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May 7 th – 21 st, 2011.  Our Team   To educate, encourage and empower the medical community of Lugansk, Ukraine to establish a home-based Hospice.

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1 May 7 th – 21 st, 2011

2  Our Team

3   To educate, encourage and empower the medical community of Lugansk, Ukraine to establish a home-based Hospice Ministry. Our Mission

4   In the Ukraine, Hospice Care as we know it, does not exist.  The vast majority of Ukrainians die in their home with limited or no support from the government ran health care system.  The Quality Life Team spent two weeks interacting with and training the Ukrainian medical professionals and community leaders regarding the tools and framework for implementing home-based hospice care. Hospice Care in the Ukraine

5   The team left from Will Rogers World Airport and flew from Oklahoma City to Minneapolis then on to Amsterdam.  After a two hour lay over in Amsterdam the team flew to Kiev, Ukraine.  The team arrived in Kiev the evening of the 8 th.  The entire trip took almost seventeen hours.  There is an eight hour time difference between the time zones. May 7 th & 8 th - Travel Days

6   Victory Day or May 9 th marks the signing of the treaty between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in WWII.  During the Soviet Union's existence, it was celebrated throughout the USSR and in the countries of the Eastern Bloc.  The ritual of the celebration gradually obtained a distinctive character with a number of similar elements to the 4 th of July in the United States: ceremonial meetings, speeches, parades, and fireworks.  After communism’s fall, the former USSR retained the celebration, though it was not formally celebrated by some.  Ukraine has officially recognized 9 May since 1946. May 9 th – Victory Day Celebration

7  Victory Day Celebration




11  May 9 th & 10 th – Train Trip from Kiev to Lugansk  The team boarded a train the evening of the 9 th for a 15 hour train ride from Kiev to Lugansk (located in the far Eastern Region of the Ukraine, very close to Russia).  The average Ukrainian does not own a vehicle and must rely on the public transportation system for travel – train, bus, and/or metro.  The team traveled by sleeping car with four bunks in each compartment.  Most Ukrainians travel economy class and sleep in an open non-air conditioned car with 40-50 other passengers.

12  Train Trip from Kiev to Lugansk


14   Our first day in Lugansk was spent preparing for the two day conference.  After checking into our hotel rooms we had lunch with the conference organizers and interpreters discussed the presentations and their expectations.  We toured the conference facility (public library) and made the final adjustments and preparations.  Tensions were high, as everyone involved had been preparing for this event for almost nine months. May 10 th – Arrival in Lugansk

15   The 2 day conference was highly anticipated by the Eastern Ukrainian Medical Community and throughout the entire country.  Participants traveled from across the nation from as far as Lviv (a major city in far Western Region of Ukraine).  The local media was represented throughout the conference and remained with the team during our visits to the local medical facilities.  Speakers were brought in from the local government and medical community each day to speak on the status of end-of-life care in the region. May 11 th & 12 th – The Hospice Conference

16   The American Philosophy of Hospice Care: The Home-Based Hospice Model  Take Care of You First: Avoiding Burnout  Signs and Symptoms of Approaching Death: Recognizing and Responding to the Needs of the Dying and Their Families  Effective Pain and Symptom Management  On Death, Dying and Grief  Children, Death, Dying and Grief  Alternative Therapeutic Modalities: Combining Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Touch and Music Therapy The Hospice Conference Content

17  The Hospice Conference
















33   The team was invited to speak to students at the medical school in Lugansk.  The medical school prepares both doctors and nurses.  Medical and nursing education in Ukraine consists of vocational and technical training and requires no undergraduate or general studies program.  Therefore, doctors and nurses enter the medical field at a very young age.  Doctors and nurses are among the lowest paying professions and the burn-out rate is extremely high. May 13 th - Medical School

34  Medical School






40   Pediatric mortality is disproportionately high in the Ukraine due to lack of technology to enable early diagnosis and limited access to aggressive treatment.  Mothers stay in the hospital with their child 24/7.  Patients are sent home when the prognosis is determined to be terminal, but without the benefit of home-based hospice care.  The team distributed toys to each child, lead therapeutic play activities, spent time with supporting and encouraging the staff, patients and their mothers and planted flowers along the entrance. May 13 th – Pediatric Hematology Oncology Hospital

41  Pediatric Hematology Oncology Hospital










51   Living Faith United Methodist Church in Lugansk played an integral role in facilitating our mission.  Representatives from five different denominations gathered at Living Faith on May 15 th as Chaplain Pendleton lead a discussion regarding hospice care and grief support, tools were provided to assist leaders in facilitating grief support groups.  The team participated in the Sunday worship and Chaplain Pendleton delivered the sermons.  Living Faith has adopted a group of African medical students with which the team interacted and answered questions about hospice care. May 14 th & 15 th – Faith United Methodist Church

52  Living Faith UMC







59   The team was invited to visit the honorary museum created in honor of a prominent oncologist who died of cancer.  Through his own dying process he realized the need for better end-of-life care in the Ukraine.  Part of his legacy was passing on the task of bringing hospice care to the Ukraine to his daughter.  His daughter, Helena is very motivated to implement a home-based hospice care program in the Lugansk Region and has created an non-profit organization toward that end. May 16 th – Honorary Museum Tour

60  Honorary Museum Tour





65   The team visited Lugansk Hospital’s Palliative Care Unit.  The unit’s total capacity is 25 beds.  The total population of the Lugansk Region is close to 3 million.  The patients treated by the unit have little or no family support available.  The remainder of the terminally ill residents of the region will die at home without the benefit of home- based hospice care. May 16 th – Palliative Care Unit

66  Palliative Care Unit




70   Due to federal and global grants the AIDS/HIV Center was the most modern and technologically advanced of all the health care facilities visited.  AIDS/HIV treatment in the Ukraine is very similar to other parts of the world.  The staff at the center also enjoyed higher pay scales and better working conditions.  The team toured the center, met with the patients and staff, and helped plant flowers around the grounds. May 16 th – AIDS/HIV Center

71  HIV/AIDS Center





76   The participants and conference organizers planned a day trip to demonstrate their appreciation for the team.  The team toured three small villages within the Lugansk Region very near the Russian border.  Following the excursion the team met with the local conference organizers and discussed possible  They plan to implement measures to start developing the framework for a Home-Based Hospice Ministry. May 17 th - Excursion

77  Excursion








85   The team headed back to Kiev by train on the evening of the 17 th arriving the morning of the 18 th. May 17 th & 18 th – Train Trip Back to Kiev

86   Responsible for the treatment of all solid tumor childhood cancers throughout the entire country of Ukraine.  The capacity of the hospital is 40 beds.  The waiting list is long, so many receive care too late or not at all.  Their parents take on the heartbreaking task of caring for their children at home without the benefit of home-based hospice care. May 19 th – Kiev Pediatric Oncology Hospital

87  Kiev Pediatric Oncology Hospital



90   The team left from Kiev the afternoon of the 20 th and flew to Amsterdam.  After a twenty hour layover in Amsterdam the team flew back home to Oklahoma City on the 21 st.  The team arrived home the evening of the 21 st very jet-lagged, but forever changed by the experience. May 20 th & 21 st – Return Trip

91   This mission trip was made possible through your support! Thank You!

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