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TM SM Maximum Value for OEMs SM NXIO 介绍 from “OEMax NXIO Introduction CN rev4.ppt” Thomas Sugimoto Strategic Marketing Manager Thomas Sugimoto Strategic.

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1 TM SM Maximum Value for OEMs SM NXIO 介绍 from “OEMax NXIO Introduction CN rev4.ppt” Thomas Sugimoto Strategic Marketing Manager Thomas Sugimoto Strategic Marketing Manager

2 2 议题 PLC I/O 市场趋势 分布式 I/O 的诞生 NXIO 第 2 代分布式 I/O 设计 产品概况 目标市场 如何使用 NXIO 来降低成本 内部最优化的品质

3 3 PLC I/O Trends 市场趋势

4 4 Large End Users and Complex OEMs are looking for ways to further reduce their costs Hardware PLC and I/O costs keep decreasing so now Space, Labor and Maintenance of I/O Wiring is becoming a major cost Networked I/O Trend PLC I/O 市场趋势 PLC HW COSTS - DOWN SPACE, WIRING COSTS - UP Large Factories - Refineries - Automotive Complex Machine OEMs

5 5 Customers purchasing I/O as a Component Customers can buy any PLC Controller and use any I/O platform due to emergence of Global Network Standards (e.g. Profibus, DeviceNet) e.g. Controller is Brand ZZZ and I/O is OE Max NXIO PLC I/O 市场趋势 Servo OE Max Controls Bridge OE M AX Controls NX PLC NXIO Brand ZZZ Brand AAA

6 6 “ 分布式 I/O” 概念的诞生

7 7 我从改善 PLC I/O Birth of “Distributed I/O” Concept to reduce Wiring costs Combination of Network + Modular I/O + Terminal Block (TB) Network provides Diagnostic Data back to Controller for easy Maintenance PLC Controller Network Master Network Slave Network Slave I/O TB I/O TB Distributed I/O

8 8 我从改善 PLC I/O Popular for over 10yrs in North America and Europe where space and labor are very expensive Trend will continue into China Growing Number of Large Factories (e.g. Automotive, Food and Beverage) with Networking Requirements Labor and Space Costs will increase over time Productivity (not just low cost labor) will become a Competitive Advantage Many Terminal Block or Sensor Suppliers start to sell Distributed I/O platforms WAGO, Phoenix Contact, Beckhoff, Turck, Opto22 but they lack a PLC background

9 9 NXIO 第 2 代分布式 I/O 设计

10 10 PLC I/O 市场趋势 The trend for the Semiconductor OEMs is to adopt Distributed I/O DeviceNet is adopted as a Semiconductor Standard and has become very popular in Asia and North America Saves on space and wiring OE Max Controls launches NXIO in 2004 2 nd Generation Distributed I/O Design Slice-type with high granularity of I/O

11 11 NXIO Specifications 产品概况

12 12 产品概况 Save space Small Footprint 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 point I/O Modules Expansion up to 32 slots Various I/O Types Discrete I/O: 24Vdc, Relay, Triac, SSR Analog I/O: Current and Voltage Thermo-couple, RTD input High Speed Counter

13 13 Easy to use Protected Output Removable Terminal Block Easy wiring Network Connectivity DeviceNet Profibus-DP Others: CanOpen, EtherNet/IP Certifications CE, UL, cTick 产品概况

14 14 控制规格

15 15 特征和功能 Field power Removable Terminal Block **** **** COM connection Din-Rail Lock Din-Rail & Frame Ground Sliding expansion Color Code Communication Status I/O Status LED One-Touch Wiring Test Pin 3 wire device 2 wired device

16 16 特征和功能  Removable terminal block  One-Touch Cabling without Screw Driver  Separated field power  Easy wiring for COM connection  I/O Status LED  Module identifier by color coding  Test pin for Easy and Safe operation  Sliding I/O expansion without Screw Driver  DIN-rail installation  Frame Ground to enhance noise immunity Easy Wiring Faster maintenance Enhanced Structure

17 17 目标市场 - 分布式 I/O 不是仅针对某个应用和工业行业的 - 无论哪里你需要联网的 I/O, 你就可以使用 NXIO

18 18 目标网络市场 DeviceNet Market Save space (network power for sensors) Motor Control Centers (overload diagnostics) Semiconductor, Electronics Industry Profibus DP Market Cost Reduction from using Siemens ET200 I/O High Performance SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) DCS (Process Control – Distributed Control System) Outdoor Applications (-20C to 55C Rating) Future: Modbus TCP (Ethernet), Modbus Plus

19 19 目标控制方案 Large Variety of Control Solutions PLC PC Based Soft PLC Web Based VME Controller Compact PCI HMI PC

20 20 Advantages of using NXIO 如何使用 NXIO 来降低成本 - 同时通过改进的接线方式使你的系统增值

21 21 降低你的 PLC 硬件总成本 Easy way to lower Total HW Cost is to use NXIO with your current Control Solution Keeping same PLC minimizes redesign of system Cost Reduction Example Continue to use Siemens S7-315DP Controller with Profibus Replace Siemens ET-200 I/O (typically M or S series) with NXIO S7-315DP Controller S7-200M (S7-300) + Terminal Block Profibus Network NXIO - Smaller - Easier to wire - Lower Cost

22 22 降低你的人力成本 Internal Field Power Bus eliminates extra Wires for Commons Reduces wiring by over 25% Reduces wiring mistakes Special Modules available for wiring Analog Shields No extra terminal blocks needed for wiring NXIO is a Terminal Block “Spring Clamp” Terminal Block design eliminates need for Screwdriver Guarantees good connection even under vibration

23 23 消除浪费的 I/O 点数 With Traditional PLC I/O platforms, I/O Points and Space can be wasted e.g. Need 480pts of Digital I/O but only 2 Analog I/O and 1 High Speed Counter NXIO is highly configurable 16pt Digital I/O 1 Channel HSC 2 Channel Analog This lowers HW costs and saves Cabinet Space Typical PLC 16pt I/O Module NXIO 16pt Module Smaller Size

24 24 内部最优化的品质 - 让我们看看 OE Max NXIO 内部有什么

25 25 连接类型 WAGO/BeckHoff (Press fit type)(Contact Type) OE Max “Press fit” structure provides superior vibration resistance

26 26 背板通讯 Reduced hardware cost by serial communication. Efficient protocol for rapid response time – Change of State Inputs Service Message Frame I/O Message Frame Message Header Message Length Function Code Service Data FieldCRC 8 Message Header I/O Data FieldCRC 8 Message Length Adapter Slot#1 Output Data by Broadcasting Slot#2Slot#3Slot#4Slot#5Slot#6 ‘1‘1 2 ‘2‘2 3 ‘3‘3 4 ‘4‘4 5 ‘5‘5 ‘6‘6 Input Data sent using Change of State when Token is received Input Token 1

27 27 TM Maximum Value for OEMs SM

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