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Unit 4 I have a Pen Pal Part A Let’s learn 绍兴市望花小学 吴佳.

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1 Unit 4 I have a Pen Pal Part A Let’s learn 绍兴市望花小学 吴佳

2 Let’s chant Grandma is cooking,cooking noodles. Sister is listening,listening to music. Mom is writing,writing an e-mail. Dad is reading,reading the newspaper.

3 Playing computer games Swimming Reading a book Painting Singing Drinking water Flying kites Listening to music Playing football Collecting leaves




7 Bike club


9 Music club


11 Diving club

12 Kites club

13 Stamps club

14 Let’s sing Making kites, making kites, some friends like making kites. Riding a bike,riding a bike, some friends like riding a bike. Collecting stamps,collecting stamps, my hobby is collecting stamps. Playing the violin,playing the violin, my hobby is playing the violin.

15 Hello !Do you want to meet a beautiful girl ? She is a little thin but very lovely. She likes singing and going to the cinema. She likes dancing, too. Her favorite color is black. Her English name is Jolin. Can you guess who is she?

16 Jolin

17 Come on! Here you can meet the famous singer. His English name is Jay. He likes playing basketball.He likes playing the piano and guitar. He likes collecting caps very much. Do you know who is he?

18 JayJay

19 Guess I have a good friend.She is a girl, she likes drawing very much,and she is in our classroom. Do you know who is she ?

20 Find a new friend I am a boy. I want to find a new friend. I like blue. And I like reading. What is your hobby? Do you want to be my new friend?

21 海报 为了庆祝朋友节,学校五个社 团将招募新社员,欢迎同学们积 极参与。有意者请填写好资料到 社团负责人处报名。 2006.11.21

22 Name Card Name: Favorite color: Favorite food: Hobby:

23 Let’s sing Friends are big,friends are small. Friends play sports like basketball. Friends are cute,friends are tall. We are friends one and all.

24 Goodbye,boys and girls! Thank you!

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