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Unit2 Time --- by Linhua Ouhai Vocational School.

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1 Unit2 Time --- by Linhua Ouhai Vocational School

2 money health friend family Lead – in: survey Which do you think is important for you? Why? time

3 Yang jiyuan, a college student in Hangzhou died for catching a thief ( 小偷 ). *When he died, his life ended. His life is his time. look upon time as life 把.. 看作 He devote his life to the people. devote … to… 把.. 奉献给...

4 Extra-reading Time is precious

5 Help me: What should I warn ( 警告 ) Xiao Ming not to do in class? lazylaziness (n.) 懒惰 Final examination ( 期末考试 ) is coming.

6 What do the teachers often warn us not to do? Why? Pre-reading not to waste time Because if time is lost, it will never return.

7 Careful reading Q: What does time look like? Can you touch it? Can you buy it? Can it stop for us? Let’s imagine it! Para. 1 Can you feel it? Time is ________________. abstract (抽象的) Does time pass slowly or quickly? quickly

8 Para. 2 go over review 1.Why do some students say they don’t have enough time to review their lessons ? 2. Free talk : * What do you do in your free time? They don’t know how to make use of time.

9 Do you think the following are useful or useless things? useful useless play computer games all day long study hard have sports study English sleep in class clean the classroom not useful Para. 2

10 A: B: take buses or walk Do you like to if you are in a hurry? take buses Most people would rather take buses than walk. would rather do… than do… 宁愿 … 而不愿 … Para. 2 if you have to prepare your exam? read books or watch TV read books I would rather _______________ than ____________. go to see a moviestay at home

11 Why would most people rather take buses than walk? we want to ___ time. Because time is ________. we should ___ ___ ___ of time. save priceless make good use of Para. 2 precious

12 1. 资源 energy 2. 力量 1. 服务 serve 2. 仆人 1. 失败 failure 2. 痛苦 1. 伤害 harm 2. 努力 1. priceless valuable 2. precious 3. cheap Find the meanings. Para. 3

13 *If it is necessary for us to do our homework today, let us leave it until tomorrow. (T / F) F do it today and not leave it until tomorrow Para. 3 *What’s the thief of time? Why ? Laziness bring us failure … do harm to

14 Yang jiyuan His life is long / short. Q: Since life is short, what must we do? short …devote our time and energy to our study …serve the people well in the future. Q: If I have ¥ 1,000,000,would you like to sell your life to me?

15 Remember: Time is much more ________ than money. valuable priceless precious

16 Xiao Ming’s diary

17 Open the box and send your suggestions 建议 to Xiao Ming as gift. Game :

18 If time is ___, it will never return. lost

19 Time _______ very quickly. We should know how to _____ ___ ___ our time. passes make use of

20 We wish to ____ time because it is ________. save priceless

21 Now we ____ _____ time __ life. We must ______ our time and energy ___ our study. look upon as devote to

22 _______ is the thief of time, for it brings us _______, and does other _____to us. harm failure Laziness

23 Time is much more ________ than money. valuable

24 Subject: Time: Chinese English Maths Major ( 专业 ) : accounting Make a learning plan 学习计划 to make good use of your time for your final examination. discussion Moring: Evening: At school: At home: Reason Be poor/ good at / perfect / important On Monday morning, I go over … because …

25 Remember * The best time of the day is morning. 一日之计在于晨 * Study hard and have a good rest. 劳逸结合 * Don ’ t give up. 坚持不懈 * Be confident. 信心十足 Let’s do our work today, and not leave it tomorrow.

26 Homework : *Make a learning plan. And exchange 交换 your ideas with your partners. *Do exercise on the book.


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