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Thinking as a scientist

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1 Thinking as a scientist
ENGAGE: Biology A

2 Think like a scientist To think like as a Scientist thinks, you must:
Asks questions Gather information Use logical reasoning, and apply your creativity to develop predictions and explanations that make sense of the evidence that you collect.

3 Famous but not delicious
People observed that meat that had been sitting out too long is soon covered by maggots (inmature flies). People once though that maggots spontaneously came to life from the rotting meat! In 1668 biologist, Francesco Redi, questioned this accepted thought.


5 Observation & Inquiry In this class you will make observations,
ask questions, develop inquiries or to test those questions use reasoning and evidence to propose explanations

6 Let’s Begin For your first inquiry, you will do the isopod lab.
This will require the use of live animals: pill bugs. Please go to the documents now, Animal Behavior Student worksheet. (that is your lab report that you will turn in)

7 Face-to-Face Lab This lab will be completed face- to-face.
The place and time will be disclosed to you during the first or second week of class.   While you prepare for this lab, please view the Animal Behavior worksheet (your instructions and report) and Pill Bug facts.

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