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XE-FOP1 XE-FOP1 Startup Course form, exam, ….. Getting startted with Visual Studio.Net.

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1 XE-FOP1 XE-FOP1 Startup Course form, exam, ….. Getting startted with Visual Studio.Net

2 XE-FOP1 Agenda to day About the course form and content Examination of yours programming exspience We try to use Visual Studio to change a application in C# Agenda for next time

3 XE-FOP1 About this course 6 ECTS point It mean students hat to work 6*25 = 150 hour Activities Meetings (15 times) during the semester 3-4 mandatory exercises (portfolio) Basis for the exam Programming exercise Work to do Meetings 15 * 3,5 hour ~ 50 hour Portfolios 3-4 ~ 50-60 hour Preparation + exercise (homework) ~ 40-50 hour

4 XE-FOP1 Agenda for a meeting One or more students present a subject (ex. how to write a class) Question to the text (Other students or perhaps the professor gives the answer) Making programming exercise Maybe the professor gives a little introduction to the next subject Planning the next meeting

5 XE-FOP1 Students responsibility Be well prepared Read the text Made question for what you don’t understand and put them on the campusnet Preparation of your presentation Present a subject for the class May be 1 – 3 times during the semester Showing the class your programming solution Participation in planning the next agenda

6 XE-FOP1 The professors responsibility To make a master plan for the course To be certain that the student reach the goal of the course Participation in planning the course It is not the professors job to: Present subjects for missing student To know everything about C# and.Net

7 XE-FOP1 Course contents Include The fundamentals of the language Objects and classes Basic structure like loops and selection Types and variables Inheritance and Polymorphism Collections and String Don’t include It is not a course in using the Visual studio.Net Not about fancy Graphic User Interface

8 XE-FOP1 Exam Oral exam based on the 3 portfolios Grading according to the Danish grading scales “the 13 point scale” The quality of your potfolios How well you are able to tell about the Internal grading

9 XE-FOP1 Presentation Speak with our neighbour And let the neighbour do the presentation

10 XE-FOP1 Subjects Program language Object oriented (like Java, Delphi or C++) Not Object oriented (like C, Assembler, Pascal) Years of programming experience Our skills in programming Expert (in one or more language) Hat done at least one bigger program Made small program exercise What else to say

11 XE-FOP1 Try to make changes to a C# application To learn the IDE to know To se and try some elements of C#

12 XE-FOP1 To Do Start Visual Studio.Net Unzip the exercise from campusnet into C:\Temp You might have to install winzip first Get the exercises document Cs001_ArticleExercises.pdf Solve the exercises Please finish exercise a-y to the next meeting

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