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HB 5 High School Graduation Requirements White Oak ISD presented by Kelley Hamm, Counselor.

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1 HB 5 High School Graduation Requirements White Oak ISD presented by Kelley Hamm, Counselor

2 New Graduation Requirements D uring the 83rd Texas Legislature, House Bill 5 was signed into law and changed high school graduation requirements for the students who will be freshmen during the 2014-2015 school year. The plan provides more flexibility for students to pursue higher education or a career pathway.

3 Foundation Plan The law established one graduation plan - the Foundation High School Program - with an opportunity to earn at least one of five endorsements, along with distinguished and performance acknowledgements. The Foundation program requires 22 credits and earning one endorsement requires 4 credits, for a total of 26 credits.

4 District Requirements White Oak HS will require students to graduate with 28 credits. Foundation – 22 credits (which includes: a required ½ credit of Professional Communications (Speech) and a required ½ credit of Health) plus Endorsement – 4 credits (includes 1 advanced math and 1 advanced science and 2 electives required to complete endorsement) plus Other Electives – 2 credits of choice from CTE, Fine Arts, Journalism, LOTE, Technology Applications.

5 District Requirements High school students will be on an 8 period day and can earn up to 32 credits while in high school (which allows for student flexibility to take courses of interest, credit recovery, and/or earn multiple endorsements.)

6 Overview of HB 5 Graduation Plan


8 HB 5 Endorsements The state provides for five endorsements. White Oak ISD will offer four endorsements with a total of 13 Pathways.

9 Business & Industry - 2 pathways o CTE Clusters - 6 clusters o Debate, Advanced Journalism - Newspaper & Yearbook Multidisciplinary - 3 pathways o Four Credits in each of the four core areas including English IV, Chemistry and/or Physics o Four Advanced Courses - as determined by the district o Four Dual Credit and/or AP courses

10 Arts & Humanities - 6 pathways o Two additional Social Studies credits o Two additional LOTE courses o Two different LOTE courses o American Sign Language o Fine Arts: Four credits from Music (Band & Choir), Art, Theatre o Three additional English credits STEM - 2 pathways o Math - 5 total Math Courses, including Alg. 1, Geometry and 1 advanced math in foundation o Science - 5 total Science Courses, (IPC does not count as one of the five)

11 CTE Clusters with Course Sequences


13 Animation is no longer an option.

14 (Pending)


16 Game Design


18 Sample 4 year plans







25 How to be Admitted to College Factors for Admission to College Decision.aspx Decision.aspx Courses to take in HS to be admitted to many Colleges: Texas A&M University of Texas admission/freshman-admission/ admission/freshman-admission/ Baylor University

26 Questions?

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