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Colloquium on Canada-Vietnam Cooperation in Higher Education & Research Colloque sur la coopération canado-vietnamienne en formation postsecondaire et.

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1 Colloquium on Canada-Vietnam Cooperation in Higher Education & Research Colloque sur la coopération canado-vietnamienne en formation postsecondaire et en recherche Ho-Chi-Minh City, December 19th 2009 Canada “Potential Joint Training Programs in International Business with HEC and Possible Linkage with the Vietnamese Diaspora in the Knowledge and Creative Industry“ Dr. Patrick Cohendet, Dr Mai Thai, Dr Alain Noël Professors of International Business, HEC Business School, (Hautes Études Commerciales), Montréal, Québec

2 About HEC Montréal Business School A leader in Business Education, both locally and internationally In the 5-20-100 group: Among the five best Canadian Business schools 20 best international non US Business schools top 100 Business schools worldwide 3 major accreditations: AACB, EQUIS, AMBA. 8000 FTE students Full time Faculty: 266 International exposure: trilingual BBA, MBA in French and English International Business Department, 12 different nationalities (including Vietnamese)

3 Step 1: MBA Campus Abroad in Vietnam (2009, in preparation for 2010) Under the direction of Professors Alain Noël and Mai Thai, 19 MBA students from HEC Montréal left for Vietnam on June 15 2009. From June 15th to July 4th, they will visit Hanoï and Ho Chi Minh to better understand: the opportunities and challenges of doing business in an emerging economy; its bureaucratic challenges and its entrepreneurial opportunities Companies visited: Dau Tay Entertainment, SETA Cinq, Paynet, Hapro, Horizon Capital, Ba Huan, Vietnam Food Industries, Highlands Café and Viet Thai International, An Phuoc Garnment, Dien Quang Lighting, Desjardins International, Asia Tech, etc…

4 Towards a creative economy Step 2: the choice of the domain of cooperation between Canada and Vietnam: The Creative Economy

5 European Union UNO OECD. Ontario Recent Reports on the Economics of Creativity.

6 Industrial System in the XX th Century Core: Manufacturing Industries Cultural Activities Services

7 Towards a new industrial system. Evidence 1: Since the beginning of the 90s, the economic growth of creative industries is two times bigger than the growth of the service activities and four times bigger than the growth of manufacturing industries. Evidence 2: The rise of the creative class (Florida, 2002) Creative class = people who solve problem (Creative professionals) + people who produce new knowledge (Super Creative core) Creative class: about 40 million in the US.

8 Creative Industries CITF, 1998; Howkins, 2001. + R & D Music Life performances Publishing Sofware Toys TV & Radio Videogames Advertising Architecture Arts Craft Design Fashion Film

9 The Rise of the Creative Class (Florida, 2002)

10 Industrial System in the XXI st Century Core: Creative Industries Manufacturing Industries Manufacturing Industries Manufacturing Industries Manufacturing Industries services

11 … Montréal and the creative industries

12 CityRanking (creative class/population) Stockholm1 Auckland2 Sapporo3 Amsterdam4 Montréal5 Bruxelles6 Copenhague7 Sydney8 Barcelone9 Ranking of the creative cities (Florida 2005)

13 Step 3 : Implementing a Cooperative Program Between HEC Montréal and Vietnamese Academic Partner Master of Management in Innovation: Jointly offered with HEC Montr é al in the context of a Summer School in Vietnam The Vietnamese partner offers jointly with HEC Montréal’s summer school series in Innovation a Master level program dedicated to enhancing the innovative capabilities of Vietnamese entrepreneurial ventures. Although identified as a summer school (for the Canadian partners), this program is planned to be delivered over a total period of 16 months (as most graduate programs) in a combination of seminars in Vietnam, a visit to our Montreal Campus and an applied field project.

14 Step 3 (continued) The program in Vietnam is to be offered between May 2010 and August 2011, for an initial series of three offers (Alumni 2011, 2012 and 2013), given that the demand for the program is high enough to select annually 40 participants to the program. As all academic programs the students will be evaluated for their course work and project reports. Courses in Vietnam are to be delivered on an intensive basis of 15 hours spread over Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays. Designed with the approach of MBA trainings where case studies and practitioner’s inputs and conferences are important, all 12 modules will heavily rely on case studies of both Vietnamese and Foreign cases

15 May and June 2010 : 5 weekends over the two month period: proposed program Seminar 1: International corporate strategy: (Vietnamese showcase: Highlands Coffee, VietThai International, etc.) Seminar 2: Strategic entrepreneurship and International New Venture Creations (Vietnamese showcase: SetaCinq, ) Seminar 3: Financing international startups (Vietnamese showcases: Case study: Horizon Capital, Vina Capital, etc.) Seminar 4: Marketing and Brand management in a foreign country (Vietnamese showcases: An Phuoc, ) Seminar 5: Management skills: Vietnamese showcase: to be defined Fall visit to HEC Montréal: One or two weeks on Campus for seminar and visits to innovative companies.. Seminar 6 The role of diaspora in international corporate strategy (Vietnamese showcase study : Asiatech, S2i Web, )

16 Proposed Program (continued) Launch of Seminar 7 : Business simulation.Then to be completed at distance on a bi- weekly basis from Vietnam March in Vietnam Seminar 8: Managing Organizational change May and June year 2 : alternate weeks from seminars 1 to 5 for new participants of second and third years Seminar 9: Managing innovation and creativity (Vietnamese showcase : Traditional craft villages) Seminar 10: Creative industries in Vietnam (Vietnamese showcase : Dau Tay Entertainment, ) Seminar 11 : Consulting methodology for the supervised project Seminar 12: property rights and legal issues in Vietnam (Legal advisors in Vietnam to be defined). Seminars 13-15. Equivalent to 3 seminars, - supervised projects : to be conducted on a team basis and completed by the end of August under the supervision of a HEC or Vietnamese Partner professor

17 Certificate of compliance Model We hereby certify that «NAME» has met the requirements of the Vietnamese Canadian Master of Management in Innovation and Creativity of Vietnamese s Graduate School of xxxx – Vietnam delivered in accordance with the standards applicable to Canadian Master Level programmes In witness whereof, we, the undersigned, have issued this attestation Director, HEC Montréal Michel Patry Montreal, September 2011

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