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Catherine the GREAT By KG The Magnificent. Added by Catherine the Great.

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1 Catherine the GREAT By KG The Magnificent

2 Added by Catherine the Great

3 Catherine’s Challenges Peasant uprisings In 1773 Emelian Pugachev announces himself true tsar, he issues an imperial manifesto ending serfdom, taxes and military conscription. Caused by worsening conditions of serfs who were beginning to be sold without land. Pugachev was betrayed by his followers to Catherine. After his execution Catherine responded by further repressing the peasantry, granting more rights to lords, and reverting the country to feudalism.

4 Catherine’s Challenges Part Deux Nobility and Domestic Affairs Catherine had to maintain a careful balance between the power of the monarchy and the nobility. She could not give the serfs too much freedom or the lords would be angry and revolt. However, she could not give the lords too much power over the serfs or they would be too repressed and the serfs would rebel. Catherine responded by giving the lords most of the power and repressing the serfs to the point of rebellion.

5 Commonalities All absolute monarchs emphasized war defense, expansion, and military. All believed in the divine right of kings. All absolute monarchs centralized monarchs, attempted to limit the rights of nobility, and eliminate representative bodies.

6 Commonalities French, Russian, and Prussian absolute monarchs all kept strong standing armies. Religion was not the main focus in Prussia, Russia, and Austria.

7 Who would get along with Catherine? Peter the Great, Catherine’s grandfather would agree with several of her policies Using terror, reducing the power of the nobility, and expanding Russia were things they both had in common

8 Who would not like Catherine? Frederick II would not agree with Catherine and her oppressive policies. Frederick gave serfs more freedom and allowed them to hold land. He also provided them with elementary education They also fought over the Partitions of Poland.

9 Russia Today Russia has diminished in size. It no longer has warm water ports, as it lost it’s Black Sea ports after Catherine’s reign

10 Government In Catherine’s era Russia was ruled by absolute monarchs of the Romanov Dynasty. It is currently ruled democratically by President Vladimir Putin.

11 We would like to live under… Frederick did not oppress his serfs, which we would probably have been. He was also tolerant of different religions

12 We would like to live in… We want to live in England because they have the most democratic system out of the other countries. They have a strong world reputation, economy, and defense system. They also have really awesome accents. And Harry Potter. And Prince William.

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