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A conversation with all European cultures. THIS IS OUR SCHOOL!

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1 A conversation with all European cultures


3 We are here

4 This is our school’s logo And this is our magazine’s Logo

5 General information Our school is an institute with three school levels, a place where kids from three to fourteen can stay and study, from the infant school to the secondary junior one. At the secondary junior school we study for six hours a day from Monday to Saturday, but on Mondays and Wednesdays we stay eight hours at school and one more hours in the canteen. We spend the afternoon lessons to attend a workshop that we choose at the beginning of our school – year.

6 Our teachers and our Headmistress Mrs. Emilia Consoli Our Headmistress Our secretary office

7 Our workshops From more than 25 years,our school organizes some workshops which we attend on Wednesdays afternoon. Below, you can find some pictures: Art workshop Spanish workshopInternet workshop traditional folk workshop Keyboard workshop

8 The sport’s day Our school, from more than ten years,organizes the sport’s day which is in the first week of june. Here there are some photos of our “Champions”: This is our big showcase!

9 The infant canteen…

10 This is our primary school hall : in the same building there are also children from nursery (3-6). These are some of our primary students

11 They are so pretty,aren’t they?

12 Our subjects In our school we attend a lot of subjects: more than nine hours of maths,science and italian. We spend two hours of french, technology,music,art and phisical education and other three hours of english. Finally we study history and geography for four hours and just one hour of catholic religion.

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