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SharePoint 2013 customizations and recommendations Jaakko Nikko & Vesa Juvonen Tuesday 5 th of March, 2013.

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1 SharePoint 2013 customizations and recommendations Jaakko Nikko & Vesa Juvonen Tuesday 5 th of March, 2013

2 Notes SharePoint 2013 – Räätälöinti ja suositukset Parhaita käytäntöjä - Microsoft Services esittää - Level 300 - Mikä on räätälöintiä? - Milloin kannattaa räätälöidä? - Mitä kannattaa ja voi räätälöidä? - Räätälöinnin vaikutukset hankkeisiin ja kokonaiskustannuksiin - SharePoint 2013 uusien mahdollisuuksien huomioiminen kustomoinneissa - Miten teen kustomointeja jotka toimivat sekä Office365 ja On-Prem puolelle - Mikä on SharePoint:n tulevaisuus räätälöintien osalta ja miten otan tämän huomioon jo ny?

3 Who we are? Jaakko NikkoVesa Juvonen

4 Experience | the difference Microsoft Services exists to help you: At the forefront of what's possible with Microsoft technology Achieve | the futureRealise | your visionShare | the experience Determined to realise and support customers’ business vision Delivering impact through integrated relationships

5 Régis Laurent Director of Operations, Global Knowledge Competencies include: Gold Learning Silver System Management Agenda #td2013fi When to do customizations? What is feasible to customize? Can I safely customize anything? Customization impact to overall costs compared to gained value What’s new in 2013 concerning customization options What’s the roadmap for SharePoint in future concerning customization and development models?


7 UI has to be changed based our brand… ”We want something cool or advance…”


9 Deployment specific customizations… Those cool and advanced widgets…

10 Deployment specific customizations… Those cool and advanced widgets…

11 Deployment specific customizations… Those cool and advanced widgets…

12 All customizations are evil! Blocks upgrade to newer versions… Blocks access to new and shiny things… Cause additional costs…

13 “Use SharePoint as an out-of-box application whenever possible” - Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President of SharePoint at Microsoft “The New SharePoint” – release note for SharePoint 2013 at 17 th of July

14 Release cycle will be shorter with SharePoint… “We want customers to be able to take latest versions in to use without constant additional costs related on customizations…”

15 We don’t want customizations! ”Except the user expirience has to be different….” ”Except that we want social to be EXACTLY like in Facebook….” ”Except that we need to have few widgets which do….” ”Except that we would like to see customers from SAP in front page….” ”Except that we don’t like the UI for ordering sites….” ”Except that we need few new page layouts….” ”Except that we have specific taxonomies which….” ”Except that someone said that we need to do x for SharePoint….”

16 This business is not going away… “We want SharePoint to be customized in way that it’s beneficial for all parties… Amount of work is not going away, it’s just evolving…”

17 ”I just want things to work – I don’t care how you do it!” You should! Long term costs are in the details and you own the platform…

18 Solve the business requirements and objectives Thinking long term and not just getting things done short term… Do you really need to have full trust solutions to achieve the business objective? Is server side just easier to develop based on earlier knowledge?

19 What do you really want to achieve? - Why ?

20 What do we really want to do in project? What’s critical for the project? Must What could be benefical and shoud be done? Should What brings additional value and could be done? Cloud Proof of concepts or pilots Minimizing risks and collecting feedback from smaller group advance -

21 Really? That’s interesting way to do business…

22 End user platform for social and collaboration or meaningless customizations developed only for you?

23 Choosing the right model for you based on your business needs – not on random blog posts in Internet…

24 If this is not what your looking for, change the model – product doesn’t require it

25 You should looks for second opinions as well…

26 SP Apps – From pieces to “ready to use solutions” Web Parts Lists Content types Controls … Packaged solutions Ready to use apps Functionality in a box Out of the shelf Reusable as such For specific functionality …


28 Access Apps for agility Simplified design experience Pre-defined schema templates (nouns) Build a functioning app in 60 seconds Automatic generation of navigation, forms and buttons Simplified, code-free configuration and customization Polished, professional results Apps automatically have an attractive, easy-to-use interface Consistent user experience across all apps

29 SP Apps & Access Apps


31 Impact of customizations High availability Direct impact on SLA and availability of the platform Maintenance and operational costs Customizations will cause additional costs short and long term Agility for business to deploy new widgets Agility for IT to ensure that they can support business Align with the cloud Customizations can block cloud or make migration much more complex and more expensive -

32 Classic SharePoint customizations Full trust solutions with ghosted files Implications to DR model Deployments always cause downtime Impact on SLAs and availability Full trust solutions have to be closely analyzed Do you trust your solution fully? Complex ALM processes Not available in Office365 Not available in Office365-D even in future

33 What if… We would use same model for on- premises and cloud?

34 Cloud Application Model (CAM) Forget full trust solutions completely – run things on client side as much as possible Client side APIs highly improved in 2013 Embrace un-ghosted deployment models Simplicity for operations, like DR Provisioning directly to database as needed also in on-premises Remote provisioning Perform updates using client side code Hardcore code located outside of the SharePoint

35 Denial is the first step… Product roadmap is clear though…

36 Remember when feature framework and solutions where introduced…

37 Or when you were told that you’ll have to learn CAML…

38 Redefining application models for SharePoint Classic - Full trust solutions ISV solutions Platform level customizations to on- premises Custom service applications Custom WCF services SharePoint customizations, not customer specific customizations Client Side Solutions Server side controls as JavaScript on page layouts and master pages Remote provisioning for elements Embracing un-ghosted model SP App dimension with provider hosted apps to provide new capabilities Customer specific customizations SP Apps App catalog based solution Packaged reusable solutions built for specific functionality Not only for market place or store, but also as platform for customer specific customizations

39 NO… It means that you should use client side technologies when possible and use classic models as secondary option…

40 IT Systems can help business, if they are built for supporting business… There should be business case for each IT System…

41 ”Kustannuksia lisääviä tekijöitä ovat monimutkaisuus ja huono tekemisen laatu.” ”Standardijärjestelmän käytettävyyttä voidaan tarvittaessa ”tuunata” web-teknologioita hyödyntäen.” ”On hyvä muistaa, että tehokkain prosessi on sellainen, jota ei edes tarvita. Joskus kannattaakin jättää koko juttu tekemättä.”

42 SP2013 provides more agile customization options… Apps is one dimension of this, but also other client side technology approaches can be taken… Configure before customize… Evaluate business case in impact of your customization models short and long term… Try avoiding full trust code where possible… long term impact on costs… Minimize impact of customizations on upgrades… Aligned with the cloud…

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