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Lesson 2 Rise of Sumer.

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1 Lesson 2 Rise of Sumer

2 Some Background Info… As civilizations developed along rivers, their societies and governments became more advanced. Religion became a main characteristic of these ancient cultures. Kings claimed to rule with the approval of the gods, and ordinary people wore charms and performed rituals to avoid bad luck.

3 The City-States of Sumer
Sumerians developed the world’s first civilizations in Mesopotamia. We don’t know where they came from. Created an advanced society.

4 The City-States of Sumer
Most Sumerians were farmers. Lived in RURAL areas. Some lived in city centers, or URBAN areas. By 2000 BC, Sumer’s cities had 100,000 residents. Combined into a CITY-STATE, which is a city and all the countryside around it. Fought each other to gain more farmland. Built strong armies and thick walls around the cities.

5 Rise of Akkadian Empire
Another society developed along the Tigris and Euphrates named the Akkadians. Were not Sumerians and spoke a different language. Sargon wanted to extend Akkadian and launched wars against surrounding kingdoms. Eventually brought all regions of Mesopotamia under his rule. This was the first EMPIRE.

6 Rise of Akkadian Empire
Sargon ruled for more than 50 years. Sargon dies and later rulers could not keep the empire safe. Eventually Sumeria once again became the most powerful civilization in the region.

7 Sumerian Religion Religion was very important to Sumerians.
Practiced POLYTHEISM. Worshiped gods of the air, wisdom, love, war, etc. Believed gods had enormous powers, such as good harvest, floods, illness. Wanted to please the gods. Relied on PRIESTS to help them gain favor with the gods.

8 Sumerian Social Order Sumer had a SOCIAL HIERARCHY, which is the division of society by rank or class. 1. Kings 2. Priests 3. Skilled craftspeople, merchants, and traders 4. Farmers and laborers 5. Slaves

9 Men and Women in Sumer Men and women had different roles.
Men held political power and made laws. Women took care of the home and children. Education was usually reserved for men, but some upper class women were educated as well. Some women were priestesses.

10 In Summary… The Sumerians created the world’s first advanced society.
Religion played a major role in Sumerian society.

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