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Forestwood Middle School LISD’s 1:X Initiative Arrives.

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1 Forestwood Middle School LISD’s 1:X Initiative Arrives

2 Changing our Story

3 Customized Learning

4 1:1 is a Start

5 BYOT = Life Device

6 1:X = Right Device at the Right Time

7 Student Driven Content Production

8 1:X Full Model

9 Time Frame January: announced to staff March: – Staff received hardware Apple MacBook Pro iPad March through August – Professional learning – Innovative Instruction – Continue to build campus capacity through summer August: – communicate with parents – roll out to student

10 Infrastructure and Hardware Teacher MacBook Pros + iPad Five MacBook Airs in each classroom Thirty-two MacBook Airs in: – Library – Technology Lab (301) Thirty-two iMacs in Tech Ed classroom Yearbook: – Seven MacBook Airs / three iMacs Robust wireless network (by end of summer)

11 Student Access One iPad per student IF parent agrees Access to all available devices in the school BYOT: – Phones – Laptops – Tablets, etc... Why Apple? – Proven, media rich, creation tools – The ease of use – Ability to create content – Empowers students to meet the mission, vision and goals of the LISD Strategic Design.

12 FAQ’s Is my child required to participate in 1:X? – Parents may opt to receive a district-issued device. – In-class devices, books and other materials will be available to the student. – No child will be disadvantaged May students use their own personal devices? – Yes. Students and parent/guardians must still adhere to all district BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) policies and regulations. Is Lewisville ISD going to replace textbooks with digital content? – The district is currently transitioning from sole dependency on textbooks – Moving to an environment with a greater range of educational materials – Printed textbooks will be available during this transition period. – Over time, digital textbooks and other resources will be adopted.

13 FAQ’s How will the district address loss, breakage and general damage of devices? – Parents have two options $40 annual fee Replacement Benefit Program – District covers all accidental loss & damage – Loss requires police report – $30 if qualified for Free & Reduced lunch $50 one-time deposit – Security deposit; No coverage – Parents must pay repair / replacement costs – Refundable upon return, less fees for any damages

14 FAQ’s Can students take the device home? – Yes. Students will be issued a device to use at school and at home to encourage and support anywhere, anytime learning. – Will be kept by student over summer. – Students must also charge their device at home. – iPad will have protective cover. What if the student(s)/parent(s) do not have Internet at home? – The iPad can function using Apps and content that is preloaded. – Teachers can load or share instructional materials – Students can also compose documents and create projects with the applications on the device. – Free Wi-Fi hotspots are available around the community.

15 FAQ’s How will the devices be managed? – utilizing a mobile device management solution (MDM.) – allows administration to review usage of applications, application deployment, application control such as the ability to disable apps that are deemed disruptive or allow apps that are beneficial for the instructional process. Can my child add apps to the iPad? – Yes. Through the creation of a personal iTunes account. – Apps that require purchase will also require a link to a personal credit card or iTunes card and to your iTunes account. – The decision to link a personal account rests solely with parents/guardians. – LISD does NOT require that a credit card be linked to the iTunes account. – Any apps that are on the iPad should be age and school appropriate.

16 FAQ’s What about the district apps that are on my child’s iPad? – District-purchased apps, such as textbooks and content-related or multimedia apps, may not be removed from your iPad. – IF we require the purchase of an App, we will pay. – IF purchase is an option (Ex.: need to purchase a music book; could purchase book or App) then parent decides Can my child add screensavers and backgrounds to his/her iPad? – Yes. Children may change the background or add an appropriate screensaver to the iPad – CAUTION! Inappropriate media may not be used as a screensaver or background. – Presence on the iPad of weapons, pornographic materials, inappropriate photographs, inappropriate language, alcohol, drugs, R-rated, or gang-related symbols or images, will result in disciplinary actions.

17 FAQ’s Do school staff monitor and supervise student use? – Yes, as always we will watch what students are doing as part of our routine. – Digital citizenship lessons will be presented by Counselors and Tech Applications teacher. Can the District inspect my child’s iPad? – Yes. Your district-issued iPad may be selected at random at any time during the year for inspection to check for restricted images, settings, etc. – We also encourage parents to check their child’s iPad for inappropriate content.

18 FAQ’s What are the consequences for inappropriate use of the iPad? – The student whose name the iPad is issued will be responsible at all times for its acceptable use. – Schools have AUP violation consequences based on severity. – The District cooperates fully with local, state, and federal officials in any investigation concerning or relating to violations of computer crime laws. – The Texas Open Records Act governs contents of email and network communications. Proper authorities will be given access to their content.

19 FAQ’s How will the district filter mobile devices from inappropriate content? – Student iPads will be filtered for inappropriate content both inside the District and outside of the District through a top-tier Internet content filter. – Attempts to view inappropriate content will be blocked. – Parents will be able to easily check their child’s device to ensure that the filtering system is active. – Parents will be responsible for supervision of their child while using out-of-district Internet connections. What is “Supervised” mode? – The iPads provided by LISD are configured in a “Supervised” mode. – All Internet traffic from the iPad to be redirected through an Internet content filter which blocks access to inappropriate content. – The only way to place the proxy settings on the iPad is through “supervised” mode, which allows LISD to meets the Federal Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) of 2000 law. You can read more about CIPA by visiting a link on the LISD 1:X FAQ page. How can I easily check my child’s device to ensure that the filtering system is active? – Filtering is always enabled due to the nature of the global proxy. Parents can check whether filtering is active by going to a link provided by LISD.

20 FAQ’s What are our next steps? – Go to

21 FAQ’s What are our next steps? – Go to – On that website you will: Review documentation – Student / Parent Handbook – Student / Parent Agreement forms Receive guidance in setting up Skyward Family Access Locate or Create an Apple ID Verify student Google Apps email Sign-in and pay through Skyward Family Access – Wait for more information from the school about device deployment.

22 Got questions? Ask our staff iTeam members tonight. Call an administrator. Schedule a meeting to discuss in greater detail. Please ask – no such thing as too many questions, bad questions, or wasting time. We share the mission of preparing your students for their futures.

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