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Internet2: update on new activities in networking, middleware and applications Heather Boyles APAN 22 – Singapore 21 July 2006.

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1 Internet2: update on new activities in networking, middleware and applications Heather Boyles APAN 22 – Singapore 21 July 2006

2 Heather Boyles APAN and Internet2 APAN and Internet2 partners since June 1999 Joined meetings in 2001, 2004, 2008 Extensive APAN participation in Internet2 Member Meetings Broad Internet2 community participation in APAN TransPAC/Indiana University and US Pacific Consortium as Associate Members Introduction

3 Heather Boyles Who is Internet2 today? Membership: 207 US University members 66 Corporate members 47 Affiliate members Including US government research labs Several state/regional research and education networks 48 International partnerships Community: ~700 people twice/year at Member Meetings 19 active workings groups; 13 active SIGs; 10 Advisory Groups Staff to facilitate, coordinate, support the work of the member community Introduction

4 Heather Boyles Internet2 Scope of Activity MotivateEnable End-to-end Performance Networks Middleware Applications Services Security Introduction

5 Heather Boyles Coordinating Across Geographic Scales Introduction

6 Heather Boyles Network Infrastructure National: e.g. new Internet2 Network = 13,000 route miles State/Regional: 35,740+ route miles of dark fiber owned Campus:?

7 Heather Boyles Network Infrastructure Courtesy: Steve Wallace, Indiana University

8 Heather Boyles New Internet2 Nationwide Backbone Network Infrastructure

9 Heather Boyles New Network Services Development Dynamic provisioning: control plane work HOPI developments: using NSF-funded DRAGON software International joint development HOPI/DRAGON + GEANT2 ESnet OSCARS + Internet2 BRUW = BRUSCI joint development Point to point services trials Internet2 & GEANT2 service trial for 1GE ‘lightpaths’ - underway Network Services

10 Heather Boyles Network Services: Measurement and Monitoring Provide an Infrastructure users can access International joint development of PerfSONAR Internet2 e2dpIPes + GEANT2 JRA activity Joined now by ESnet, RNP (Brazil) in developing tools/infrastructure elements Network Services

11 Heather Boyles Middleware Developments Middleware

12 Heather Boyles Got Federation? Federations: Inter-institutional trust infrastructure Exchange identify information, authentication, authorization US Federation for higher education: InCommon: based on Shibboleth architecture/federating software Proliferation of national federations: Swiss, UK, Finland, Norway, Australia, Netherlands….. European-based work to connect federations Middleware

13 Heather Boyles What’s it good for? Content providers ElsevierScienceDirect, OCLC and more: perfSONAR: authentication required to run some tests Point to point services: authentication required to reserve bandwidth GridShib: providing authentication and authorization services to grid infrastructure Middleware

14 Heather Boyles What’s any of this good for? Network research – further development of networking infrastructure, technology and applications Research, teaching, learning, clinical, outreach uses – across the broad set of disciplines (not just science)

15 Heather Boyles Internet2 and Network Research Collocation Projects: PlanetLab, AMP, PMA Abilene Observatory Data Research: ~ 33 research projects using this data arch-projects.html arch-projects.html New network infrastructure: committed to continuing Network Research

16 Heather Boyles Civil War shipwreck site off North Carolina coast first National Marine Sanctuary Institute for Exploration, Mystic, CT & NOAA July 15-20 using a satellite telecommunication link to Internet2 networks netcast streaming video feeds and to answer questions from shore in real time Applications

17 Heather Boyles IRADS: Integrated Radar Data Services University of Oklahoma – using NEXRAD Level II data 4 NWS Regional Headquarters (RHQ) sites receive data from each of 140 Doppler radars Each RHQ server is linked to the Internet2's Abilene Network Data are transmitted directly to University of Oklahoma Applications

18 Heather Boyles Applications Co-organized by Internet2, MedPresence Corporation, Research Channel, Microsoft Research and VIDE project Focus on health science community’s ability to effectively use and manipulate image/video resources irrespective of location

19 Heather Boyles Other examples of actual uses: IDEA Awards e-VLBI Trans- continental Persistent Archives Interactive Music Education Megaconference and its spin-offs Applications

20 Heather Boyles State of the Organization 10 years in October! Undertaking revision of governance, advisory structure Opportunity around new network to explore new network connection/participation/usage models

21 Heather Boyles Please join us! Next Internet2 Member Meetings Chicago – December 4-7, 2006 Washington, DC – April 23-25, 2007 Next ESCC/Internet2 “Joint Techs” Meeting Minneapolis – February 11-14, 2007 Next joint APAN/Joint Techs Hawaii – January 20-25, 2008

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