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FBN MEDIA 泛百納傳媒廣告有限公司 National Media Price List Promotional Brochure.

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1 FBN MEDIA 泛百納傳媒廣告有限公司 National Media Price List Promotional Brochure

2 Overview: Guangzhou South Railway Station passenger principal station, also in the construction of the Beijing-Hong Kong high-speed rail, the Canton Railway, South-Canton Railway, Hajime Guangfo intercity rail intersection point, and is one of the three of the Wuhan-Guangzhou passenger line originating station Guangzhou-Zhuhai intercity rail transportation the three originating station one another also built three bridges tie-line connection existing Guangzhou Railway station, Guangzhou East Railway Station and Guangzhou West Railway Station. After the completion of the Guangzhou South Railway Station, will replace the existing Guangzhou station status and formed together with the Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou East Railway Station and Guangzhou North Railway Station planned by the Chinese Ministry of Railways, the national railway one of the four passenger center - Guangzhou railway passenger hub. Guangzhou South Railway Station Send passenger traffic in the near future to reach 78 million passengers, compared with $ 16 million in long-term planning trips. Guangzhou South Railway Station 泛百納傳媒

3 Guangzhou South Railway Station the elevated waiting floor media contacts Elevated waiting floor LED large screen 泛百納傳媒

4 Guangzhou South Railway Station elevated waiting Floor Media contacts Elevated VIP waiting room waiting floor above the LED large screen 泛百納傳媒

5 Guangzhou South elevated waiting floor LED passenger information screen location map Media Location: Media at elevated waiting floor, at the top of the VIP waiting room 。  为东西进站口处 LED 为贵宾候车厅上方 LED 泛百納傳媒

6 Guangzhou South Railway Station outbound media contacts The station LED large screen 泛百納傳媒

7 Guangzhou South Railway Station outbound media contacts The station LED large screen 泛百納傳媒

8 Guangzhou South Railway Station outbound media contacts The station LED large screen 泛百納傳媒

9 Guangzhou South elevated waiting floor LED passenger information screen location map 媒体位置:  媒体位于出站层东西出站口、中央主通道及南侧地铁 E 出口处。  为东西出站口 LED 为中央主通道 LED 为南侧地铁 E 出口 LED 泛百納傳媒

10 媒体类 型 媒体位置形式媒体规格 媒体数量 (块) 媒体编号 LED 屏 高架候车层 东、西进站大厅 吊挂正、反两 面 7.9m*3.5m8 GZS-L-(03-06/07-10 ) 贵宾候车室上方 吊挂正、反两 面 11.1m*5.9 m 4 GZS-L-(23-26 ) 出站层 东、西出站口壁挂屏 4.0m*3.0m4 GZS-L-(01-02/11-12 ) 中央主通道 吊挂正、反两 面 5.1m*2.6m8 GZS-L-(13-20 ) 南侧地铁 E 出口 处 吊挂正、反两 面 6.6m*3.8m2 GZS-L-(21-22 ) Guangzhou South Railway Station Media Resource List 泛百納傳媒

11 Guangzhou South Railway Station media resource kit sowing Price 车站套餐媒体位置 媒体数 量 播放频次( 15 秒) 刊例价(年 / 万元) 刊例价(半 年 / 万元) 刊例价 (季 / 万元) 刊例价(周 / 万元) 广州南 站 套餐 1 :候车层联 播 高架候车层 12 90 次 / 天 套餐 2 :出站层联 播 出站通道 14 90 次 / 天 套餐 3 :全站联播 候车层及出站通 道 26 90 次 / 天 泛百納傳媒

12 Introduction to Media Location : Above Main Entrance of Guangzhou Railway Station Form : Outdoor Large Full-Colour LED Display Commercial Size : 10.24×7.68 ( m ) Surface Area : 78.64 ㎡ Broadcast Time : 5:30-24:00 泛百納傳媒 National Media Resources – Guangzhou Railway Station Media Advantages Incomparable advantage being located in the heart of the city, at a main hub with frequent movement of people at the train station ; 18 hours a day of constant broadcast of picture and sound ; Ultra clarity and brightness, visible from a distance of 500m ; Due to the train timetable, inevitable high viewership ratings.

13 泛百納傳媒 Serial No.LocationMedia Surface Area (m) Commercial Size (m x m)Broadcast TimeFrequency (per day) Ad Duration (s)$Price (HKD/week) N-CD-02-06Guangzhou Station Entrance 78.6410.24 x 7.6306:30 – 24:0060 5 10 15 30 45 60

14 Introduction to Media Media Location: Chengdu Railway Station Square Forms of media: outdoor full color LED display large Commercial Size: 6.2 × 3.4 +10.08 × 3.84 (m) Media Area: 21.08 ㎡ +38.7 ㎡ Broadcast time: 6:00-22:00 Average daily traffic: 113,000 National Media resources - Chengdu Media Advantage Prime location in the city, the railway station staff turnover is high, the crowd incomparable advantages, is the main traffic artery and hub area; Rolling 16 hours a day playing acoustic image and Mao; Ultra-clear, ultra-bright, visible distance up to 300 meters above; Parity with the train schedule, forcing the ratings; 泛百納傳媒

15 CitySpecific location Screen size (W * H) Reference area (square meters) Play time Frequency times / day 15 seconds published cases / month (Intermediate player commercials part) Chengdu Chengdu Railway Station Entry 6.2×3.421.08 6:00-22:00 90 次 Chengdu Railway Station ticket hall outside 10.08×3.8438.7 泛百納傳媒

16 Completed in early 1996, the Beijing Railway Terminal, is the original modern Asia's largest railway terminal, is the original "Asia's first major stations," August 1, 2008, Beijing South Railway Station Beijing officially put into use instead of standing in West Asia the first position. As of 2009, the Beijing West Railway Station daily traffic is still the country's largest train station. 90 pairs of trains per day, 300,000 passengers daily, Daily peak of 400,000 people, more than 100 million annual passenger trips. 泛百納傳媒

17 Beijing West Railway Station Square LED screen outside. Media formsLarge HD LED screens Play timeAM07:00~PM23:00 Position / Size Beijing West Railway Station North Square east Approaching a station ticket office in North 4(h) × 8(w)=32 ㎡ Broadcast form Audio, video synchronous playback times / day Price (Million) AnnualHalfQuarterMonth 30s15s30s15s30s15s30s15s 60 120 180 泛百納傳媒

18 深圳市荣和传媒有限公司 Add. 深圳市福田区益田路 1006 号 28 栋四楼 Tel.0755-83799888 Fax.0755-83799830 泛百納傳媒 中國鐵路媒體網絡運營商 Thank you! 香港泛百纳傳媒廣告有限公司 FBN (Hong Kong) Media Ltd. 地址 : 香港觀塘牛頭角海濱道 133 號,萬兆豐中心, 6 樓, C01 Add.: Office C01, 6/F 133 Hoi Bun Road, MG Tower K.T. 电话 /Tel.: 852 39983235 / 852 63367234 / 15217940688 Joe Leung

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