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(And these days, I think a lot about it.But now ,I make

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1 (And these days, I think a lot about it.But now ,I make
a decision. I will study in China.) 1 As you know ,I’m in Senior Three. I am(be)busy in preparing for my tests. 2 What’s more,China has a long history. So I want to study Chinese history. I’m(be) also interested in it. 3 And I have planned to go(do) to teachers’college to learn about it. I also want to be a history teacher in the future. 4 I hope you can understand my choice.

2 Ladies and gentlemen, May I have your attention ,please? ….. Thank you.

3 Ladies and gentlemen, May I have your attention ,please? This morning,all flights are put off because of the thick fog. We have no choice but to wait. Please take good care of your baggage,and don’t leave the waiting room. For the passengers who are retained at the airport, lunch will be free. It will be served from 11:00 to13:00. As soon as the weather turns favorable ,we shall announce when the planes take off. Thank you.

4 My name is Wang Ying. I am 15 years old. I like
Playing volleyball with my friends every day. I enjoy listening to music ,such as pop,jazz,country music and so on . My favourite subjects are English and Music. I often chat with my friends in English in order to improve my spoken English. I have a happy family.My father is a policeman. He works at a police station .My mother is a doctor. She works in a hospital nearby. They both work hard. I love them very much.

5 Nowadays, it’s very popular for us to have a birthday party in a restaurant. Different people have
different opinions. some of us think it provides us a good chance to communicate with each other and develop our friendship. Besides,we can relax ourselves after school. However,the others feel it’s not good . They think it’ s a waste of money. It will also lead to the bad habit of vying with each other crazily.

6 Dear Editor, Last week our class had a discussion about Happy Girls.Some students think it would be a valuable experience .We can experience many different things and become more self-confident. If we get a good place in the competition,we may be easy to be famous. However, some students think it’s only a waste of time. It is difficult to succeed. What’s more,we may be laughed at if we fail. In my opinion, I think it will be an unforgettable experience. If we have a gift,we can have a try . Best wishes. Yours, Li Ming

7 It took us about half an hour to get there by bike. We were excited.
May 1st Tuesday Fine I went to the park with Liu Yang. It took us about half an hour to get there by bike. We were excited. Suddenly we heard someone shouting. “Help! Help---” We were shocked and saw a boy struggling in the water. At once we started swimming towards him. We pulled the boy onto the shore and carried him to a hospital nearby at once. The boy was saved. We were tired, but both of us were very happy.

8 December 29 th , Sunday Sunny
Last weekend I worked in a restaurant . I washed the dishes and cleaned the room for the restaurant. I kept on working for seven hours a day. It was really a hard and boring job and made me feel very tired. After two days I got 100 yuan. Now I understand it is a very special experience for me. I know how hard it is to make money. When I think of buying books with my own money, I am proud of myself.

9 P277(九) January 10th ,Sunday Sunny1 I took part in the”Environment Protector” activity With my classmates today. 2 In the morning,we set off for People’s Park at 8:00 by bus. 3 when we got there,we found that some children were climbing the trees. 4 The ground and the public walls were very dirty. 5 We began to pick up the rubbish and clean the walls. 6 We also planted some trees. 7 All of us worked very hard. 8 We think it’s our duty to take good care of our environment. 9 If everyone does something good,the world will become more and more beautiful.


11 1 You know I am crazy about space travel.
2 In my spare time, I often go to the library to find something to read. 3 This makes my parents very angry. 4 To them,good marks are everything and I should spend more time on my lesson, even at weekend. I think healthy hobbies are helpful to our studies. If I can achieve a balance between my schoolwork and my hobby, it will be of great value to my future development. 7But I don’t think my parents will understand me . I am sad about it.

12 Welcome to our village. And there are some
rules to make sure you will have a good trip . To protect the forest,please don’t start fire in the woods . And don’t throw rubbish about. The villagers here get drinking water from the river nearby. So please keep the river clean. Please be friendly with plants and animals too. Don’t attack birds or other animals. And don’t pick the the flowers. Hope you can enjoy yourselves here!

13 Our class had a dicussion about protecting the
environment . Here is my opinion. I think the environment is one of our biggest worries. It was found out that a lot of air pollution is actually caused by ordinary people,not just by big factories. There are so many things each one of us can do every day. It’s best for people to take buses or walk instead of driving cars. We should stop to use plastic bags for shopping. We can cut down on waste,recycle trash and eat more green food. In these way we can save energy and reduce pollutions.(P246)

14 AS a Grade 3 student,I live a busy life. I often meet
many problems. Can you help me? I often have too much homework . So I don’t have Enough time for hobbies. I’m weak in some of the sujects such as English,maths. I often feel much pressured and can’t sleep well at night. I don’t know how to get on with other classmates, so I have few friends. I sometimes feel lonely. I don’t like sports, but I spend too much on snacks, so I am a little fat. Some classmates often play jokes on me . I used to play computer games too often and I can’t forget them when I have classes. What’s more, I can’t go on with my mobile phone, but it’s not allowed in the school. I even fall in love with a nice girl, but I know it will affect my study. What should I do? Looking forword to your reply?

15 health,because it is the most important for a person.
Happiness means different things to different people. Some students think happiness means much money. They believe that if they have much money,they will be happy, because they can buy or do anything they want to . Some think happiness means good health,because it is the most important for a person. I don’t think money means happiness, because we can’t buy many of the things with money,such as health and knowledge. In my opinion, happiness is a kind of mind, it means that we should enjoy what we have or what we are doing. So I think my happiness comes from my study,because I can get much knowledge and get a good job.

16 The reading room is open between 8:30 a.m.
pollution improving crazy successful given never better signs themselves caught The reading room is open between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.from Monday to Friday. It is also open between 8:00 a.m and 11:30 a.m on Saturdays. After you enter the reading room,you should keep quiet. Firstly , you are not allowed to read or speak aloud, and you can’t have snacks, either. Secondly ,you are not allowed to smoke here. Finally ,you mustn’t take the books or magazines out of the reading room. I hope everyone can obey the rules. That’s all. Thank you.

17 Yesterday my family talked about whether to buy a car
Yesterday my family talked about whether to buy a car. Father said we could afford to buy a car now. With the car ,life would be very convenient And it would be easy to take weekend tours. However, Mum didn’t agree.she thought it was too expensive to use a car.Besides, the traffic is always heavy nowadays and it is not easy to park. I agree with my father . what do you think? Can you give me some advice ?

18 Welcome to our school. I’m very glad to have
the honor to tell you some activities. We will have them together today.Our headmaster will meet you and tell you something about the history of our school. After that you will be shown around our lab building,library and training rooms. And then you will join the boys and girls in their English Corner. Some of them would like to invite you to their homes at noon. There you will meet their parents and have a family dinner with them. I hope you would enjoy your short stay here. That’s all. Thank you.

19 Great news for all the teachers and students in our
school. Our own store Anytime Anywhere is opening this Friday. We sell vegetables grown in our school. They are green and healthy. We sell flowers,fresh fruits drinks,birthday gifts as well as school things . They are nice and cheap. Our store is open at breakfast time from to ,lunch break time from to and dinner time from to . We have special sale every day. Please come and find your favorite things at lowest prices. Welcome to our store and enjoy our smile service!

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