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©2009 HP Confidential Thomas Goepel Senior Strategist HP Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking UNLEASH THE POTENTIAL © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development.

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1 ©2009 HP Confidential Thomas Goepel Senior Strategist HP Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking UNLEASH THE POTENTIAL © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

2 ©2009 HP Confidential Converged Infrastructure © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Helping our customers unleash their untapped potential

3 ©2009 HP Confidential 84% Agree innovation is critical to success in the new economy Business & technology approach needs to be more flexible to meet changing customer needs 92% Believe business cycles will continue to be unpredictable in coming few years Sources: HP sponsored study: Coleman Parks Research LTD. October 2009 8 out of 10 IT sprawl has business at the breaking point Business innovation throttled to 30% Time to revenue Cost of lost time, effort, opportunity Unpredictable business cycles 70% captive in operations and maintenance Rigid & aging infrastructure Application & information complexity Inflexible business processes

4 ©2009 HP Confidential Tomorrow’s business will be built on a converged infrastructure 4 Power & cooling Management software Network Servers Storage Virtualized Resilient Orchestrated Optimized Modular Any application, anywhere Flex resources on demand Unlock productivity Predictable continuity of service Faster time to business value Any application, anywhere Flex resources on demand Unlock productivity Predictable continuity of service Faster time to business value Unleash the potential Building on what you have today

5 ©2009 HP Confidential The Converged Infrastructure architecture 5 Adaptive resource pools Virtualized compute, memory, storage & network Flex fabric Wire-once, dynamic assembly, always predictable Infrastructure operating environment Enables shared-service management Data center smart grid Intelligent energy management across systems and facilities

6 ©2009 HP Confidential Problems today with managing infrastructure $8 in administrator costs for every $1 spent on systems Common tasks require multiple steps and people −7 days: Promote application to production −15 days: New web server −1 month: Remove outdated software Human error a leading cause of downtime Manual provisioning and highly customized process for every system Select Review Evaluate Approval s Order Meetings Test Unpack Delivery Meetings Approvals Move Move again Coordinate Testing

7 ©2009 HP Confidential HP Infrastructure Operating Environment A CIO blueprint to enable shared service management A few automated steps, in less time SelectPortalTemplateResourcesInitiateProvision  Deliver new services in minutes vs months  Optimize infrastructure confidently  Protect continuity and quality of services Months to Min Accelerate service delivery Instantly respond to business demands Most efficient use of IT resources & staff time

8 ©2009 HP Confidential Problems today with data center networking Multiple teams and people required to change connections 3 days to turn off a network port 6 weeks to connect VM to infrastructure Hierarchical networks cannot scale without degrading performance Multiple hardwired and hierarchical networks

9 ©2009 HP Confidential Servers TRADITIONAL Switch LAN Switch LAN VIRTUAL CONNECT Servers Switch LAN Virtual Connect 50%94%75% Network edge costs Network cable costs NICs & switches Servers ProCurve LAN PROCURVE + VIRTUAL CONNECT Virtual Connect 54% 42% Annual networking infrastructure cost reduction Power/space cost reduction Source: HP and IDC research Delivering the converged infrastructure today ProCurve and Virtual Connect 9

10 ©2009 HP Confidential A CIO blueprint to deliver networking as a service HP FlexFabric Converge compute, storage and networking Virtualize and orchestrate the fabric Utilize scalable standards-based modules  Dynamically scale capacity  Orchestrate connections in response to demand  Consolidate network equipment  Deliver predictable performance Wire-once, converge networks and adapt connections on demand

11 ©2009 HP Confidential Problems today with IT resources 11 For every $1 spent on systems −50c on power and cooling −$2 on support infrastructure −$6 for availability Capacity chronically underused −Servers: 20% utilization −Storage: 25% utilization −Network: 50% utilization Trapped capacity in highly customized stacks for each application

12 ©2009 HP Confidential HP BladeSystem Matrix Integrated by design Delivering the converged infrastructure today Instantly adjust to dynamic business demands Deliver apps in minutes vs weeks Transform the economics of your data center 100% increase in productivity Works with existing environment 12

13 ©2009 HP Confidential HP Virtual Resource Pools Scale up, down, & out resources on- demand Self-optimized and intelligent Modular, open design to integrate & scale A CIO blueprint to enable the end-to-end virtualization of all resources  Increases total resource utilization  NonStop resiliency and flexibility  Increases automation and productivity  Protect investments and easily grow 2x Increased utilization of compute, storage and network capacity ½ Reduced amount of support IT and energy use Any application. Any resource. Anytime.

14 ©2009 HP Confidential Problems today with data center energy #1 issue: Data center power and cooling (1) 96% of IT will change their data centers to deal with the power and cooling issue (1) Data center capacity is limiting IT growth Energy cost is the fastest growing part of operational expenses Government and corporate policies require visibility to CO2 emissions 14 IT 46% Datacenter Energy Consumption (2) (2): Average Power Allocation for Benchmarked Data Centers (LBNL 2007a) (1) IDC Datacenter Green IT Trends, January 2009 Facilities 54% You can’t manage, what you can’t measure

15 ©2009 HP Confidential Delivering the converged infrastructure today 15 Intelligent, energy-aware control Facility-level visualization and control Embedded ‘sea of sensors’ Accurate power and cooling measurement of systems & facilities 30% increase in cooling capacity Triple the capacity of your data center Thermal Logic technologies

16 ©2009 HP Confidential A CIO blueprint to manage & automate data center energy management HP Data Center Smart Grid Accurately map facilities and IT Balance workloads in the data center Automate energy management  Increase data center capacity & lifespan  Reduce costs required to power and cool IT  Improves reliability by optimizing IT efficiency  Provide insight and control over energy 2x Data center capacity 30% Reduced facility power and cooling costs Reduce costs and increase capacity by integrating IT and facility energy

17 ©2009 HP Confidential Drive IT Innovation Accelerate your business with HP Converged Infrastructure 17 Make 70/30 about innovation again 3x Reclaimed facility energy capacity 2x Utilization infrastructure capacity Weeks to min Improved productivity $ $ Drive Business Results Support business transformation Improve service-levels Faster time to business value

18 ©2009 HP Confidential Roadmaps © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

19 ©2009 HP Confidential ProLiant Roadmap Enterprise DL Products HP Confidential – NDA only 19 DL785 Intel 8P DL585 DL580 G6 Istanbul, P410 SA G5G6Next Generation Istanbul, P410 SAMagny CoursInterlagos G5Next Generation 32 DIMMs, 16 SFF, P400, 11 PCIe Boxboro, 64 DIMMs, 4 x1GB NICs/w/upgrade 2x10Gb, 8 SFF, P410i, 11 PCIe2 Sandy Bridge EX 2H091H102H101H112H111H12 3Q09 4Q091Q10 2Q103Q10 4Q101Q11 2Q113Q11 4Q111Q12 2Q12 Model name TBD Boxboro - Nehalem EX, P410 SA

20 ©2009 HP Confidential ProLiant Roadmap DL 300 series HP Confidential – NDA only DL370/ ML370 DL380 DL385 DL360 DL320 EOL G6Next Generation Istanbul support, P410i, 6 PCIe Magny Cours, 24 DIMMs, SR-IOV NICsInterlagos G6Next Generation 18 DIMMs, 16 SFF/6 LFF, 4 NICs, 6 PCIeG2 Westmere-EPRomley G6Next Generation 18 DIMMs, 24 SFF or 14 LFF, 4 NICs, 9 PCIeG2 Westmere-EPRomley 2H091H102H101H112H111H12 3Q09 4Q091Q10 2Q103Q10 4Q101Q11 2Q113Q11 4Q111Q12 2Q12 G6Next Generation 18 DIMMs, 8 SFF, 2 NICs, 2 PCIeG2Westmere-EP, 4x1Gb NICsRomley G6Next Generation 9 DIMMs, 2 NICs, 4 LFF/8SFF drives Westmere-EPRomley

21 ©2009 HP Confidential Integrity NonStop: Continuous availability for mission-critical 24/7 operations HP converged infrastructure For all workloads, desktop to NonStop VDI: Virtual desktops under $1,000 per seat c-Class: Converged infrastructure from small sites to large data centers ExDS 9100: Extreme scale data storage for managing digital content growth BladeSystem Matrix: Converged platform enabling shared services ©2009 HP Confidential

22 Business Ready Data Center Unified storage FlexFabric HP BladeSystem futures 1H10 2H10 Next- generation HP Integrity G7 ProLiant VDI 1.0 Matrix 2.0 ©2009 HP Confidential

23 HP ProLiant 8s x86 Server Roadmap Performance tuned for large virtualized and database environments Todaymid CY10CY11 AMD OPTERON: Istanbul Intel XEON: Nehalem-EX Intel XEON: Westmere-EX Efficiently utilize compute resources Efficiently utilize compute resources Accelerate implementatio n Accelerate implementatio n Faster business results with HP Faster business results with HP HP CONFIDENTIAL / CUSTOMER NDA REQUIRED / DO NOT DISTRIBUTE HP ProLiant DL785 G6 7U, 8 socket Up to 48 cores HP ProLiant DL980 G7 with PREMA 8U, 8 socket Up to 64 cores PREMA... Performance enhanced architecture for the largest and most critical x86 Virtualized and Database Environments

24 Introducing HP Next Generation Integrity Servers MONTVALE POULSON, KITTSONTUKWILA HP-UX 11i v3 and Multi-OS flexibility Integrity rackmount server: rx2800 i2 Integrity blades: BL860c i2, BL870c i2, BL890c i2 Integrity Superdome 2 Today2010Future

25 Two Architectures Co-exist Performance + Protection Tier Characteristics Performance + Protection Typical Applications Metrics I/O, SpecSFS, 9s Efficiency Tier Characteristics Efficiency, Scalable, Cost Effective Typical Applications Metrics $/PB, PB/Admin, Watts/PB HP Confidential

26 ©2009 HP Confidential Blade Storage Portfolio 26 iSCSI NAS shared storage Up to 6 hosts < 1.1 TB 1 Gb/s iSCSI Internal shared storage support leveraging SB40c and flexible virtual SAN appliance from LeftHand Networks Simple DAS & data protection 1 to 1 DAS 876 MB Capacity and scalability Consolidation and Performance Internal shared storage iSCSI SAN External SAS Solutions for BladeSystem AiO SB600c DAS Storage and Tape Blades FC/iSCSI SANs MSA, EVA, XP LeftHand SAN All-in-One ProLiant Storage Servers Disk/Tape/D2D External FC/ iSCSI Expansion External shared SAS storage support with MSA2000sa External zoned direct attach expands local drives for blade servers with MDS6000 3 Gb/s SAS HP Confidential – NDA Required

27 ©2009 HP Confidential HP StorageWorks Array Roadmap CY1H 2010CY2H 2010 (as of Oct 09) Today Midrange to Enterprise- modular: Powerfully simple P6000 EVA Family Please note : CY1H 2010 = Jan’10- Jun’10 CY2H 2010 = Jul’10 – Dec’10 External SAS Switch 6Gb MSA Arrays & JBODs Entry Storage Arrays and external expansion P2000 MSA Family Enterprise- frame: Exceptional availability, scalability, and throughput P6300 EVA, P6500 EVA SAS back end 8 Gb/s FC front end SFF and LFF disk drives Integrated iSCSI Command View 9.2 Local & remote replication Thin Provisioning Online LUN migration 2TB SAS LFF HDD P6000 EVA Futures New controller architecture based on industry standards High performance FC, 10Gb iSCSI front end Bigger cache More capacity with up to 480 LFF/1000SFF drives Quality of Service 128 snapshots 450/600GB 10K SFF HDD Command View 10.0 SVSP integration EVA 44/64/8400 Command View 9.2 Thin Provisioning Online LUN migration Quality of Service (QoS) IOs prioritized by HPUX Application Thin Provisioning Enhancement Option to prevent over provisioning of thin provisioned volumes Expanded Industry-leading 3 site DR All three data centers are connected by Continuous Access Journal enabling greater distance between the three sites Next Generation XP XP Family 6Gb SAS JBODs SAS 2.0 Dual Domain HP ProLiant & Integrity Servers, MSA Arrays 6Gb SAS JBODs SAS 2.0 Dual Domain HP ProLiant & Integrity Servers, MSA Arrays P2000 G3 MSA 8Gb FC Controller 6G SAS HDDs Snap Replication Combo iSCSI/FC 512 Snaps HDD Spin-down Native SMI-S EVA SRM 4.0 Adapter for Vmware - P6300EVA/P6500 EVA VMware Vcenter Plug- ins for MSA and EVA XP Cluster Extension Windows Server 2008 R2 o Live Migration support XP Cluster Extension VMware Windows Server 2008 Guest OS VMware Linux Guest OS Support for native clustering software on RedHat & SuSE Linux VMware Integration VStorage API Site Recovery Mgr P2000 G3 MSA 6Gb SAS Controller 10Gb iSCSI Ethernet Controller P2000 G3 MSA Features Thin Provisioning Automated Tiered Storage SSD Support 1024 Snaps

28 ©2009 HP Confidential 28 HP LeftHand P4000 Roadmap HP LeftHand P4000 SAN/iQ Software CY1H 2010CY2H 2010 (as of 1 Oct 09) Today HP LeftHand P4000 Platforms P4000 G2 Series Latest Proliant Technology LFF 15K SAS (450GB) LFF 7.2K MDL SAS (1TB) 10 GbE Dual Port SFP+ SAN/iQ on Blades Native SAN/iQ Port Flex-10 Support SAN/iQ 8.5 Network RAID 5/6 1.0 Snapshot Mgmt Integration SAN/iQ 8.x Service Pack App Integration for Windows 1.1 All SAN/iQ Features VSS Requestor UI File System (NTFS) SQL Server Exchange Server Scheduling Hyper-V Support Please note : CY1H 2010 = Jan’10- Jun’10 CY2H 2010 = Jul’10 – Dec’10 IDP USD Common Storage Platform SAN/iQ 9.0 Network RAID 5/6 2.0 Internationalization Alerts & Events Global Monitoring VMware vStorage API HP Phone Home Update/ Upgrade Mgmt MPIO 2.0 (DSM / Native) App Integration for Windows 2.0

29 ©2009 HP Confidential Converge LAN & SAN connections Save power Reduce cost Consolidate physical connections Optimize bandwidth Save power Reduce cost Simplify connection management Save time Change ready Delivering cost, time, change and energy improvements to the server edge HP BladeSystem c-Class Virtual Connect Virtual Connect Flex Fabric Eliminate all server cables Save power Centralize management Save space Reduce cost 2007 2006 2008 Virtual Connect Flex-10 2010 ©2009 HP Confidential

30 HP Networking today ProCurve portfolio today – leadership in Edge Data Center Core Edge Security Management SMBWirelessCampusVirtual ConnectEdge Firewall Network Node Manager Operations Center Ops. Automation & Orchestration

31 ©2009 HP Confidential HP + 3Com – Leadership from Edge to Data Center Core Management SMBWirelessCampus Virtual Connect Edge Firewall Network Node Manager Operations Center Ops. Automation & Orchestration Carrier Security Edge Core Data Center EdgeEnd of RowDC Core Core RoutingAggregationEnterprise CoreCampus Core Edge RoutingEnterprise Threat ManagementData CenterIntrusion Prevention Integrated Management Center Future Partnership with

32 ©2009 HP Confidential


34 ©2009 HP Confidential Important Information 34 Additional Information and Where to Find It 3Com plans to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission and furnish to its stockholders a proxy statement in connection with the proposed merger. The proxy statement will contain important information about the proposed merger and related matters. Investors and stockholders are urged to read the proxy statement carefully when it becomes available. Investors and stockholders will be able to obtain free copies of the proxy statement and other documents filed with the SEC by 3Com through the web site maintained by the SEC at, and from 3Com by contacting Investor Relations by mail at 3Com Corporation 350 Campus Drive, Marlborough, MA 01752-3064 Attention: Investor Relations, by telephone at 508-323-1198, or by going to 3Com’s Investor Information page on its corporate web site at (click on “Investor Information”, then on “SEC Filings”). Participants in the Solicitation 3Com and HP and their respective directors and executive officers may be deemed to be participants in the solicitation of proxies from 3Com stockholders in connection with the acquisition. Information about HP’s directors and executive officers is set forth in HP’s proxy statement on Schedule 14A filed with the SEC on January 20, 2009 and HP’s Annual Report on Form 10-K filed on December 18, 2008. Information about 3Com’s directors and executive officers is set forth in 3Com’s proxy statement on Schedule 14A filed with the SEC on August 7, 2009 and 3Com’s Annual Report on Form 10-K filed on July 27, 2009. Additional information regarding the interests of participants in the solicitation of proxies in connection with the merger will be included in the proxy statement that 3Com intends to file with the SEC. Forward-looking statements This presentation contains forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions. If such risks or uncertainties materialize or such assumptions prove incorrect, the results of HP and its consolidated subsidiaries could differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements and assumptions. All statements other than statements of historical fact are statements that could be deemed forward-looking statements, including the expected benefits and costs of the transaction; management plans relating to the transaction; the expected timing of the completion of the transaction; the ability to complete the transaction considering the various closing conditions, including those conditions related to regulatory approvals; any statements of the plans, strategies and objectives of management for future operations, including the execution of integration plans; any statements of expectation or belief; and any statements of assumptions underlying any of the foregoing. Risks, uncertainties and assumptions include the possibility that expected benefits may not materialize as expected; that the transaction may not be timely completed, if at all; that, prior to the completion of the transaction, the target company’s business may not perform as expected due to transaction-related uncertainty or other factors; that the parties are unable to successfully implement integration strategies; and other risks that are described in HP’s Securities and Exchange Commission reports, including but not limited to the risks described in HP’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for its fiscal year ended October 31, 2008 and Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the fiscal quarter ended July 31, 2009. HP assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements. Compliance notice David Donatelli will start managing HP's storage business on January 2, 2010. As a result, the information he is presenting today focuses only on HP's server and networking business.

35 ©2009 HP Confidential Transformational Deal in Enterprise Networking Executive Summary ● Would create a new global networking leader in a $40B market ● Would make HP the #2 enterprise networking vendor worldwide ● Would make HP a networking leader in one of the world’s fastest-growing IT markets, China ● Combines HP strengths in the LAN edge with 3Com strengths in core switching ● Combined HP and 3Com solutions would further accelerate HP Converged Infrastructure for next generation data centers Combination Would Create an End-to-End Enterprise Networking Leader ● Best-in-class products based on open industry standards and innovative technology ● Broadens HP Networking capabilities adding core switching, routing, and security ● R&D design center with ~2,400 highly skilled engineers in China to fuel continued innovation and compelling TCO advantages ● Enhances the capabilities and global reach of the largest technology company in the world ● Enables HP to deliver a full spectrum of products from edge of the network to the heart of the data center

36 ©2009 HP Confidential ● 21 st century global operating model (design and R&D centralized in China) ● Industry leading solutions (switching, routing, security) with differentiated high-end core switching ● Proven enterprise deployments –Over 300 of the top 500 enterprises in China Approximately 50% of revenue in China in FY09 3Com Quickly Established Leadership in China HP Networking Outpacing the Market Globally HP and 3Com – Unmatched Momentum in Networking Build upon industry standards and HP’s extensive market reach Fastest growing Networking vendor since 2005 (Dell’Oro Group data) Price performance leadership Ecosystem support through ProCurve ONE alliance base 2005 = 100% HP NetworkingMarket 3Com China Revenue ($M) ‘04-’09: 66% CAGR $ 32% Market Share (1) 1. Source IDC, 1h ’09 Enterprise switching market share in China Source Dell’Oro Group date 2005-2008

37 ©2009 HP Confidential ● New product family introduced May, 2009 ● World’s most scalable and highest performing data center switch ● Leverages a common operating system and open architecture ● Unified management ● Double the performance ● 2x the density of competitive switches ● Uses 1 / 3 less energy ● Lower total cost of ownership Data Center Core Switch S12500E 3Com: Technology Innovation and Leadership

38 ©2009 HP Confidential 3Com Brings Strength in High-End Data Center Switching 3Com’s Product Leadership Validated by Industry Experts… “3Com has a product line, when you look at these announcements, that is as broad and robust as anyone out there, including Cisco. I think [Intelligent Management Center] is a unique differentiator. Network management hasn't been the core priority of most network equipment vendors. Even Cisco, with Cisco Works – the development of it tends to be pretty fragmented.” Zeus Kerravala,Yankee Group in TechTarget May 12, 2009 “3Com hopes to win enterprise networking customers with global H3C push” “The introduction of H3C products will add a very interesting dimension to the market...3Com now has a range of marquee clients won against top-notch vendors.” Chris Bernard, IDC, May 25, 2009 “3Com Moves Back Into Enterprise Business: Watch This Space” “3Com has a completely rejuvenated product offering from workgroup switching and WLAN through to high-capacity core switches.” Gartner Inc., April 30, 2009 “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise LAN (Global)” ● Over 300 of the Top 500 Enterprises in China ● The 4 th and 5 th largest banks in the world ● ~70% of the government networks in China ● The world’s 8 th busiest airport … and Adopted by Leading Global Enterprises

39 ©2009 HP Confidential “We are confident that we can run our entire global business of 300,000-plus employees, including our next generation data centers, entirely on the new HP networking solutions. Based on our experience and extensive testing of 3Com’s products, we are planning to undertake a global rollout within HP as soon as possible after the completion of the acquisition.” Randy Mott – HP EVP and Chief Information Officer HP IT & Enterprise Services Extensively Tested 3Com Products

40 ©2009 HP Confidential Industry reaction H-P will now combine its own ProCurve networking products with 3Com's offerings, significantly boosting its reach in corporate data centers. With many firms rethinking their IT strategies as the economy emerges from the recession, HP is clearly laying the foundations for the future. Specifically, the deal expands the tech bellwether's Ethernet switch and routing products, as well as its presence in China. And HP took a big step tonight in fighting back, announcing a nearly $3 billion play for 3Com, in HP's fourth largest acquisition ever. The $7.90 a share is a nice, 40 percent premium to 3Com's trading price yesterday. It positions HP as a key, end-to-end supplier for datacenter customers, and is a huge step forward in staunching the increasing threat from Cisco. Together, they are clearly number two in the market,” said Steve Schuchart, an analyst with Current Analysis. “We’re seeing a fairly large consolidation in the market. ”This puts HP in a much better position against Cisco,” Schuchart said. “Overall, this is going to be a big opportunity.”

41 ©2009 HP Confidential Conclusion ● Transforms enterprise networking ● Provides comprehensive solution in networking from the edge to the heart of the data center ● Couples 3Com’s Next Generation enterprise products with HP’s global distribution and services ● Adds a leading network security portfolio ● Accelerates HP’s Converged Infrastructure strategy ● Offers customers a compelling value proposition –Network simplification –Unique and innovative edge to core network fabric –Best in class price-performance

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