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OneSAF Validation & Verification

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1 OneSAF Validation & Verification
April 2nd, 2009 Ha Ly

2 Capability Development Process
RIB Requirements Version X.Y PLRS A&I Baseline Systems Engineering Change Request Conceptual Modeling Knowledge Engineering Implementation Software Development Integration & Test Integration & Test Build 1 Build 2 Build 3

3 Implementation Build Cycle
Conceptual Modeling Knowledge Engineering 10 Week Builds - CDD - DBD PKAD RIB RA 2 Weeks Design 2 Weeks CUT 3 Weeks SWIT 3 Weeks Code Composites Update ID CUT Review Test Thread Test Thread Scenarios SWIT Review Update Documentation Built baseline tar-ball - Update CDD SRS-PLRS Mapping RA Review - Implementation Document UML Diagrams GUI Mock-ups Peer Design Review TPO Design Review Integration & Test

4 Hierarchical Test Strategy


6 DA Pam 5-11 Verification: the process of determining that an M&S accurately represents the developer's conceptual description and specifications. Validation: the process of determining the extent to which an M&S is an accurate representation of the real world from the perspective of the intended use of the M&S. Accreditation: the official determination that a model, simulation, or federation of M&S is acceptable for use for a specific purpose.

7 OneSAF V&V Behavior Validation is the process of ensuring that the correct things are modeled. Behavior Verification determines if a behavior’s implementation performs as intended. For OneSAF, “performs as intended” means runtime performance matches the KAKE artifacts.

8 OneSAF in BCLSE Conducted major, large scale, distributed event using OneSAF as primary simulation. Demonstrated reliability of OneSAF in HLA distributed environment. Demonstrated viability of OneSAF Brigade level clusters for experimentation. Demonstrated ability to net-time, checkpoint and resume major distributed event with OneSAF. Provided PM with lessons learned and PTRs for V3.0 release.

9 OneSAF in Strategic Choice Study
TRAC, with the assistance of PM OneSAF, met the required timelines for the study. 2 months of significant model changes plus data and scenario revisions. TRAC successfully converted four scenarios (2 base case and 2 alternatives) to include new data. Processed over 1600 data files including over 200 entity compositions and over 400 unit compositions. TRAC was able to collect meaningful output data.

10 OneSAF in: Stryker Modernization study
Weapon System Validation Sensor Validation Behavior Validation Terrain Validation Purpose: Inform MBL visitors on Planning, Preparations and Execution efforts to conduct the Stryker Modernization Experiment using OneSAF as the main simulation driver The desired outcome: Results that can be included in Stryker CDD documentation that support specific requirements and are able to withstand AROC and JROC scrutiny.

11 Behavior Artifacts Component Development Domain Analysis
Implementation Design Description Capabilities Description Document Design Domain Behavior Description Source Code Behavior Data Tables Compositions Verification Tests

12 Methodology Courtesy of TRAC-Monterey

13 Questions ? Ha Ly 407 384 5375

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