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2 Adress : Hiliseu-Horia commune, 717200, Botosani county, Romania Phone/ fax 0040231621131 e-mail:

3 Botosani County Map

4 Geographical position: in north-eastern extremity of the country Natural environment: low hills region, crossed by the Jijia river where it was built Iezer lake. The landscape is completed by the lawns with small herbs and cluster of trees.

5 My school is near to Dorohoi town (12 km). Dorohoi- the second town of a district,has 33000 inhabitants and an ancient history, dating from The Middle Age and being documentary atestated in the XV-th century. Country-side school School particularities A part of teachers come 5-12 km from Dorohoi, the nearest town, and a part of students walk 4 km from a neighbour village Poor social environment Reduced investments Old and reduced endowment The relation school-family : good The relation school-local authority: good We have good results of school and out-of-school competition and activities:Pro- Education, Winners, Kangaroo, Eco-School We organize trips, annually, for know our beautifull country. Adding, we organize traditional feast ( Christmas, The New Year, Easter etc) to keep the Romanian traditions and popular behaviours alive.

6 Information about school Type of school : Public-sector funded education Level : Pre-primary, Primary and first phase of general lower secondary The curriculum framework set up by the Ministry of Education, Research and Inovation allows school to design their own timetable schemes and includes: 1. The core curriculum 2. The curriculum at school`s disposal Being a commune with 5 villages, I-VIII Classes Hiliseu-Horia School, is an coordinator school, which is managed by an Head Master who decides about human and material resources and educational politics. Other 4 schools and 5 kindergartens are at coordinator school `s orders.

7 Curricula areas Subjects are grouped according to 7 curricula areas: 1.Language and communication 2.Mathematics and natural sciences 3. People and society 4. Arts 5.Physical education 6. Technologies 7. Counselling and guidance The curriculum at school`s disposal It`s created together with students and their parents, and it endorses local community needs. However, it matters age particularity of students, and human and material possibilities of school

8 I-VIII Classes Hiliseu-Horia School Hiliseu-Horia Kindergarten I-VIII Classes Hiliseu-Crisan School Hiliseu-Crisan Kindergarten I-VIII Classes Iezer School Iezer Kindergarten I-IV Classes Hiliseu-Closca School Hiliseu-Closca Kindergarten I-IVClasses Corjauti School Corjauti Kindergarten

9 Information about students Age GroupNumber Şcoală primară (primary) 6-10 years 224 Gimnaziu (first phase of general lower secondary)10-14 years 212 Total 6-14 years 436 Gradinita (Kindergarten) pre-primary education normal programmes (5 hours per day) 3-6 years 112 Class medium : 19 students

10 Teachers 39 ( 37 qualified, 2 unqualified) educatori - Pre-primary education teachers are trained in pedagogical high school (upper secondary education). învăţători - primary education teachers are trained in pedagogical high school (upper secondary education). institutori - primary education teachers specialised in a subject like foreign languages, music and sports are trained in university colleges (short-term education profesori - lower and upper secondary school teachers are trained in long-term higher education, four to five years, depending on the subject they will teach.

11 Legislative framework The educational activity takes place in accordance with The Constitution, The Education Law, The Organization and Function Rules of the Pre-University Units (the same for whole country) and Internal Order Rules (which organizes specific rules for our school). The decisions are made by Administrative Council to whom President is the manager of the school. Teacher `s Council goal is to consult, putting forward proposals to Administrative Council which make them valid.

12 Legislative framework The school year 2009/2010 comprises 173 days (35 weeks) of teaching, divided in two Semesters Courses are distributed over five days a week. Courses time : 35 min. -Kindergarten 45 min. -Primary 50 min. -Secondary didactic norm : 18 hours per week Class1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th 5 th 6 th 7 th 8 th Number of periods per week19202122242629 Phases Evaluation Gradinita (Kindergarden) pre-primary education Marks dissatisfactory satisfactory good very good Şcoală primară (primary) Marks dissatisfactory satisfactory good very good Gimnaziu (first phase of general lower secondary) Marks from 1 to 10

13 In-service training activity The methodical activities take place in Methodical Boards of Curricula Areas, Specialties Circle of Teachers,and Teacher Council. The teachers take part at in-service training activities, some of them participating at sessions of scientific communications. The teaching improvement is achieved following next didactic degrees: beginner qualified teacher Final degree teacher Second degree teacher First degree teacher

14 Information about community 3995 inhabitants ( in 2008) Economic activity: agriculture ( subsistance type) Economic and living standard: low High unemployment Poor social environment Reduced educational degree Massive emigration for work (especially to Italy and Spain) Old and reduced endowment (e.g. sewerage, current water, TV cable, Internet etc) N N o No current water No sewerage No medical facilities

15 School and out-of- school activities

16 The kindergarten







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