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Unit3 looking good, feeling good Task Inviting your friend to join a gym.

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1 Unit3 looking good, feeling good Task Inviting your friend to join a gym

2 Skills building 1: finding information

3 Read the passage, and try to find out the main idea and key words.

4 Dear Dr Health, I think too many people take weight-loss pills without really knowing that they can damage their health. I read about a Canadian actress who had to go to hospital because she took some weight-loss pills. She lost 7kg in two months. However, the pills contained something that causes liver failure, so she had to get a new liver. A young Chinese man donated part of his liver to save her life. Recently, my cousin read about a new weight-loss pill and she really wants to try it. I’ve told her the story of the actress, but she won’t listen. She’s only 12, but has become a girl who is worried about her figure and how she looks. She often refuses to eat. My aunt is worried that my cousin will buy the pills in secret. She says health is priceless. She thinks that children must eat properly as they are growing all the time. What do you think I should do? How can I help my cousin? Best wishes, Guo xilin

5 Main idea:. Key words: I think too many people take weight-loss pills without really knowing that they can damage their health a Canadian actress; go to hospital; took weight- loss pills; causes liver failure; a new liver; my cousin; want to try it; refuse to eat; worried; health is priceless; eat properly; help my cousin …

6 Animals can move from place to place, but plants cannot. When an animal is under attack, it can run away or fight back. Plants certainly cannot run away, and they lack teeth and claws. But plants can defend themselves by using both physical and chemical means. Some plants have their own ways to keep animals away. For example, the leaves of the holly plant have sharp spines ( 刺 ) that discourage grass-eating animals… Many plants also have chemical defenses. Some plants produce chemicals that taste bitter or cause an unpleasant reaction… Many plants depend on both physical and chemical defenses…(05 高考阅读理解 D)

7 Some tips: 1. Read the questions carefully before you begin. 2. Skim the passage, looking for main points and key words. 3. Usually, the main points are the first or last sentence of the first paragraph or in the last paragraph.


9 (The advertisement) Main idea: Key words:  Build the body you ’ ve always wanted! Get fit! Get healthy!  special offer! 1 month free membership! 35 classes every week, including yoga, aerobics and swimming. Two branches in the city! Open from 6 a.m. to midnight daily, 365 days a year. Call 5555 4567 for more information


11 (The web page) Main idea: Key words: Build the body you ’ ve always wanted! Get fit! Get healthy! have some of the best equipment of any gym in the world, with 3, 000 square meters of equipment Our personal trainers will be happy to help you improve your shape.

12 Note making Better Body Gym 1. Membership fee: 2. Number of gyms in the city: 3. Where are the gyms in the city? 4. What do you get for free? 5. How big is each gym? 6. Is there a health caf é at the gym? 7. Can you get advice from a personal trainer? 8. What do you need to do to join? 9. Do you need to be 18 to join? 10. How can you find out more? 2 a T-shirt, 2 free personal training sessions, 1 month free membership 3,000 square meters Yes Call 55555 4567 ¥ 500 per year for students (first month free) One in Jinshan Road; one near the King Hotel No Provide with your ID number No


14 One possible version Dear Wu Tong, How are you? I know you ’ re thinking of joining a gym. I think you should join Better Body Gym. It is not expensive. It costs just 500 yuan a year for a student. If you join now, you can get one month free membership, which is open to anyone aged 14 or over. One of its branches is near the King Hotel, which is not far away from your home.

15 It opens from 6 a.m. to midnight every day. So it is very convenient for you. Whenever you are free, you can go there. They have very good equipment and there are 35 classes every week, including yoga, aerobics and swimming. If you want to know more, you may call 5555, 4567. Best wishes! Yours, (student ’ s own name)

16 Skills building 2 (P54) Note taking

17 Guess the meanings: Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec mor afn min sec hr

18 Guess the meanings: ﹥﹤↑↓﹥﹤↑↓ more than decrease nearly / less than increase

19 A Q ABC answer question (1) all the letters from A to Z (2) simplest facts (3)American Broadcasting Company

20 BA circamara SOHO contd 360 度环幕电影 small office home office Bachelor of Arts continued

21 1 use abbr & contractions: PRC NO. Dept e.g. SH1 I ’ D shan ’ t won ’ t mfr Art Fest

22 2 Write down the key words. Gym can be expensive = Gym memberships can sometimes be very expensive.

23 Let ’ s try: You should do lots of exercise to stay fit. Eating fruit every day is good for you. Fruit good Lots exercise fit

24 3 Use symbols By swimming regularly, jogging, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep, I can be healthier. swimming + jogging + water + sleep → healthier.

25 Let ’ s try: If you work hard, use proper methods and have a good attitude, you will be successful. hard work + proper methods + good attitude → success

26 Listening practice: 1 The number seven bus is not on time. 2 Our department is increasing the number of teachers. 3 I ’ d like to see the manufacturer. No. 7 bus isn ’ t on time. Our dept is ↑ the no. of teachers. I ’ d like to see the mfr.

27 Listening practice: 4 Senior High 1 has a bigger class than Senior High 2. 5 The People ’ s Republic of China was founded in 1949. SH1 has a ﹥ class than SH2. PRC was founded in 1949.

28 Interviewing classmates about exercise

29 Listen to the speaker and take notes about the equipment available in the gym.

30 Key: They have a swimming pool to be opened next month. a no. of mchs that can help in workouts. many running mchs + a rowing mch + a skiing mch.

31 Interview your partner.(P55) Ask your partner questions about how he/she keeps fit. Take notes about the answers using the note-taking skills.

32 whatbasketball/dancing/football /gym / running / swimming whyfit / fun / healthy / strong whenoften/sometimes/ seldom /never whomclassmates / family /friends

33 You may begin like this … S 1 : What do you do to keep fit? S 2 : I play basketball. It makes me stronger and helps me run faster. Besides, teamwork is very important. What about you? S 1 : I like swimming. It keeps me ___.

34 You may take notes like this: S2: play basketball; run …

35 Tell your class what exercise your partner does referring to your notes.

36 Skills building 3 (P56) Using punctuation

37 Do you know these punctuation marks?,. ? ! : ; ‘ ’ ’ - —

38 Punctuation marks: Comma, Full stop. Question mark ? Exclamation marks ! Colon :

39 Semi-colon ; Quotation marks ‘ ’ Apostrophe ’ Hyphen - Dash —

40 Can you use these punctuation marks?,. ? ! : ; ‘ ’ ’ - —

41 If you lose weight too quickly you will probably become fat again soon Are heart operations dangerous It ’ s so dangerous Let ’ s try:,. ? !

42 I do three kinds of sports basketball swimming and badminton I ’ m taking weight loss pills called Fat less she said Let ’ s try: :,. - - ‘ ’,.

43 In the 60s, people lived simple lives. The weight-loss pills did not work I will never buy them again. Let ’ s try: ’ —

44 .., ? ’ -.. ? ? ’

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