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Northside High In-service Session Calandra Jones-Howard

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1 Northside High In-service Session Calandra Jones-Howard

2 Board Protocol O Bell Work O Today you will Learn: Standards/ SPIs O How you will learn: Activities O This is important because: Why

3 Classroom Posting O Curriculum Map O Cornell Notes Example posted O Mandatory word wall O Rules and Consequences

4 Course Syllabus O Course Description: 1 Paragraph O Course Objectives O Grading & Assessment: (Test will be no more than 30%, Bell Work, Portfolios, Homework, Projects, Classwork, Class Participation, extra credit, make-up work, etc… ) O Course Objectives O Behavior Expectations O Supplies needed

5 Assessments O Minimum of 2 assessments a week (formal or informal) O 15-20 Minute Homework (2x week) O Pre-Assessments O First 2 weeks of school O Submit a copy O Discovery??? O Massachusetts, Texas, Iowa

6 Lesson Plan O Submitted every two weeks O Monday by 8:00am O First Submission – Monday, August 4 th O Calandra Jones-Howard O CC your department chair

7 Cornell Notes O Utilize Cornell Notes

8 Title I O Family Engagement Plan O School Compact (Signature Needed) O Parents Right to Know O Military Recruiters Form O Homeless (what’s homeless) O School Improvement Plan O Funding Expenditures

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