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Philip II Of Spain By ZH. Spanish Empire around 1580.

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1 Philip II Of Spain By ZH

2 Spanish Empire around 1580

3 Challenge #1 King Philip II of Spain was a devoted Catholic. Queen Elizabeth of England had become the new “protector” of Protestantism. Philip, outraged by this, decided to arm an immense fleet (the Spanish Armada) to combat English heresy by invasion. However, the Spanish Armada ultimately failed its quest.

4 Challenge #2 The Ottoman Empire was a rising power around the Mediterranean. Philip, concerned with their increasing domination, set up the Holy League and lost 3 battles against the Turks. Finally, at the Battle of Lepanto, Philip crushed the Ottoman control over the Mediterranean.

5 What did Philip have in common with all the other monarchs? Most monarchs are head of state through inheriting the throne from family, like Philip. While head of state they keep this leadership for life, or until otherwise terminated (ex. beheaded). Like several monarchs of Philips time, he was involved in multiple wars/battles. Also Philip married royalty, and his son, or heir, went on to become the next king of Spain.

6 What did Philip have in common with more than 2 other monarchs? Like Louis XIV, Frederick II and many other monarchs his marriage was based in alliance, family ties, and religion. Also, like Louis XIV, and numerous other monarchs his great spending led him into bankruptcy and heavy taxation. His father was a king, and so was his son after his death.

7 Which monarch would get along with Philip? We believe Louis XIV would get along with Philip. Both show a reverence for great spending. This reverence led both the monarchs to engage in raising taxes for the lower class. Also they were both keen to multiple marriages. Louis XIV and Philip were also both involved in some kind of battle/war during their reign. These qualities led us to believe they could become good friends.

8 Which monarch wouldn’t get along with Philip? We believe Catherine the Great would not get along with Philip. Catherine had religious toleration, while Philip was rooted in his beliefs against heresy. She has been regarded as one of the most religion-tolerant monarchs of the bunch, while Philip is viewed as otherwise. Being on opposing sides of an important issue, would likely cause controversy between them.

9 Spain during Philip’s reign was much larger, and contained Portugal along with other conquered lands, like Sicily, Naples and much of Italy. Spain Today

10 Our government compared to Philip’s Our government is a democracy, letting the people be heard through representatives. We also enjoy voting on representatives, laws and other governmental matters. Philip was a king and ruled solely, he used marriage for alliance, and taxed heavily during economic struggles. He ruled as a fervent Catholic, and with contempt towards heterodoxy.

11 Under what monarch would we like to live? We would like to live under Catherine the Great. She was tolerant of other religions, more so than other monarchs. She was involved in the Enlightenment. She was a patron of the arts, literature and education; which is very representative of modern day life. These marvelous ideas are some of our necessities, and are essential in our lives.

12 What country would we want to live in today? David and I (Brianne) would want to live in the United States, where we reside presently. We like living here because we are a very fortunate country, with great medical care, education, laws and establishments. Not only do we enjoy an organized and free society, but we also get to enjoy luxuries like television, cars and houses.


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