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You may already know how much foreign language proficiency your prospective colleges require for admission, but do you know what they require for graduation.

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1 You may already know how much foreign language proficiency your prospective colleges require for admission, but do you know what they require for graduation from college?

2  The Foreign Language Requirement may be satisfied in a variety of ways: ◦ By passing an examination administered by the language group. In some instances, after completing 4 credits of study. ◦ By obtaining a minimum grade of C-, after 4 credits of study (or the equivalent) in those languages where satisfaction of the Language Requirement is not based on an examination. ◦ As a result of achieving the required score on:  An Advanced Placement test administered in a foreign language  An SAT II foreign language test administered by the ETS. ◦ A departmental placement test.  It is highly recommended that students take steps to satisfy the language requirement as early as possible in their academic careers.

3 Your High School Curriculum should:  Include college preparatory courses in ◦ English ◦ Social studies ◦ Math ◦ Science  Two years of foreign language are preferred but not mandatory.  Honors or Advanced Placement (AP) courses are not required for admission, they do carry extra weight in the application review process.

4 SubjectMinimumRecommended English4 units Algebra & Higher Math3 units4 units Social Science3 units4 units Natural Science (with labs)2 units4 units Foreign Language or Academic Electives2 units4 units General Education Requirements for the B.A. DEGREE are the same as for the degrees of B.Ed., B.F.A. and B.S. (total of 60 sh) with the following additions: Foreign Language (completion through Level IV)* 12 sh A student with no foreign language proficiency must take 12 sh. Students may earn foreign language credits by passing departmental examinations. Price per credit $260 x 12 = $3,120

5  Any student may schedule any foreign language.  Some students are required to schedule a foreign language to meet either major or bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree requirements. of arts (B.A.) degree requirements  Although a foreign language is not a requirement for General Education, a foreign language course at the twelfth-credit level or higher (e.g., GER 003) may be used as a General Education substitution.General Education substitution  If a student did not complete at least two units of the same foreign/second language at the high school level, he/she must make up this deficiency (see Foreign/Second Language Admission Requirement).Foreign/Second Language Admission Requirement  Placement Policy — Students who have studied a foreign language within four years immediately before admission to Penn State may enroll in that language for credit based on the number of Carnegie units prior to admission. (A Carnegie "unit" refers to one course level of a foreign language — French 1, French 2, French 3, etc. — equivalent to one year of study and accredited as such by the school.) If a period of four or more years has elapsed between a student's graduation from high school and admission to college, he/she may be eligible to enroll in level 1 of the language studied in high school.

6 Units of Study Prior to Admission to Penn StateRegister in Penn State Language Level Fewer than twoCourse Level 001 (4 cr.) Two or threeCourse Level 002 (4 cr.) Four or moreCourse Level 003 (4 cr.) Two units in a single world language other than English are required. If admitted with less than two units, the additional units must be earned by the time s/he earns 60 credits or graduates from Penn State, by: Passing one three- or four-credit college level world language course Demonstrating proficiency equivalent to two units of HS world language study. Either a third unit in the same language or an additional unit in a second world language other than English is recommended. Price per credit $453 x 8 = $3624 OR x 12 = $5,436

7 Beginning levels 101 and 102 do NOT count toward the requirement. Price per credit: $260 x 12 = $3120 x 6 = $ 1560 TOTAL $4680  While there is no language requirement for admission to IUP, majors in these departments have a language requirement for graduation:  Anthropology  Biology  Biochemistry  Chemistry  Computer Science  Economics  English  Geography and Regional Planning  Geoscience  History  Journalism  Mathematics  Natural Science  Philosophy  Physics  Political Science  Psychology  Religious Studies  Sociology

8 ACE=American Council on Education LTI=Language Testing International OPI=Oral Proficiency Interview ACTFL=Amer. Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages  The IUP Spanish program has a new provision whereby incoming students may earn IUP Spanish course credits for their oral proficiency levels in Spanish. Incoming students may receive course credit for their oral proficiency levels in Spanish through ACE Credit Recommendation Service and LTI, the assessment agency for ACTFL. Students who have taken an ACTFL OPI through LTI, received a proficiency rating by LTI, and received credit recommendation by ACE may receive the following course credits in Spanish at IUP: ACTFL Oral Proficiency Ratings (rated by LTI) ACE Credit Recommendatio ns IUP Spanish Course Equivalencies Intermediate- Mid 4 Lower Division credits Either SPAN 102 or 201, depending on placement on departmental written exam Intermediate High/Advanced Low 8 Lower Division credits SPAN 201 + SPAN 220 Advanced Mid10 Lower Division credits SPAN 201 + SPAN 220 + SPAN 350 Advanced High/Superior 10 Lower Division credits + 2 Upper Division credits SPAN 201 + SPAN 220 + SPAN 350 + SPAN 450

9 Intermediate-Mid Intermediate-Mid level speakers are most comfortable in the present tense time frame but may occasionally speak in past and future time frames, although with less control. Intermediate-Mid level speakers are able to create with the language by combining and recombining known language elements. They generally respond to questions by speaking in discrete sentences on topics that include “personal information about self, family, home, daily activities, interests and personal preferences, as well as physical and social needs, such as food, shopping travel and lodging” (ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines-Speaking (Revised, 1999)). They can also ask a variety of questions to obtain information to satisfy basic needs, such as prices, directions, and services. IUP (cont’d)

10  2 years of the same foreign language is preferred.  To graduate with a BA Degree, the Modern Language Requirement is: ◦ Proficiency at the 103 class level of a modern language (3 credits each), or the equivalent. ◦ Exemption by placement or examination is possible. ◦ The modern language courses may not be used in the enrichment section of the cultural diversity/global perspective block of the liberal studies program.  Price per credit $260 x 9 = $2,340

11 University University of Penn.4 – fulfills language requirement (no credit awarded) 5 – fulfills language requirement (1 credit awarded) Lock Haven University3,4 or 5 – equivalent to Spanish elective (3 cr awarded) Penn State University3 - credit awarded for Spanish 001,002 & 003 4 or 5 – 12 credit foreign language requirement fulfilled Indiana University of PA3 – receives 4 credits for SPAN201(Intermediate1) Slippery Rock University3 or better – exempt from Spanish 001, 002 & 003 (3 credits awarded)

12 College Spanish (levels 1&2) 48 50th Elementary Spanish I 3-4 cr 51 50 Elem Spanish I & II 6-8 cr 54 63 Elem Span I & II Intermediate 1 9-12 cr IUP/PSU SRU LHUP

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