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Spontaneous Generation

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1 Spontaneous Generation
A belief that living things came from non living things. Example of this myth: Eels came from the slime of river bottoms. Maggots came from decaying meat.

2 Spontaneous Generation
These myths were accepted because the scientific method was not used. Two scientists whose experiments disproved spontaneous generation: Francisco Redi Louis Pasteur

3 Spontaneous Generation
(1668) Redi- showed that maggots don’t arise from decaying meat.

4 Spontaneous Generation
1675 Microorganisms were discovered. Some believed that microorganisms arose spontaneously.

5 Spontaneous Generation
1864; Pasteur Hypothesized that “spores” were on dust particles in the air. Developed a way to let air in and keep dust out.

6 Spontaneous Generation
Pasteur’s Experiment: 1) Boiled broth (“infusions”) Formed S shaped neck on flask- allowed air in but not dust & microbes. 3) Tilted one flask until broth touched curve and dust.

7 Spontaneous Generation
Results: no growth of microbes in upright flask microbes grew in “tilted” flask

8 Spontaneous Generation
Redi and Pasteur supported the theory of BIOGENESIS new organisms are created from existing organisms.

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