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The initial meeting Remember it is the principles not the words per se. – a provocation? The five steps of selling are the foundation – the boundaries.

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1 The initial meeting Remember it is the principles not the words per se. – a provocation? The five steps of selling are the foundation – the boundaries of options is only limited by your imagination

2 The initial meeting

3 Building Blocks Seeking To understand before being understood Imagine Socratic

4 What is most important Using these principles to make The processes/Sales model your own –Passion Confidence Enthusiasm

5 Henke

6 The initial meeting - objectives Learn about the client. How do we do this? Start to understand their buying motive. How? Shift the client’s thinking? How? Establish what is unique and different about us (B&B) relative to this motive. How? Explain how these unique differences will help the prospect meet their objectives and goals. Sell the cow not the milk. What do we man by this?

7 What is the best way to Present? Auditory Kinesthetic Visual Other

8 Hello, how are you? Volunteer – how do you create chemistry? How do you connect with the client? What type of research can you perform? This is the preview not the meeting! Don’t let it go too far.

9 1.Why do you purchase Health Insurance? Role play with a mentor. 2.How do you manage the cost? 3.How do you educate your employees? 4.What dynamics do you have in place to influence behaviors? 5.What do you achieve through the marketing process? 6.Do not ask these questions? What do we mean? Information we want before we get started?

10 What do we accomplish by asking these questions? 1.Get the client talking? 2.Start to understand the client better? 3.Establish perspective? 4.Create a Platform for the proposal? 5.Socratic 6.All of the above?

11 Setting the stage – getting the prospect’s attention and keeping it by developing their interest. How do we develop interest - group discussion.

12 The Challenge

13 What can we do that is unexpected?What can we do that is unexpected?

14 Introduction Pick up documents additional data, etc. Propose similar coverage with some bells and whistles Spreadsheet with many different options Can the typical process help:

15 Some sales folks tie this into the challenge slide and talk about the renewal process – “The placing of insurance” without using the slide?

16 What is the purpose of the “Challenge” and :”The Typical Marketing Process?” 1.To make it unexpected 2.To gain attention and hold interest 3.To shift the client’s thinking 4.To create a gap 5.All of the above

17 U.S. Business Insurance Ranking World Business Insurance Ranking In September 2007 FORBES.COM ranked Brown & Brown #16 on its 2007 list of "The 100 Best Mid-Cap Stocks in America.""The 100 Best Mid-Cap Stocks in America."

18 Market Clout – Feature Number 1 The concept of being within the top 20? –Who really cares? –What is good? –What is bad? –What would Marsh say? –What would the regional broker say?

19 What is the best reason why market share can be an advantage? 1.May allow advantages 2.Resources namely people 3.More carriers 4.Greater Market cap

20 Why can market share be a disadvantage? 1.Small fish in a big pond 2.Bureaucracy 3.Centralized 4.Impersonal service 5.All of the above 6.Other

21 180 Offices rigidity & hierarchy The Freedom to Choose… All working toward the same goal Promotes Creativity & More Ideas Decentralized Philosophy

22 Decentralization – Feature #2 The concept of being decentralized? –Who really cares? –What is good? –What is bad? –A collection of cultures –A collection of Independent agents all working to solve the same problem –Cost of management (conviction) –Contracting with carriers (conviction) –Decision making ability (conviction)

23 Being decentralized must be? 1.Proven 2.Backed up by examples 3.Demonstrated 4.Explained as if you are speaking to an eight grader 5.All of the above

24 Collective Wisdom + = Feature #3 Collective Wisdom

25 Some sales folks use this slide to discuss the three feature and benefits versus using separate slides?

26 The power of collective wisdom What does Collective wisdom mean? How do you develop it? How can you accelerate it? How does it fit into your daily plan? Is it real? A product of size and independence Even if you do not appreciate the concept of collective wisdom – you will by the time we are done The essence

27 The advantage of collective wisdom is? 1.We can receive help from other offices 2.Regional advice 3.Back up 4.Original and diversified Ideas and concepts?

28 The Process feature #4 The concept of how we do business? Can we produce better results? The process – educating our clients on how to be better at what they do through understanding an analysis. The golf swing Seeking to understand is the hidden genius

29 Review of documentation to begin understanding

30 Collecting the documentation and reviewing it allows us to what? 1.Begin the process of understanding 2.Find pain 3.Understand the client 4.All of the above

31 Uncovering needs through understanding Step 2

32 When seeking to understand we must? 1.Never make a point 2.Ask additional probing questions 3.Dig deep 4.All of the above

33 Needs & opportunity Analysis Step 3 The Collective Wisdom of 177 offices

34 When evaluating the needs we must? 1.Brainstorm 2.Look for “what they don’t know they don’t know” 3.Think 4.All of the above

35 Putting our money where our mouth is Step 4 Reporting on: Compliance Short& long term strategies; & Cost containment

36 “Reaching the Heights of Success is all about Execution” Collective Wisdom is put to work to ensure our clients meet their distinct objectives and goals Mutual commitment & understanding of how we are going to move forward Seeking to Understand versus providing ideas “360 Degree Process” Document Procurement & Review Uncovering Needs through Understanding Identify Needs & Opportunities Report Findings & Solutions Back to You

37 What answer best describes this slide? 1.Clever 2.Cute 3.An attention getter 4.Showmanship

38 Some sales folks tie it together with a provocation? Turn in your books to the illusion. Our own Will

39 “Lasting success is not a result of coincidence – It’s the result of focused hard work. At Brown & Brown we’ve built a culture that insures success.” Our Promise to You …

40 To begin the process Commitment Set a timeline Document collection

41 To begin the process What can go wrong?

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