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Introducing Monday Church Project Monday Church Project September 2007 By Dennis Tongoi.

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1 Introducing Monday Church Project Monday Church Project September 2007 By Dennis Tongoi

2 Celebrating ‘Hope for Africa’ This three-year programme has now come to an end: Over 20,244 church leaders have been envisioned. Over 3,100 churches have been reached. Over 205 Churches have regular seed projects obeying God’s Commandment to Love your neighbour. Over 1,426 students trained across Africa. Over 300 trainers raised in English, French and Portuguese-speaking Africa. 20 National teams established. 15 Other Nations where training has taken place. The Goal was 54 countries by the end of 2007 The door has just opened for North Africa.

3 Trainers by region 1 st generation- 10 Numbers 2nd gen. 3rd gen 4th gen WA & CA 68 111 0 EA 22 77 0 HA 30 0 0 CA 12 4 0 GL 11 38 0 SA 12 0 0 Totals 165 230 0

4 Training Team Hein in Southern Africa- 12 can train Dennis in Kenya, Sudan and Tz- 15 can train, 57 cannot train yet Stephen in Uganda- 7 can train, 20 cannot train yet Simon: 8 in Rw, 2 in Bur. and 1 in Goma, DRC can train while 21, 8 and 9 cannot, respectively. Ampadu- 68 in 12 western and central African countries can train, 111 cannot. Demelash- 30 can train in Ethiopia. Buingo- 12 can train and 4 cannot. Total force: 165 can train and 230 cannot yet train.

5 20 Countries with National Teams Eastern Africa: Coordinator= Stephen Langa Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania Horn of Africa: Coordinator= Demelash Lemma Ethiopia Western Africa: Coordinator= Chris Ampadu Senegal, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Niger Central Africa: Coordinator= Mateene Buingo DR Congo Great Lakes: Coordinator= Simon Nziramakenga Rwanda, Burundi Southern Africa: Coordinator= Hein Van Wyk South Africa, Mozambique Dennis Tongoi is the team leader for SSA who has been overseeing the work in Sudan, Tanzania and Kenya. Stephen Langa coordinates largely in Uganda.

6 15 Countries whose Nationals have been trained 1.Angola 2.Botswana 3.Congo Brazzaville 4.Central African Republic 5.Chad 6.Egypt 7.Mauritius 8.Zimbabwe 9.Zambia 10. Namibia 11. Mozambique 12. Madagascar 13. Lesotho 14. Sudan 15. Swaziland

7 Language groups/ translations Against All Hope: Hope for Africa – 3 Languages -English -Swahili -French VC Manual – 7 Languages -Kirundi -Kinyarwanda -Afrikaans -Swahili -French -Portuguese -Hausa

8 Vision Calling the continent of Africa to healing and transformation by teaching people to live before the face of God in all areas of life

9 Target Leaders OF the Church- Formal leaders of the local Church- Bishops, Pastors, Elders, Deacons Leaders IN the Church Members of the Church: Men and women who are leaders in their homes, the Marketplace and Public Square-

10 Goals To envision the leaders in the Church and of the Church of the sacredness of the vocational calling of all Christians- not just clergy. To envision leaders of the Church to equip leaders in the Church to fulfill their priestly functions in every sector of Society. To promote dialogue and develop strategies for intentional engagement between leaders in the Church and leaders of the “Church of the city” for Kingdom impact in the community and Nation.

11 The Sectors Eleven sectors have been identified as key to the process of transforming Africa in the model of the Kingdom of God. There has already been ongoing work and each sector is at a different level of development:

12 1.Agriculture & Environment 2.Arts, Media and Entertainment 3.Business 4.Education 5.Family Life 6.Government and Politics 7.Health (HIV/AIDS) 8.Military and Police 9.Sports 10.Student and youth ministries 11.Churches and Theological Institutions

13 Outcomes Each sector will: Identify a leadership structure. Organise meetings for networking, training, and charting actions in respective countries and regions. In the first two years of the project, each sector will organize a sector-specific Regional conferences to envision and equip leaders in the Church and leaders of the church for Kingdom impact in their spheres of influence.

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