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By Kayla Vickery & Jessica Gray

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1 By Kayla Vickery & Jessica Gray
Ruby Bridges By Kayla Vickery & Jessica Gray

2 Ruby Bridges in the 1960’s

3 Ruby Bridges early childhood
Born in Mississippi in 1954 Moved with parents to New Orleans Her grandparents sharecropped Her job was to keep an eye on her younger brothers and sisters

4 New Orleans, Louisiana Federal court ordered public schools to desegregate in 1960. Ruby took a test to see if she was eligible to attend William Frantz Public School. She passed the test, and on November 14, 1960, she was picked up by federal marshals and taken to school with her mom.

5 First day of school When they got out, people were shouting at them.
They spent the whole day in the principal’s office. Because people were pointing and yelling at her, she never got to her classroom.

6 Second day of school The marshals drove her and her mother to school again the next day. People were still mad and having things like black dolls in coffins as threats. That morning she met her white teacher, Mrs. Henry. No one was in the classroom when she got there.

7 For weeks, it was only Mrs. Henry and Ruby in the class.

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