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P16 三. 单项选择 ( )1. He used to ____ in the sun, but now he is getting used to ____ at night. A. read; read B. reading; read C. read; reading D. reading;

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Presentation on theme: "P16 三. 单项选择 ( )1. He used to ____ in the sun, but now he is getting used to ____ at night. A. read; read B. reading; read C. read; reading D. reading;"— Presentation transcript:

1 P16 三. 单项选择 ( )1. He used to ____ in the sun, but now he is getting used to ____ at night. A. read; read B. reading; read C. read; reading D. reading; reading ( )2. You are ____ than me now. A. tall B. taller C. the tallest D. tallest ( )3. Do you ____ glasses or contact lenses. A. wear B. put to C. dress D. put up ( )4. He used to ____ to work by bus, but now he goes to work ____ foot. A. going; to B. going; by C. go; on D. go; by 5. -- My brother and I will go to the library tomorrow. --- ____.Shall we go together. A. So am I B. So do I C.S o I am D. So will I

2 P16 四、用括号内所给词的适当形式填空 1. Mother used to________ (get) up early in my family. 2. My father used to swim in the river when he________ (be) in Shanghai 3. The talk show is so interesting that all the people can’t stop________ (laugh). 4. His teacher asked him to practice________ (listen) whenever he had time. 5. When I was a child, I was____ ____ (interest) in music. 6. --- Why are you taking down all the pictures. --- I __________________ (paint) the wall again. 7. I am afraid of____ ____ (take) exams. What about you? 8. Do you usually spend much time________ (watch) TV? 9. I_____________ (not see) you for four years. get was laughing listening interested am going to paint taking watching haven’t seen

3 P16 五、完形填空 When I had something difficult to do, I used to ask my mother for help. But she always said, “Do it yourself, dear.”I was not (1) at all. I thought the (2) mother in the world! For example, one day, I decided to (3) some friends to my home. My bedroom was not in order. Books were everywhere. And I did not make the bed. I asked my (4) to help me clean it, (5) she still said,” Do it yourself, girl.”

4 Because of my “lazy mother”, I have to (6) my clothes and clean my room. I have to help my parents (7). I even have to go to the dentist by myself. It is really hard for me to do everything well, but I have learned (8). As time goes by, I understand my mother. She makes me clever and hard-working. (9) a great mother! A (10) mother is worth one hundred teachers! Don’t you think so?

5 ( )1. A. old B. glad C. thin ( )2. A. tallest B. most foolish C. laziest ( )3. A. leave B. invite C. visit ( )4. A. mother B. father C. brother ( )5. A. or B. when C. but ( )6. A. wash B. lead C. knock ( )7. A. do housework B. go swimming C. go camping ( )8. A. on show B. by mistake C. a lot ( )9. A. Which B. What C. Who ( )10. A. young B. good C. happy

6 P18 二、用括号内所给词的适当形式填空 1. My father________ (use) to work in this factory, but now he has his own company. 2. I was________ (real) afraid to walk in the dark. 3. If you are very ________ (friend) to other people, you’ll make many________ (friend). 4. The TV play is very ___________ (interest), so I’m ___________ (interest) in it. 5. “We must keep ________ (quiet) in the reading room.” The teacher said to us ________(quiet) 6. Everyone will ________ (sure) change when they group up. used really friendly friends interesting interested quiet quietly sure

7 P18 三、单项选择 ( )1. ---Are you afraid of ____at home? ---What? I’ve grown up. A. alone B. lonely C. being alone D. being lonely ( ) 2. My grandmother ____us stories when we were children. A. was used to tell B. is used to telling C. used to tell D. used to telling ( )3. ---Is there ____in today’s newspaper? NO, there’s ____ A. anything special; something unusual B. anything special; nothing unusual C. special anything; nothing unusual D. special anything; unusual nothing ( )4. I’m not sure if I’m going to Tom’s party. I may go to the concert ____. A. only B. instead C. early D. late ( )5. With the development of the society, parents ____more and more money on their children’s education. A. take B. cost C. pay D. spend ( )6. I’d like to live in a village ____green trees around it. A. of B. for C. with D. in ( )7. Please ____.I’ll find the book for you. A. wait a little B. wait a few minute C. sit a moment D. wait a minute ( )8. Keep your windows ____before leaving the room. A. close B. closing C. closed D. to close

8 P21 一、根据汉语提示完成句子(每空词数不限) 1. There was______ ______ ( 如此多 )food for my birth-day party 2.It’s not good to complain__ __ __ _ _ ( 一直 ) 3. The girl__ _ _ __ _ ( 几乎不 ) eats any vegetables, so she unhealthy 4. _ _ _ _ __ _ _ ( 在过去的几年里 ), we have built many tall buildings. 5.Don’t _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( 担心 ) him He will be OK soon 6. Children shouldn’t eat too much_ _______ ( 糖果 ) It’s bad for teeth 7.He likes_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( 聊天 ) with his pen pals on QQ 8. How is your ________ ( 每日的 ) life? so much all the time hardly ever In the last few years worry about candy chatting/to chat daily

9 P21 二、用括号内所给词的适当形式填空 1. It took me almost two hours _ __ _ __ __ (make)her up. 2. My_ __ _ __ _ (big) problem is that I’m too busy. 3. He _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (hard) has time for concerts, does he? 4. Tony will have a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (five days long) holiday 5. In the past few years, there_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (be) great changes in my hometown 6. Do you mind me_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (smoke) ? to make biggest hardly five-day-long have been smoking

10 P21 三、单项选择 ( )1. He was busy ____ his homework last night. A. with do B. do C. to do D. doing ( )2. ---How long did you spend ____TV every day? --- About one hour. A. watch B. watching C. in D. to watch ( ) 3. Our country ____ greatly in the past ten years. A. change B. changed C. has changed D. have changed ( )4. I want to know how much you paid ____ten computers. A. for B. to C. on D. in ( )5. Tom, you don’t need these things at all, so don’ t ____ your money on them. A. pay B. take C. cost D. waste ( )6. ---Can you work out the maths ____, Xiao Ming? A. question B. problem C. wonder D. cause ( )7. I don’t think I can go on walking ____. A. any more B. no more C. any long D. no longer

11 P22 五、阅读理解 Do you feel you have enough time to do all the things you have to or want to do? How do you think you could plan your day better ? A daily schedule will help you plan every part of it. If you can plan your time,you will probably feel less worried.Here is how to do it. (1)Take a piece of paper and a ruler. Draw a chart of your waking hours, using one square for each half an hour. If you’re awake for 16 hours each day, you will need 32 squares: 8 across, 4 down.

12 (2)Sit down and check your day. Make a list of all the things you need to do. Think about when you should do them. (3)Fill out your schedule. (4)Remember to give yourself rest time. If doing all of your homework at one time is too much, plan a little bit of free time in the middle of it.

13 (5)If you have an important event that falls right in the middle of your evening, change the time of other activities around it. (6)Think about using a differently colored pen for your different activities. In this way, you’ll clearly know how your day is planned out.

14 1.The underlined word “schedule” means()in Chinese. A. 课程表 B. 电话表 C. 节目表 D. 时间表 2. The writer thinks that____. A. nobody has enough time to do everything he should do B. we can plan time better by marking a daily schedule C. it’s good to plan dinner before homework D. students should finish all of their homework at a time

15 ( )3. In the writer’s opinion, if something not planned takes place, you should ____. A. not mind it B. work according to your plan C. change the time of other activities D. forget about your plan ( )4. The passage is mainly about how to ____. A. make a daily schedule B. live happily C. make friends D. get good study habits

16 P23 一、选词填空 1.His father’s _____ ___ (dead, death)made him so sad. 2. We don’t have enough money. We can’t____ ___ (afford, pay) a car. 3. The young man had to deal with all problems by _ _ __ _ (him, himself). Because his parents were too old. 4. __ __ __ __ (at the end, in the end), Lucy got first prize in the speech contest. 5. She can help her mother do much housework, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (even though, but) she’s only seven years old. 6. Don’t_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( give out, give up ) !You can pass the exams. death afford himself In the end even though give up

17 P23 二、用方框内所给词填空 death, surprise, luckily, afford, cause, patient 1. The house is too expensive. I can’t ________ it. 2. His grandfather’s ________ made him very sad and he didn’t say anything to others. 3. ________, his teacher was very patient and tried her best to help him. 4. To her parents’ __ _ __ ___, Mary got good grades in the last exam. 5. Martin used to ________ a lot of trouble, but now he has changed a lot. 6. Parents must be ________ with their children. afford death Luckily surprise cause patient

18 P24 三、用方框内所给词或短语的适当形式填空 pay for, look after, as well as, get into trouble, make a decision, even though, take pride in,pay attention to 1. I can draw _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ my sister. 2. The man _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ when he arrived in London. He lost his bag. 3. How much did you _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ that shirt? 4. He is unhappy _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ he is very rich. 5. She _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the success of her three children. 6. Please _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ your pronunciation. as well as got into trouble pay for even though take pride in pay attention to

19 P24 四、单项选择 ( )1. ---Why don’t you take the bike, Henry ? ---It’s too expensive I can’t ____ it. A. sell B. keep C. borrow D. afford ( )2. Living conditions today are ____ than hundreds of years ago. A. much better B. much best C. many better D. quite better ( )3. Amy, I’ll be on holiday for a week.Could you help me ____ my dog? A. look for B. look at C. look after D. look over ( )4. Nowadays many young people are interested in ____computer games. A. play B. playing C. to play D. played ( )5. The sad story made Mary ____bad last night. A. felt B. feeling C. to feel D. feel

20 ( )6. I have to turn the matter over and over before I make a ____. A. mistake B. decision C. progress D. idea ( )7. To our ____, Tom passed the exam. A. surprise B. surprises C. surprising D. surprised ( )8. I will never forget that terrible accident ____ it happened so long ago. A. only if B. even though C. only when D. even since ( )9. Everyone should pay more attention to ____ the environment. A. protect B. to protect C. protecting D. protected

21 P24 一、单项选择 ( )1. ---Alice is ____ girl, isn’t she? --- Yes, she is. A. a eight-year-old B. an eight-year-old C. a eight-years-old D. an eight-years-old ( )2.Does Henry ____ his new bike ? A. take pride in B. be proud of C. good at D. angry with ( )3. --- Mary used to ()late, didn’t she? --- Yes, she did. But now she’s used to ____ early. A. get up; get up B. getting up; get up C. get up; getting up D. getting up; getting up ( )4. I lost my way ()a rainy night and my mother was quite worried ____me. A. at; about B. at; with C. on; about D. on; with ( )5. --- Lucy, you should ____ more attention to your new English. --- Ok, I will. A. spend B. pay C. take D. cost

22 ( )6. You’ll ____if I tell your mom that you have lost your new watch. A. get back B. get into trouble C. get over D. get out ( )7. My father isn’t in good health now. I thank he should pay attention ____ exercise. take B.for taking C. to taking taking ( )8. Don’t spend too much time ____ computer games. It ‘s bad for your eyes. play C.playing D.on playing ( )9.--- ____. Hope is always around you. --- Thank you,Lily ! A. Never give up B. Don’t be late C. Bad luck D. Never get so proud ( )10. She is ____ dogs because she was bitten by a dog two years ago. A. worried about B. interested in C. terrified of D. pleased with

23 P25 二、完形填空 When I was a little child, I used to be afraid of the dark. I always thought that there was a (1) in my room. Houses often made (2) noises at night, and that made me scared. Sometimes I could (3) eyes watching me and I was afraid to move.I thought that (4) I didn’t move, “he” wouldn’t get me. Usually when this happened, I felt like going to the (5). Before going there I would be hudding( 挤作一 团 ) under my quilt and trying to build up the courage for the (6) night-time trip to the bath-room.

24 My fear of the dark (7) me when I was in my early teens. Once I had a (8). In my dream, I (9) this monster. He was right in front of (10). I somehow found the courage. I was so (11) him that I beat him in the end. This dream was so exciting that I can still (12) it to this day. My fears of the dark had (13) because of this dream. I’m not afraid of the (14) or anything else anymore. Has anyone else had a dream (15) this that helped them?

25 ( )1. A. candy B. comic C. soldier D. monster ( )2. A. strange B. useful C. important D. easy ( )3. A. find B. feel C. cause D. realize ( )4. A. if B. unless C. because D. and ( )5. A. kitchen B. bedroom C. bathroom D. living room ( )6. A. surprising B. happy C. interesting D. scary ( )7. A. enjoyed B. left C. influenced D. terrified ( )8. A. dream B. story C. mistake D. lesson

26 ( )9. A. called B. wanted C. heard D. saw ( )10. A. her B. him C. me D. it ( )11. A. surprised at B. afraid of C. angry with D. worried about ( )12. A. waste B. remember C. face D. impress ( )13. A. kept B. known C. found D. gone ( )14. A. moon B. day C. dark D. star ( )15. A. like B. for C. to D. with

27 P26 三、阅读理解 A How I Have Changed Born as the only child in the family, I am the “king” of the family, My parents are both businessmen and they come home every two weeks. Because they don’t spend much time with me, they always feel guilty and will buy me many expensive things and let me do whatever I want. My grandparents never let me do any chores because they want me to do my schoolwork. I used to take everything for granted. I never said “thank you” to people. As time went by, I found that my classmates didn’t like me and my best friends left me. One day, I asked Leo, who used to be one of my best friends. He said that I was selfish, rude and bad-tempered. “No one wants to make friends with a person who always receives but never gives anything!” he said. I was shocked at his words. “Oh, no! Please don’t leave me. I need friends! I will be lonely and unhappy without friends!” I locked myself up in the room and cried. “I want my friends back. But how?”

28 Then I noticed that all the popular kids in the class are friendly to others. They always smile and say “thank you” to others. They do whatever they can to help when others are in trouble, “I need to change! I will get my friends back,” I said to myself. From then on, I started to change myself. I learned to say “thank you” to others. I smiled and volunteered to help other kids. I tried to be as nice as I could. Gradually, I found that other kids liked to talk with me and they would ask me to play with them and even told me their secrets. My friends came back to me again. Now I have more friends than I used to do and I am happier than I used to be.

29 ( )1. What’s the boy’s life like at home? A. He is the youngest one in the family. B. His parents don’t buy expensive things for him. C. His grandparents let him do a lot of chores. D. Everyone in the family spoils him. ( )2. Which word CAN’T describe what the boy used to be like? A. Rude B. Selfish C. Friendly D. Bad-tempered ( )3. What did the boy do to change himself? A. He learned to say “Thank you”. B. He always smiled at others. C. He helped others as much as he could. D. All of above

30 ( )4. What does the underlined word “gradually” mean in the passage? A. 开始 B. 渐渐地 C. 有时 D. 总而言之 ( )5. What can we infer from the passage? A. To make more friends, you need to try to please them. B. A person who always received but never gives can still have many friends around him. C. The boy lost his friends at first because he didn’t like him. D. To be a nicer and better person, we need to make some changes.

31 B A recent survey shows the number of people who read books is going down, while more and more people are beginning to read online. The Internet is so convenient that more and more people, especially young people, are using it to replace newspapers, magazines, books and television. For many young people, there is only one kind of book: schoolbooks. 8. ____________ I’m 63, but I use the Internet daily. Printed matter no longer plays as big a role in my life as it used to do. But I cannot imagine a world without books. Just as books did not replace writing, computers will not completely replace books. There are a large number of books. There are so many books that it would be impossible to put them all online. The library of Congress in Washington DC has over 110 million items. The British library in London has about 150 million items, and 3 million new items are added every year. Danger!

32 If the light is poor, reading can harm our eyes. Technology has improved recently, but it is still bad for our eyesight to look at a computer screen for too long. Books are easy to access( 读取 ). If you want to read a book, you don’t have to turn it on, try again and again to connect to the website you are looking for or wait until your computer has restarted after a crash! So think twice before you throw your books away!

33 ( )6. What is the Chinese meaning of the underlined word ”convenient”? A 方便的 B. 经济的 C .高科技的 D. 社会化的 ( )7. Which of the following is TRUE according to the first paragraph? A. More and more people are enjoying reading books in the library. B. People can read news online instead of in newspapers. C. People can know what’s happening only through the Internet. D. Most young people don’t read books at all.

34 ( )8. Choose the most proper sentence for the blank. A. Books are not dead. B. Books are not allowed. C. Books will become important again. D. Books are not needed. ( )9. We can know form the passage that it is _____ to read all books online. A. good B. helpful C. necessary D. impossible ( )10. What is the main idea of the passage? A. Books online will replace schoolbooks. B. Reading online is bad for our eyes. C. Books online can’t replace real books. D. It’s easier to read real books than to read online.

35 P27 四、词汇运用 I left my hometown twenty years ago. When I come back to my hometown by (1) ________( 飞机 ), I find that great changes have taken place in my home village. There used to be many (2) _____( 旧 的 )houses in the village. A lot of the houses were (3) ________ ( 建造 ) fifty years age. And there wasn’t a cinema or any big shops in village. To my (4) ________( 惊奇 ), now there are many new, tall buildings. The streets used to (5) ______( 是 )very dirty. Now they are very clean. airplane old built surprise be

36 People used to walk or ride for a very (6) ________( 长的 ) time to the town. Now they take a bus or drive (7) ________( 他们的 ) cars. Lots of people can use computers in their (8) ________( 日常的 ) life. I think every family will have one in the future. I (9) ________( 相信 ) in fifteen or twenty years there will be even more changes. The changes in my hometown are getting more and more (10) ________( 关注 ) now. I take great pride in the development of my hometown. long their daily believe attention

37 P27 五、任务型阅读 Lifelong Learning( 终生学习 ) In the past, when students graduated from college and got job, only some of them went on with their study. But today, lifelong learning is becoming more and more common. Lucy, who is forty, teaches physics at a college in Boston. Next term, I’ll teaches some of classes by using the internet.This is the way of teaching that I’ve never used before”, says Lucy. These days I am taking a class to learn how to teach in this way.If not, I will lose my job.” At the same time, Lucy’s parents, who are seventy years old and live in New York, are taking an art history class online. We love this subject, says her father, and we learn it to enjoy ourselves. You see we can study with people all over the world. What fun it is to learn like this!”

38 根据短文内容完成信息表。 LucyParents AgeForty(1) ________ Subject(2) ________Art history Place(3) ________New York How to teach or learn On the Internet/ Online (4) ________ For what they go on learning Not to lose her job (5) __ __ ____ Seventy Physics Boston Online To enjoy themselves






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