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Southern African Society for Quality Professional body for the registration of quality, environmental, health and safety and SHEQ practitioners

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1 Southern African Society for Quality Professional body for the registration of quality, environmental, health and safety and SHEQ practitioners

2 SASQ is the only Southern African professional organisation for the registration, grading and continual professional development of Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety and SHEQ practitioners.

3 Let’s thinks about professional development. Would you go for medical treatment to a doctor who has qualified 50 years ago, and will perform an operation with a heated knife and sews you up with a needle and cotton? Think about it. Would a company employ an accountant who has qualified many years go with no professional upgrading. This type of accountant will be comfortable running a manual cash book, a manual ledger and manual journals, and with no upgrading will not be able to use an electronic system. Who will employ such an accountant today? The message is clear, all professionals will need upgrading of skills and normally these are provided by the various professional bodies. This is exactly what SASQ is to our members. It is a platform for the upgrading of skills and knowledge. Professional development refers to skills and knowledge attained for both personal development and career advancement. Professional development encompasses all types of facilitated learning opportunities, ranging from college degrees to formal coursework, conferences and informal learning opportunities situated in practice. It has been described as intensive and collaborative, ideally incorporating an evaluative stage. There are a variety of approaches to professional development, including consultation, coaching, and communities of practice, lesson study, mentoring, reflective supervision and technical assistance.personal development So quality, environmental, health, safety and SHEQ practitioners and professionals think carefully about your careers and upgrading through SASQ before you become “OUTDATED”.

4 IMPORTANT You cannot be a professional if you are not a member of a professional body. You are a professional only if a professional body graduates you as one. Professionals protect their profession by been professional. Professionals support and involve themselves with their professional bodies.


6 The South African Society for Quality Control was established in 1976 by a group of quality professionals in Port Elizabeth, to increase the awareness and importance of quality as a strategic survival tool for the South African Industries. This society, evolved, by the advent of the ISO 9000 series for Quality Management Systems in 1987, to The South African Society for Quality (SASQ). SASQ was registered as a section 21 company in 1992 with the registration number 92/056622/08. It is now known as the Southern African Society for Quality with an extended scope incorporating Environmental, Health and Safety, and SHEQ practitioners.

7 The Society is established to represent and promote the QUALITY professional and QUALITY professionalism, as well as to elevate QUALITY capability in Southern Africa, and specifically: To facilitate the exchange of opinions and views on QUALITY and to inform and promote knowledge of QUALITY to members and the public for the development and use of QUALITY. To obtain from members and other sources information relating to QUALITY, and to disseminate such information amongst the public and the Society by means of journals, circulars, publications, lectures, seminars, conferences or otherwise. To improve the technical and general knowledge and to elevate the professional status of persons engaged in QUALITY. Education and training to elevate the level of QUALITY capability in Southern Africa. Professional development and advancement of QUALITY. Community development that enhances the standards and levels of QUALITY for the greater good of the Southern African people.

8 Promote the theory and practices of QUALITY through recognised training, education and certification; Provide registration, development, a grading and certification mechanism for QUALITY practitioners and professionals Provide guidance for QUALITY curriculum development of associated course material at related training and academic institutions QUALITY awareness and knowledge for the benefit of business productivity in industry and commerce.

9 COUNCIL COMPOSITION 1.President 2.Vice President - Operations 3.Vice President – Finance and funding 4.Vice President – Technical 5.Vice President - CPD 6. All Branch Chairs 7.Specialist Division Chairs 8.Industry Representatives [1 – 5 voted at SASQ AGM]

10 BOARD COMPOSITION 1.Chairman 2.President 3.Vice President - Operations 4.Vice President – Finance 5.Vice President – Technical 6.Vice President - CPD 7.Directors without portfolios [ 1 – 7 voted at SASQ AGM]

11 Prof Roy RamphalNational President Dr Vimlan MoonsamyChairman of the Board & Vice President Operations Mr Willie van der WaltVice President – Finance Mr. Motimedi NdalaVice President – CPD Mr. Colin BainVice President – Technical Mr. Oniel Rajnund Mr. van Schalkwyk Director: Marketing Director – Quality Mr. Nick KalidassDirector Mr. Andrew MurrayDirector Mr. AgwaDirector Mr Barnes SookdeoDirector


13 1. PretoriaMr Barnes Sookdeo / Mr Johan Jordaan 2. JohannesburgMr John Agwa 3. NelspruitMr Nick Kalidass 4. Port ElizabethMr Andrew Murray 5. Cape TownDr Earl Starr 6. DurbanDr Shalini Singh

14 Membership fees Advertising space on website Sponsorships and donations Hosting of conferences Hosting of workshops and events Tours Income from sales of branding articles and any related books, journals, magazines of general interest to the membership Any other sources of income as approved by council.

15 1.Professional member (Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety, SHEQ, Quality Engineer, Quality Consultant) Meets all professional requirements in terms of experience and/or qualification with competency assessments set by council and is entitled to participate in decisions and activities affecting the management of the Society, through their Branches and /or Specialist Divisions 2. Senior MemberA senior member shall be a person who meets all experience and/or qualification requirements laid down by the council, and is entitled to participate in decisions and activities affecting the management of the Society, through their Branches and /or Specialist Divisions

16 3. MemberPartly meets the required professional requirements and has a plan to upgrade to senior membership within a year. No voice in the decision making of the society. 4. Provisional MemberDoes not meet the professional requirements and has a plan to upgrade within two years. No voice in the decision making of the society. 5. Associate MemberJoins the society for interest and has no aims of furthering membership.

17 1. SASQ Listed Organisation (SMEs) These are organisations that are accepted on the principle of providing excellent products and services by upholding the principles of quality, environmental, and health and safety. These companies have the benefit of using the SASQ logo on their promotional material after they are listed. 2. SASQ Listed course providers A training organisation that is recognised by the society as delivering training professionally in the fields related to the society. Such providers will appear on the SASQ website as recommended providers and able to use the SASQ logo for promotional purposes. 3. Company MemberAn organisation that supports and promotes the aims and goals of the society.

18 Code of practice Website Communication Development Path Vacancies CPD opportunities Discounts Recommended Training/trainers Articles, books and journals Research


20 Membership Card

21 SASQ FLAGSHIP AWARD DENEYS ZEEDERBERG MEMORIAL AWARD This award is to be the most prestigious award made by this Society as recognition of achievement in promoting the image of the South African product in the eyes of the consumer, the image of the Quality Profession, the maintenance and improvement of quality of product or service over an extended period, a once-off breakthrough of considerable magnitude or service to the Profession through education and training. THOMAS DENEYS ZEEDERBERG BORN 13 MAY 1930 DIED 6 OCTOBER 1986

22 OTHER SASQ AWARDS 1.Best performing branch 2.Top National BTECH Quality Student 3.SASQ member achievements 4.Most number of articles for the website 5.Best Innovation in Quality

23 ASSOCIATIONS & AFFILIATIONS Services Seta Quality Chamber SAATCA University of Johannesburg UNISA Tshwane University of Technology Durban University of Technology Management Today SABS SAB ABI SANAS Armscor ABB ESKOM RMI


25 Laboratory Risk Aids Management AUDITING Call CentreICTFood Curriculum Development Emergency Care Research Energy Management Emergency Care



28 INDIVIDUALS GradeYearly FeesApplication Fee ProfessionalR 1000,00R 500,00 Senior MemberR 600,00R 120,00 MemberR 450,00R 120,00 Provisional MemberR 200,00R 120,00 AssociateR 250,00R 120,00 COMPANY SASQ Course ProvidersR 2000,00R 1000,00 SASQ Listed OrganisationsR 1500,00R 500,00 SASQ Listed SME’sR 1000,00R 300,00 SASQ Company MemberNIL

29 (a) Attendance of branch meetings and branch events (80 % attendance get 5% discount) (b)Attendance/participation to National conferences and workshops 100 % attendance get 5% discount) (c)Submission of quality related news and articles which will remain as SASQ material (2 % for each accepted submission). (d)Number of new members introduced by yourself (5% for each member registered) (e)Management activities at branches (15 % for branch office, or National Office)


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