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©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 Nordic Product Line Introduction.

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1 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 Nordic Product Line Introduction

2 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 2 Agenda Model nomenclature What’s discontinued and what’s new Pricing Features & benefits Agency approvals Part numbering systems Cross reference Marketing materials

3 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 3 Model Nomenclature TypeNordic SeriesRepresents Modular Cubers CCM Cornelius Cuber Modular Undercounter Cubers CCU Cornelius Cuber Undercounter Hotel Dispensers CHD Cornelius Hotel Dispenser

4 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 4 What’s discontinued and what’s new DiscontinuedReplaced with Xtreme series cubers 10 model series Nordic CCM series cubers 12 model series Addition of 400 lb, 1500 lb remote & 2000 lb models Full & half cube configurations i-series undercounter cubers 2 models Nordic CCU series undercounter cubers 3 models Addition of 150 lb model Full & half cube configurations i-series modular cubers AC322, WC322 None ACS50SL undercounter cuberACS50SLF undercounter cuber Full front door design

5 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 5 What’s discontinued and what’s new DiscontinuedReplaced with Hotel Dispenser 1 model Nordic CHD series 2 models Addition of 22” version Stainless steel design Ross Temp FlakersNone Profit Center Models (CMP series)None Use of Microban™ Cubers & bins Agion™ antimicrobial protection Cubers only

6 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 6 Model category coverage (Nordic vs. Xtreme/i-series)

7 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 Pricing

8 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 8 Pricing Nordic will be priced competitively in the marketplace Pricing is even more competitive when combined with other products like bins Price will go up, but Nordic provides greater value Prices will be firm for the first 6 months An introductory 5% discount on all Nordic products will be in effect from November 1 st to April 1 st, 2008. Includes all Nordic modular cubers, self-contained cubers and hotel dispensers All current distributor programs and incentives will remain active

9 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 Features & benefits

10 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 10 Nordic key benefits Built for long-lasting reliability, durability & high performance Fit any ice application Sanitary Easy to install Easy to service Energy compliant

11 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 11 Reliability, durability & high performance Nordic ice makers are the dependable choice for long-lasting reliability, durability & high performance Loaded with features that ensure life-long, high performance Corrosion-proof construction ensures life-long durability Built with world-class manufacturing quality performance

12 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 12 Reliability Nordic ice makers include numerous, built-in reliability features Evaporator Oversized condenser Harvest assist EvaporatorHarvest assistCondenser

13 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 13 Evaporator Nordic evaporators use electroless nickel plating forming a hard surface which resists the damaging effects of water and ice over an extended period of time Nordic’s waffle style evaporator is proven reliable in other existing products High quality, nickel-plated evaporator

14 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 14 Recommended Operating Limit Oversized condenser Nordic ice makers feature an oversized condenser with wide fin spacing There is no air filter to clean or replace which means no clogged air filter to hamper performance over time Large surface area works in ambient conditions up to 110-120°F Industry’s highest operating temperature Scotsman Manitowoc Hoshizaki Cornelius Nordic 100°F 110°F Note: Nordic CCM1530R is to 120°F Condenser rear view

15 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 15 Harvest assist Nordic ice makers feature mechanical harvest assist Harvest assist breaks suction adhesion of ice slab Results in better performance in areas where scale build-up is prevalent Provides greater benefit and ensures performance as ice machine ages Reduces energy consumption in heating evaporator and dislodging ice Slip clutch operation

16 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 16 Durability Nordic is built with corrosion proof construction 201 series stainless steel construction inside and out Stainless steel base protects from condensation Remote condensers are protected from sea-salt corrosion

17 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 17 With the Nordic line, Cornelius has the right fit for any market Convenience store Hotel/motel Bar & nightclub Restaurant Luxury skybox suite Office Residential Grocery Healthcare Nordic fits any application

18 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 18 Cube choice Nordic’s cube choice fits any application Half or full dice ice form option to match any ice need ½ dice is most popular Full dice size is closest to Xtreme cube size Cube size comparison XtremeNordic StandardLargeHalfFull Width5/8” (16mm)7/8” (22mm)3/8” (10mm)7/8” (22mm) Height7/8” (22mm)1 7/16” (36.5mm)7/8” (22mm) Depth7/8” (22mm)1 7/16” (36.5mm)7/8” (22mm) Half diceFull dice

19 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 19 High-end look Nordic ice makers high-end look fits any application Stainless steel front and side panels Look is differentiated from Ice-O-Matic’s standard product line Black plastic top matches Cornelius beverage dispensers and Nordic CHD series hotel dispensers Cornelius raised logo badge located on upper right hand corner CCM0530 on B530SS bin CCM0322 on B322AP bin CCM1448 on B1048SS bin

20 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 20 Nordic ice makers low profile fits any application Nordic 30” models are considerably shorter in the 300-600 lb range The Nordic CCM1530R model is ultra-low profile vs, other models in its’ class and is ideal for beverage dispensers with low height clearance requirements Low profile height Model typeCornelius Nordic ManitowocHoshizakiScotsman Prodigy Scotsman CME WidthHeight 22” wide models 23”21.5”30-37”23”28” 30” wide models (300- 600lbs) 20”16.5-21.5”22-26”23”27” 30” wide models (800- 1000lb) 26”26.5”28”29”28” 30” wide CCM1530R (1500lb remote) 22”29.5”*27”29”*28”* 44-48” wide models (1400- 2000lb) 26”26.5”27-41”29”28” * Closest 30” model

21 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 21 Self-contained models Nordic self-contained models fit any application Provide maximum ice production capacity and storage in very small footprint CCU0300 series has industry best-in-class ice production and storage capacity for a self- contained ice maker model Front air discharge - no side clearance required Modern looking design Durable, polyethylene exterior resists dents 60Hz models are cord connected for ease of installation CCU0150/0220CCU0300

22 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 22 ACS50SLF compact cuber model ACS50SLF perfectly fits small ice needs Ideal for home, office or luxury skybox/suite applications Compact - only 15” wide 25lbs built-in ice storage New, cleaner look Full front door design Switches are concealed inside front door ACS50SLF with full front door

23 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 23 Hotel dispensers Nordic hotel dispensers fit any hotel/motel application Available in 22” & 30” widths Designed for maximum ice storage in a minimum amount of space CHD22 stores 120lbs and CHD30 stores 180lbs Ultra-low profile when combined with Nordic ice makers CHD22 model w/22” cuber is 76 ¼” tall, CHD30 model w/30” cuber is 73 ¼” tall CHD30 model is available with coin/token activation option CHD22CHD30

24 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 24 Hotel dispensers Modern looking design with high quality stainless steel exterior Cornelius logo is molded in the plastic above the bucket fill area Black plastic on dispenser matches the Nordic ice maker top panel Oversized bucket fill area accommodates any size ice bucket Fast fill rate – 1/4lb of ice per second Easy to install - No adapter is needed for use with matching Nordic ice makers Allow for easy access to bin for cleaning without removing the ice maker CHD22CHD30

25 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 25 Sanitary Nordic ice makers are sanitary Built in Agion® Antimicrobial product protection is effective against mold, mildew and fungus Antimicrobial efficacy for life of the ice machine Agion is naturally safe, odorless and tasteless Self-contained models have no bin door gaskets to keep clean Where Agion is used is illustrated below: Evaporator surrounds Sump & Evaporator cover

26 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 26 Easy to service Nordic’s simple design is easy to service All electro-mechanical design Easy to diagnose No costly boards to replace Easy front access to: Controls Control box Evaporator Water pump Easy side access to: In-line pressure controls Filter dryer In-line style pressure controls Improve serviceability Commonality of service parts is maximized across the entire product line Front access view Purge/clean controls Control box (top-down view) Water pump Evaporator

27 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 27 Easy to service Nordic self-contained storage models feature easy, front access to refrigeration components by removing bin Only 4 screws to remove storage bin on CCU0300 model CCU0150 & 0220 share common components with the exception of the compressor kit CCU0150/0220CCU0300

28 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 28 Energy compliance Nordic ice makers are energy compliant All ice makers manufactured after January 1 st, 2008 must be CEC/CA compliant for sales into California and Canada Similar regulations affecting NY & VT Impacts >20% of domestic market volume All Nordic models manufactured after January 1 st, 2008 will be CEC/CA compliant 56 out of 84 Nordic models currently meet CEC standards and are eligible for $300-$500 utility rebates in CA All remaining models will be compliant if manufactured after January 1 st, 2008

29 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 29 Nordic model status for CEC/CA energy standard compliance

30 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 30 Features & benefits summary Nordic is loaded with features that ensure life-long reliability, durability and high performance Nordic offers variety and product depth to fit any application Nordic is sanitary Nordic is easy to install Nordic is easy to service Nordic is energy compliant

31 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 31 Competitive feature comparison Cornelius Nordic ManitowocScotsman Ice-O-MaticHoshizaki Harvest Assist YesYes >1300lbs YesNoYesNo All Stainless steel cladding Yes NoYes Antimicrobial protection Yes No Low profile Yes No YesNo No air filter to change YesNo YesNo Ice forms Full & half dice ContourFull & half dice Crescent

32 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 Agency approvals

33 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 33 United States Local municipalities City of New York Department of Buildings City of Los Angeles Mechanical Testing Laboratory International Agency approvals TUV- 50Hz only CAN/CSA 742-98ARI 810-91

34 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 Part numbering systems

35 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 35 Nordic cuber part numbering system CCM 05 22 A F 1 Electrical: 1=115/60/1 2=230/60/1 3=230/60/3 5=230/50/1 Cube size: F=full, H=Half Condenser type: A=air, W=water, R=remote Width: 22=22” wide, 30=30” wide, 48=48” wide Family: 1 st two digits represent ice making capacity ie: 05=500 lb category, 14=1400 lb category Series: CCM=Cornelius Cuber Modular CCU=Cornelius Cuber Undercounter

36 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 36 Nordic remote condenser part numbering system RC 0500 1 Electrical: 1=115/60/1 2=230/50-60/1 Family: Represents corresponding cuber family ie: 0500=500lb category, 1400=1400lb category Series: RC=Remote Condenser

37 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 37 Nordic line set part numbering system RT 25 Length: 25=25 ft 40=40 ft 60=60 ft Series: RT=Remote Tubing

38 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 38 Nordic hotel dispenser part numbering system CHD 22 P 1 Electrical: 1=115/60/1 5=230/50/1 Activation: P=Push button, C=Coin/token Family/width: 22=22” wide 30=30” wide Series: CHD=Cornelius Hotel Dispenser

39 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 39 Cross Reference Guide Full cross reference is available in addendum of this presentation and in Excel format on CD Highlights In many cases, X series models can be replaced by lower Nordic series models based on Nordic’s larger ice making capacity For example: - XAC530 CCM0430 - XAC830 CCM0630 - XAC1030 CCM0830 - XAC1230CCM1030 Nordic remote condensers are dual rated, 50-60Hz

40 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 Marketing materials

41 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 41 Marketing materials Availability Sales presentationNow Cross Reference Guide (Excel format)Now Supplemental Nordic price listNow PhotographyNow CD’s – includes all info above & spec sheets in electronic formNow Adapter Matrix10/1 Spec sheets – printed10/1 Ice sample key chains10/1 Family brochure – includes cubers, hotel dispensers, ice only dispensers, FlavorFusion™ and storage bins 10/1 Technical Service Handbook10/1

42 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 42 Note: Bin spec sheets are updated with new photography and Microban™ removed Marketing material part numbers SeriesSpec # ACS50SLFCATG8618 CCU0150CG5053 CCU0220CG5054 CCU0300CG5055 CCM0322CG5056 CCM0330CG5057 CCM0430CG5058 CCM0522CG5059 CCM0530CG5060 CCM0630CG5061 CCM0830CG5062 CCM1030CG5063 CCM1448CG5064 SeriesSpec # CCM1530CG5065 CCM1848CG5066 CCM2148CG5067 CHD22CG5068 CHD30CG5069 20 series binsCATG8818 30 series binsCATG8824 40 series binsCATG8820 B1315 binCATG8617 Family brochureCATG8699 Key chainsSG3057 Technical Service Handbooktbd Cube size key chain

43 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 43 Summary Great product line! Lots of great features and benefits Energy compliant Proven quality and reliability Fits any application Opens up the hotel/motel market Fully supported with marketing materials Backed by the power of Cornelius

44 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 44 Addendum

45 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 Cross reference guides

46 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 46 Modular cuber cross reference 300-400 lbs Highlights: Full & half cube configurations Addition of 400 lb series in 115 & 230 volts

47 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 47 Highlights: Full & half cube configurations Modular cuber cross reference 500-700 lbs

48 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 48 Modular cuber cross reference 800-1000 lbs Highlights: Full & half cube configurations Note: XAC1030 series can be replaced by CCM0830 series based on ice making capacity

49 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 49 Modular cuber cross reference 1200-1500 lbs Highlights: Full & half cube configurations Addition of 1500 lb remote series Note: XAC1230 series can be replaced by CCM1030 series based on ice making capacity

50 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 50 Modular cuber cross reference 1800-2000 lbs Highlights: Full & half cube configurations Addition of 2000 lb series

51 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 51 Self-contained cuber cross reference Highlights: Full & half cube configurations Addition of 150 lb series Full front door on ACS50SLF

52 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 52 Remote condenser cross reference Highlights: Condensers are dual rated 50-60Hz

53 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 53 Line set cross reference

54 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 54 Highlights: Addition of 22” wide model Attractive stainless steel exterior design Hotel dispenser cross reference

55 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 Cuber/storage bin/dispenser matching guide

56 ©2007 IMI Cornelius Confidential v.0207 56 Cuber/storage bin/ice dispenser matching guide Cuber Width:22” 30” 48” Nordic Cuber CCM0322 CCM0522 CCM0322* CCM0522* CCM0330 CCM0430 CCM0530 CCM0630 CCM0830 CCM1030 CCM1530 CCM0330 CCM0430 CCM0530 CCM0630 CCM0830 CCM1030 CCM1530 CCM1030* CCM1448 CCM1848 CCM2148 Compatible with… Storage Bin B122AP B322AP B230AP B430AP B530AP/SS B230AP B430AP B530AP/SS B842P/SS*B1048P/SS B1315 Nordic Hotel Ice Dispenser CHD22 CHD30 Ice Only Dispenser ED150*ED200 ED250 ED200* ED250* Overall Width:22”30” 42”48” * Adapter required

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