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CISTECH R7.8 SERIES Managing an R7.8 Environment with R7.8 Link Manager.

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1 CISTECH R7.8 SERIES Managing an R7.8 Environment with R7.8 Link Manager

2 CISTECH’s R7.8 SERIES Planning and Executing a Successful R7.8 Upgrade –Ruth Pharr R7.8 Powerlink vs. R6 Browser –Jim Simunek Tailor XA to Meet Your Unique Needs Using Enterprise Integrator –Denise Luther Connect XA to Anything Using System Link –Denise Luther Managing an R7.8 Environment with R7.8 Link Manager –Ruth Anne Pharr Education Material can be found at

3 R7.8 Migration Infor XAR6 Support ends in February Plan your migration for early to mid 2010 Please contact CISTECH for: –Turnkey R7.8 Upgrades ($9,550) –R7.8 Powerlink Training –Enterprise Integrator Training –System Link Training Our consultants are the most knowledgeable in the XA space! We deliver business value!

4 Managing an R7.8 Environment with R7.8 Link Manager Ruth Anne Pharr Sr. IT Consultant, CISTECH Inc.

5 Agenda What is Link Manager Link Manager Console Environment Management Auxiliary Machines Updates Fix Servers Offline Install Diagnostics Questions

6 Managing an R7.8 Environment What is Link Manager? Starting and stopping environments Configuration and optimization of environment services Upgrading environment release level Monitoring environment status and troubleshooting Monitoring and communicating with users

7 Upgrade Process PTFs –Apply SH15532 to ALL release 7 environments –SH15495 pre-requisite to PCM –SH15497 –Kit Migration –SH15600 PCM level 9955 –Client Upgrade CD Install IFS Structure, Link Manager and Product Update code Auxiliary Machines

8 Link Manager Console Customizable IDF Navigation Features Broadcast/receive Mutli-select Workbenches Preferences And more… Status Access to most common tasks Client Messages Sending messages to Power- Link and Net-Link

9 Link Manager Console Client Messages Environment One or more users Frequency Status

10 Link Manager Console Environments, Machines, Workstations, User Profiles Lists the available objects of each type Tasks Current and historical view of Link Manager activity User logins Current and historical view of user sessions Fix Levels Lists the installed and downloaded fix levels and their details

11 Link Manager Console Global Environment Upgraded separately from business environments Restartable with minimal interruption to the business environments Managed from Link Manager Business Environments Start and Stop Only start the services needed Upgraded separately of each other Managed separately from other business environments

12 Auxiliary Machines Add capacity and support remote sites Can be MS Windows, Mac OSX or Linux Host a variety of environment services Dedicated or automatically load balanced Installed standalone or as Windows service Managed from Link Manager console

13 Auxiliary Machines Dedicated Machine for System Link and Net Link Install the auxiliary software Set auto offload off Create processes for System Link and Net Link Start the processes

14 Updates Impact of updates reduced –Environment codebases separated –Global environment not updated every time –Processes resilient to global environment restarts Environments can be automatically started after updates –Including global environment Auxiliary machines updated and restarted when necessary Do not have to exit Link Manager for global restart Staged updates offer transparency to the user

15 Updates Improved fix level visibility –Installed and downloaded fix levels –Environments where the fix levels are used –Fix level details

16 Updates Apply updates without impacting users at login –Initiate Update Process –Select staged apply –Monitor download status –Apply update action releases update –Cancel the staged apply to cancel the environment update

17 Fix Servers Issues Resolved WAN performance can cause long delays at login Bandwidth cannot handle numerous fix downloads at the same time Advantages Code is downloaded once to each remote site End users download from the LAN Can be used with staged fixes

18 Fix Servers Install auxiliary software on a machine at the remote site. Set the auto offload flag to off Create a fix server process on the global environment for each remote site Assign the fix server processes to the appropriate auxiliary machines Manage the environment as usual

19 Allows administrators to control the installation process closely Streamlines the installation for the XA users Allows the administrator to predefine the installation values Included environments Folder where Power-Link client components are installed on users' workstations. Installation type Users can have a turn key install experience Offline install available for distribution to remote sites Supports “push” installations using the offline installer Create Power Link Install


21 Diagnostics Common issues Missing files, PTF issues, object authority and permissions Logs archived for environment processes Client logging can be activated from Link Manager By user or workstation Client logs visible from Link Manager Save to disk and send to support

22 Diagnostics Modify the tracing options to diagnose intermittent problems

23 Diagnostics Activate logging on a users workstation Review logs in Link Manager Package logs


25 Technical Information Ruth Pharr ruth.pharr@cistech.net704-814-0007 Sales Information Ben McCormick ben.mccormick@cistech.net704-814-0016 Thank You!

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