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Unit 3 A day out Welcome to the unit and comic strip.

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2 Unit 3 A day out Welcome to the unit and comic strip

3 Where did you go during the holiday? What did you do there? Free talk

4 Where are you going to visit next holiday ? What are you going to do there?

5 the Great Wall

6 What about our friend Eddie ? What’s he going to do? Listen and answer He’s going to exercise.

7 If you want to exercise, what are you going to do? Why? Are you going to climb hills ? It can help you keep fit.

8 Some more questions: 1. Is Eddie really going to climb the hill? No, he isn’t. 3. What is Eddie going to do? He is going to enjoy himself. 2. What kind of hill is it? It’s a hill of food.

9 Act out the dialogue

10 Discuss How does Eddie enjoy himself? How do you enjoy yourself? By travelling.

11 Look and say What can you see in the picture? Where is it? Let’s travel around the world and enjoy ourselves!

12 the Palace MuseumBeijing

13 France Paris the Eiffel Tower

14 Washington D.C the USA the White House

15 Australia Sydney the Opera House & the Harbour Bridge

16 Paris France the River Seine

17 Read the postcards

18 Q1: What place did Nick visit? Q2: How did he travel? The Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. By boat.

19 Q: Where did Leo write the postcard? In a little coffee shop by the River Seine.

20 Q: What did Jane think of the White House? It’s a beautiful building with a big garden and many trees.

21 Practise: A: Which country do you want to go to? B: I want to go to _____. A: Which city do you want to visit? B: I want to visit ________ A: Why do you want to go there? B: Because I want to see_______.

22 Homework: 1. 评价手册 Unit 3 ( Period 1) 2. 翻译句子

23 将下列句子译成中文: 1. 明天你打算做什么? 我去参观白宫。 _______________________ tomorrow? I’m going to visit the White House. 2. 我在运动会上玩得很开心。 I ____ __ _____ ______ in the sports meeting. 3. 他们坐在秦淮河边的一家小咖啡馆里。 They are sitting in a _____ _____ _____ near the Qinhuai River. What are you going to do had a great time little coffee shop

24 4. 美国总统住在白宫里。 The ________ of the USA _____ in the White House. 5. 你需要锻炼来保持体形。 You _____ ___exercise to _____ ____. 6. 中国是一个历史悠久的国家。 China is a country _______ _____ _____ ________. with a long history Presidentlives need to keep fit

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