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Knowledge Ontario An integrated and interactive digital environment about, and for, Ontarians.

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1 Knowledge Ontario An integrated and interactive digital environment about, and for, Ontarians.

2 Knowledge Ontario is a province-wide collaboration of public, school, college and university libraries responsible for the creation of a suite of resources to support the information and learning needs of all Ontarians. Knowledge Ontario has received seed funding from the Province of Ontario through the Ministry of Culture. Knowledge Ontario is sponsored by the Government of Ontario, the Ontario Library Association and the Ontario Council of University Libraries.

3 Student Success Integration Collaboration Equity Literacy Media Literacy Information Literacy School Libraries Home Access 24/7 Learning Education Learning Space

4 Magazines eBooks Newspapers Journals Encyclopedias Dictionaries Resources Ontario Core set of quality electronic resources for all Ontarians

5 Resources that go far beyond what i available on the open Web. Fully indexed and searchable Rich multimedia content Authoritative Broad range of topics and resources Broad range of reading levels 24/7 access from home, school and library

6 Licensed Products Canadian & international periodicals Comprehensive reference, including timelines/multimedia Magazines & reference for kids, with kid-friendly interface InfoTrac Junior: General reference for middle school InfoTrac Student: General reference for high school Extensive collection of peer-reviewed articles Seamless searching of multiple reference sources Trustworthy and timely health information Many more specialized sources and eBook collections

7 Licensed Products Canadian Reference Centre: Comprehensive access to journals, newspapers and reference sources, including extensive multimedia resources, with an emphasis on Canadian regional and national content These resources, which offer information relevant to Ontarians at all stages of life, will be available for two years.

8 Databases have many advantages over the “free” internet … Dependable and Designed for Research well organized, regularly updated, age appropriate articles, books, pictures, maps, videos, and more, that are easily searchable information from reputable publishers no advertisements, inaccurate content, and unintended sites information is targeted and accurate available online 24/7

9 Databases have many advantages over the “free” internet … Databases Have Special Features seamless cross searches on several databases at a time automatic site source generation in multiple formats automatic translation of content into multiple languages sharable information through email, web pages and links generator for reading lists and bibliographies

10 Databases have many advantages over the “free” internet … Special Features Support Various Learning Styles access to a large volume of images and maps that are copyright free electronic books video streaming and audio information

11 Many Ways to Search  Power Search  Basic and advanced  Keyword  Truncation  Exclusion  Parameters  Publications

12 Canadian Content CPI.Q Best for full-text Canadian Content (EBSCO) Canadian Reference Centre Created the largest collection of regional full text content, images and biographies.

13 Discovering Collection Integrated, cross-curricular content on over 45,000 biographies, criticism, essays and overviews. General Reference Center Gold Contains magazines, newspaper articles, almanacs, dictionaries, reference books, journals. Gale Virtual Reference Library Contains ebooks, and specialized reference sources General Content

14 InfoTrac Junior Edition Full text newspaper articles from the Knight-Ridder/ Tribute News Service, 300+ full colour maps, and full text reference books. National Newspapers Index Access to America’s top five newspapers: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. Newspaper Content

15 Health & Wellness Resource Center Provides a rich collection of books, journals, magazines and pamphlets for consumers and health care professionals (not written above a 10 th grade reading level). – Video streaming files are available. Health & Medical Content

16 InfoTrac Religion & Philosophy Includes the New Catholic Encyclopedia and the Jubilee Supplement Volume as well as Contemporary American Religion, Encyclopedia of Philosophy and nine additional special encyclopedias on Buddhism, Islam, Muslim, Judaism. Religion & Philosophy Content

17 Specialized Content Academic Onefile Premier source for peer-reviewed, full-text articles on academic theory. Computer Database For researchers who need to keep pace with the fast changing world of high technology.

18 Specialized Content for Post secondary researchers Military and Intelligence Database Designed to meet the periodical content needs of libraries serving military personnel. LegalTrac Indexing for all major law reviews, legal newspapers, law specialty publications and bar association journals. Indexes approximately 800 legal publications and 1,000 periodicals.

19 Databases for Elementary Research Kids InfoBits Targets the research needs of students in Kindergarten to grade 5. Infotrac Junior General Reference Discovering Collection Canadian Reference Centre (EBSCO)

20 Depend on Databases accessed through the school library web page ask the teacher librarian to teach your students how to use databases for all their research needs

21 This presentation was adapted with permission from instructional support materials for Knowledge Ontario available from the Ontario School Library Association and from Sally Thompson, LDCSB

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