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Psychiatry interview History Taking Dr. Ahmad AlHadi Consultant, Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist.

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1 Psychiatry interview History Taking Dr. Ahmad AlHadi Consultant, Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist

2 Outlines Aims of the interview (Why) General Tips (How) Contents of Psychiatry History (What) Demonstration (How)

3 Psychiatric Interview (aims) Obtain information Understand the person with the illness Form a therapeutic relationship Assess the emotions and attitudes of the patient Provide the patient with information about the illness, treatment recommendations, and prognosis.

4 Psychiatric Interview (general advice) Putting the patient at ease : * place : not to be overheard * arrangements for seating * greet the patient by name * introduce yourself with your own name and your role * explain

5 Psychiatric Interview … (general advice) Starting the interview : * begin with a general question * to avoid closed questions and leading questions Proceeding with the interview : * to keep the patient to relevant topics, while letting him talk freely

6 Psychiatric Interview … (general advice) Non-verbal communication : * the interviewer ’ s non-verbal cues are important in guiding the interview Finishing the interview

7 The Psychiatric History Identifying data: name, age, sex, marital status, education, occupation, address, … Reason for referral Chief Complaints

8 The Psychiatric History Hx of Present Illness (HPI): * patient ’ s description of the problem. * details of the nature of the problem. * present severity of the symptoms other relevant problems * onset and course * associated Sx * Ask about: Organicity, Substance, Suicide, vegetative Sx

9 The Psychiatric History Past psychiatric history: ◦ Previous episodes ◦ Previous treatments: ECT, Psychotherapy ◦ Previous admissions

10 The Psychiatric History … Family history: * parents: age, occupation, personality, relationship with the patient * sibling: * social position; atmosphere of the home * Hx of mental disorder or drug abuse

11 The Psychiatric History … Personal history: * mother ’ s pregnancy and birth * early development * childhood separation, emotional problems * schooling and higher education * occupations * sexual relationships

12 The Psychiatric History … Personal history …. * menstrual history * marriage * children * forensic history Past medical history: * Chronic Illnesses and Tx *Admissions

13 The Psychiatric History … Premorbid personality: * relationships * leisure activities * prevailing mood * attitudes, standards * habits Drugs, alcohol, tobacco


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