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Welcome to Conestoga High School! Class of 2015

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1 Welcome to Conestoga High School! Class of 2015

2 Student Services Office
Hours - 7:00am to 3:30pm We are here to help! Student Services Office

3 CHS Counselors MRS. LAUREEN McGLOIN, (ext. 1008) A BR MRS. RACHELLE GOUGH, (ext. 1011) BU DH MRS. MISTY WHELAN, (ext. 1007) DI GAI MR. BRIAN SAMSON, (ext. 1012) GAL - JA MRS. MELISSA LIEBER, (ext. 1051) JE L MRS. JENN KRATSA, (ext. 1010) M NA MR. ANDREW MULLEN, (ext. 1009) NE R MISS LEASHIA RAHR, (ext. 1038) S TE MISS MEGAN RYAN, (ext. 1013) TH Z

4 Additional Staff members
Additional Support Counselor: Mrs. Christine Dunleavy Administrative Assistants: Mrs. Marci Kosiorek and Mrs. Cathy Lucas Registrar Mrs. Gretchen Barkman

5 When will ninth graders meet their counselor?
Today! In the coming weeks, counselors will be scheduling small group meetings. us! Individually, counselors may send your student a pass in homeroom. Students may stop by the office during a study hall or their lunch to schedule an appointment. If necessary, a student may request to leave a class to see a counselor.

6 Programs for Ninth Grade
Getting the Most Out of High School/Freshmen Picnic Counselor meetings (September – November) Midterm Exam Preparation Lessons – conducted in the classrooms (January) Course selection classroom presentations (February)

7 Other programs for the future…
College Testing Evening, October 12, 2011 College Admission Evening, November 2, 2011 Financial Aid Evening, November 30, 2011 Course Selection Night, January 26, 2012 Special Education Transition Programs Career Week, Spring Check the Conestoga High School Calendar at for additional programs and dates.

8 Staying in the Loop…. Conestoga Web Site
Weekly bulletin Online Class Newsletters and Pioneer Preview Monthly Parent Meetings – Dates are on the district calendar Pinnacle, - to track progress District Calendar

9 Getting the Most out of High School
Josh- Intro 5 min

10 Personalized plan based on individual needs, desires and abilities
Building your profile Balance Challenge/growth Personalized plan based on individual needs, desires and abilities Diversify or specialize Balance – levels, activities, your life. Challenge – taking risks, time management, dare to be different Diversify or specialize – well-rounded versus well-lopsided

11 Promoting Scholarship and Citizenship
“I want good grades and I want to go to a good college” …and to be a good citizen Character counts

12 Characteristics that Count
When writing letters of recommendation for summer programs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and college applications, teachers and counselors are often asked to rate you on the following qualities: What are the first words that come to mind when asked to describe a student?

13 Why get involved in high school?
To build your personal character To practice leadership skills To be a role model to your peers To serve others To have a positive impact on someone else’s life To learn responsibility, commitment and dedication to a group To build your multicultural awareness To enhance your abilities and skills To learn how to work collaboratively with others To gain a positive work ethic To meet and get to know people who share in your interests

14 Ways to Get Involved Engage in your passion Try out new things
Community Service/Volunteering Start your own club

15 Clubs & Activities at CHS
Each year we offer over 90 clubs/activities Interest Related Clubs *Bakery clubs * Greening Stoga Task Force * Chess Team*Movie Production* National Art Honor Society Academic/Intellectual *Debate * Science Olympiad * Math club * Destination Imagination * Model UN CHS Community Building Clubs *Peer Mediation/FROGS * Best Buddies * Student Council

16 Athletics Varsity Sports- Central League
*You may receive PE credit next year -Team Sport Intramural Sports *Ultimate Frisbee & Dodgeball Club Sports *Ice Hockey * Rugby * Crew * Squash *You May receive PE credit- Extended Experience

17 Community Service Youth Service America YMCA Soup Kitchens
Peer Tutoring Habitat for Humanity Nursing Homes Hospitals

18 Academic Records Report card Transcript Test Score Reports
Letters of Recommendation

19 Calculating GPA The GPA calculation includes only leveled courses.
Weighted and unweighted are calculated. Final grades are converted to the quality points on both a 5.2 weighted scale and a standard 4.0 unweighted scale. Both GPAs are reported on the CHS transcript.


21 Becoming A Self Advocate
Engaging as a classroom learner Accessing available resources Setting goals Becoming responsible for academic successes Learning and adjusting from mistakes

22 Available Resources…take advantage!
Academic Departmental Tutorial Services Math Resource room – Sheryl Roche, Room 150B Language Resource room – Andrea Gibbard, Room 294 Writing Specialist – Lynn Israel, Library Teacher tutorials – varied Peer Tutors – stationed in study halls Support Services CARE Team, IIT Team/Plan, CHS Counselors

23 Class of 2015…begin the journey…
Be Stoga Proud! Contribute Lead Build Your Legacy!

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