

2 « The entrepreneur state of mind refers to the individual’s ability to transform ideas into actions. It requires creativity, innovation and some risk taking skills, in addition to the capacity of programming and managing various projects in order to achieve goals. » Development of the entrepreneur state of mind Par Andreas Schleicher, Directeur adjoint, de la Direction de l’éducation, et Conseiller spécial en charge de la politique de l’éducation auprès du Secrétaire général, OCDE To face tomorrow’s challenges… « We are leaving in a fast moving world (…) current knowledge and competencies won’t be enough to overcome tomorrow’s challenges. One generation ago, teachers could think that they have been teaching to the kids would last forever. Nowadays, because of many economical and social shifts, school have to prepare students… For jobs which have been created yet With technologies which haven’t been invented yet And issues which we are still not aware of will arise.»

3 A best in class Regional Dynamic…

4 EPA, an essential actor of entrepreneurship within schools Who are we ? The Department for education is responsible for the quality of educational tools. Our organization is authorized and working closely together with Lille academy on the entrepreneurship thematic. Member of a European network recognized all around Europe, making 5 millions of young people sensitive, this collaboration allows sharing tools and best practices. Our educational tools are aligned with the European Union (Oslo Agenda). Actively attending the 2 nd Group of entrepreneurial assizes. Our mission ? Make entrepreneurship accessible to every person from 10 to 22 years old and reveal entrepreneur vocations…

5 A global dynamic for an entrepreneurial momentum ! EPA full time employees have demonstrated experience with bringing support to young people. Tools set up are ligned with educational objectives. All our actions are organized with the participation of local entrepreneurs, creators, giving away or taking the succession of something in order to share their entrepreneurial fibre. They are guided through by the organization to ensure an easy integration. All year along EPA attends local, regional or even european events, in order to allows young people to get unforgetable memories.

6 The set up of an entrepreneurial path… Action to sensibilize. Primary school Action to sensibilize. Middle school – high school and after Action to initiate. Middle school - apprenticeship Action to Initiate. Middle school – high school and after


8 C ma Ville … Our aim : «To teach the basics of economics culture »


10 Implementation… >> Proceedings : 5 in-class sessions and 1 collective session gathering different classes around the city (location defined together with partners >> Audience : Primary school : CM1, CM2 Middle school : 6 e SEGPA >> Duration : Short actions over 6 weeks time period split up between 2 school holidays >> Expectations : Discovering the economy surrounding each kid. Identifying the needs of a territory and helping answering it. Transforming an idea into a project asking the right questions. Emphasizing leaderships skills around your own activity and organize it. Getting ready for an oral test.

11 C ma ville Objectifs Pédagogiques : Avancer à son rythme Maîtriser la langue en passant par la Production d’écrits et les présentations orales Favoriser l’autonomie et la prise d’initiative Appréhender les compétences sociales et civiques et notamment par la découverte de la ville Pratiquer les techniques usuelles de l’information et de la communication Effets Attendus : Découvrir le monde économique qui entoure l’enfant. Identifier les besoins d’un territoire et y apporter une réponse… Passer d’une idée à un projet en se posant les bonnes questions. Se mettre en situation de dirigeants et organiser son activité. Se préparer à l’exercice oral.

12 Camp de l’Innovation… Mini-entreprise Our aim : « To encourage the young people to imagine itself the entrepreneurs of tomorrow»


14 Implementation >> Audience : Middle school – High school - Apprenticeship >> Proceedings : Between 60 and 150 students from differents schools surround a symbolic place of the territory for a day under the sign of creativity. Event impacting in a territory, it mobilizes partners on a common action and allows a dynamic image of the territory. >> Duration : 1 day Expectations : Working in team Building a presentation written and visual Defending his project in the oral test

15 Génération ID Our aim : «To help the young people to imagine themself in their business sector by the initiation to project management »


17 >> Audience : High school - Apprenticeship This action proposes a co-animation with local actors of sectors in order to propose precise focuses on the realities of business sectors >> Proceedings : At school,1 group of 50 students. The 3rd session can take place in a local company >> Duration : 3 half-days on the school year Implementation…

18 Génération ID Expectactions : Presenting the organization mechanisms of a company Identifying the impact of the creations and the development of companies on the economy, the employment, and the social balances Education to project management Meeting business managers Defending his project in the oral test

19 La mini-entreprise… Our aim : « Initiation tool for company set-up with the aim for arousing company director vocations. »


21 Implementation… >> Proceedings : At schook with 1 class or « club » of volunteers going from 5 to 25 students >> Audience : Middle school to high schools students College students >> Duration : 2 hours per week from September to June, with a fixed schedule in the agenda >> Expectations: Activities creation Education to project management Practicing organizational and financial mechanisms of a company Participation to trade fair with professionals Meeting with entrepreneurs Guiding the student through the realization of his personal and professional objective

22 A methodological platform :


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