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1 Health Intelligence meets HI-Net Bill Cowsell Health Intelligence Analyst.

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1 1 Health Intelligence meets HI-Net Bill Cowsell Health Intelligence Analyst

2 2 Remember the 80s! It has been suggested that the advent of information and communication technology will have an impact upon society as great as the agricultural and industrial revolutions of the 18 th and 19 th centuries. This new era has been called variously the “information age”, the “new economy” or the “knowledge economy”.

3 3 The Phoenix It is very appropriate that the words “knowledge” and “information” are used to describe this new age, because that is what Health Intelligence is all about, In to this “knowledge economy” was born – in December 2006 – Health Intelligence, rising from the ashes of the Information Management division of eHealth and Public Health Intelligence.

4 4 Knowledge brokers The primary function of the Health Intelligence Team is to provide and translate information into actionable evidence to support a culture of knowledge-based planning and decision-making. It does this by fostering collaborative working, where knowledge is shared across boundaries and accessible to all. This synergy – this interactivity – is central to how we work.

5 5 Help! However, we were a new Service and we desperately needed to raise our profile to as many people as possible and in as short a time as possible. But how best to advertise our wares?

6 6 Your web site is your identity. Make sure you have one!

7 7 Logical HI-Net was the logical choice – not just because Cathy Coffield happened to be in the same building, but because HI-Net provides a focal point for health improvement activity within the Grampian area, including NHS Grampian, the constituent local authorities, educational establishments, the voluntary sector and any other interested individual, group or organisation. In short, HI-Net was able to supply the customer base that our Intranet was unable to provide.

8 Health Intelligence Web Space Pages must load quickly Site easy to navigate Pages are easy to read, and not too long i.e. a minimum of scrolling

9 9 The personal touch The ability of Health Intelligence staff to communicate well with potential customers is a critical factor in ensuring that we continue to deliver the best possible service that we can. To that end, it was decided that the website would contain not only basic contact details, but also a “thumbnail” brief sketch of each employee.

10 Key Statistics Health Intelligence uses statistical and epidemiological expertise – our epidemiologist is Fred Nimmo - to collate, analyse and interpret data for the three CHPs within NHS Grampian. This task requires the forward looking ability of modern risk management approaches that transform health risk factors, incidence, prevalence and mortality statistics (derived from epidemiological analysis) into management metrics that not only guide how a health system responds to current population health issues, but also how a health system can be managed to better respond to future potential population health issues.

11 Ongoing Projects As well as providing information on who we are and where we can be contacted, it was felt that potential customers should be given a brief overview of some of the projects being undertaken by Health Intelligence staff. To this end a web page was set up with current project details.

12 12 Your web site is your identity. Make sure you have one!

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