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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dinosaur Roar.. Important Issues Dinosaurs and the Bible? Dinosaur evolution (to birds, namely) Dinosaur fossils –Ages :] –Hoaxes.

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1 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dinosaur Roar.


3 Important Issues Dinosaurs and the Bible? Dinosaur evolution (to birds, namely) Dinosaur fossils –Ages :] –Hoaxes –Completion of skeleton –Fresh ones Dinosaurs and man together

4 Dinosaurs and Man Evolutionist Viewpoint Dinosaurs “ruled the earth” 200 MYA Dinosaurs went extinct 65 Million Years Ago Modern man arose in the last 2 million years Man NEVER EVER saw dinosaurs Creationist Viewpoint God created all the animals on Day 6 Man cohabited with Dinos until the Flood Post-flood world was harsh, and man began to hunt/use dinosaurs

5 John of Damascus (675-749) Although the people that found and translated his work do not agree, they praise his work: –Highly Scientific –Departs from all forms of mysticism –Stranger to gullibility Wrote a work to expose various fables and superstitions regarding dragons

6 John of Damascus Theory: Dragons can change shape into human beings Fact: Refutable –God created only two intelligent beings, man, and angels –A shapeshifting beast would be intelligent John admonishes those who make such claims about dragons

7 ‘I am not telling you, after all, that there are no dragons; dragons exist but they are serpents [reptiles] borne of other serpents. When just born and young, they are small; but when they grow up and mature, they become big and fat so that they exceed the other serpents in length and size. It is said they grow up more than thirty cubits; as for their thickness, they become as thick as a huge log.’ John of Damascus

8 ‘One day, when Regulus, a Roman consul, was fighting against Carthage, a dragon suddenly crept up and settled behind the wall of the Roman army. The Romans killed it by order of Regulus, skinned it and sent the hide to the Roman senate. When the dragon’s hide, as Dio says, was measured by order of the senate, it happened to be, amazingly, one hundred and twenty feet long, and the thickness was fitting to the length.’ John of Damascus

9 Contrasts fictional “dragons” with real dragons Persuaded readers that dragons were not mythical creatures like werewolves or ghosts “Dragons do not have faces”

10 ‘This dragon is a type of beast, like the rest of the animals, for it has a goat-like beard, and a horn at the back of its head. Its eyes are large and gold-colored. These dragons can be either big or small. All serpent kinds are poisonous, except dragons, for they do not emit poison. John of Damascus

11 Quick note about fossils We do NOT know what Dinosaurs looked like Skeletons give us the structure of body Soft tissue, such as protrusions, tend to wear away Camels humps have no bones in them Protrusive head-horns are likely

12 John of Damascus Turns from language of fables to science Describes in depth birth and development Describes size and behavior Describes proper skinning procedures Makes bibliographical references (which, unfortunately, do not exist anymore)

13 Flying Dinosaurs Greek Explorer Herodotus 400s BC (known for extremely accurate first-hand accounts) reported “snake-like flying serpents” around Mediterranean Sea Herodotus said that these animals could sometimes be found in the spice groves. “They were small in size and of various colors.”

14 Flying Dinosaurs “Large numbers would sometimes gather in the frankincense trees. When workers wanted to gather the trees' valuable juices, they would use smelly smoke to drive the flying snakes away.” Often attacked livestock or even people, if large enough

15 Flying Dinosaurs Aristotle claimed the flying serpents were common in Ethiopia Thunderbird Legends among Native Americans Piasa Bird (Illinois)


17 Ica Stones South America Rock Art Dating –Desert Varnish –Weathering –Lichens Help separate modern forgeries from ancient rock art






23 The people are shown hunting or struggling with a variety of monsters that resemble BRONTOSAURS, TRICERATOPS, STEGOSAURS, AND PTERODACTYLS... human beings are portrayed as having domesticated animals that appear to be DINOSAURS and are using them for transportation and warfare. People are shown using telescopes, looking at the stars, and performing surgery" - I forgot who said this








31 Dragons of the Sea Tribal Legends I am too lazy to go on. Loch Ness Stuff we can talk about later.


33 More on Dragons The records of Marco Polo in China show that the Royal House kept dragons for ceremonies. Dinosaur-like creatures are featured on Babylonian landmarks, Roman mosaics, Egyptian burial shrouds, and many other pieces of art throughout the ancient world.

34 More on Dragons Human & Dinosaur Fossils. Human bones and tools coexist in the same fossil layers as dinosaur bones in Texas and the Dakotas. Footprints of dinosaurs, humans and other mammals coexist in the same fossil layers in Texas and New Mexico.

35 Modern Sightings Ropen –Catching –Grave-robbing –Attacks Mokele-Mbembe Aquatic Dinos

36 Why don’t we find human bones and dinosaur bones together Would you want to live next door to a dinosaur if you had the chance? If Dinosaurs are alive today, why don’t we get buried with them? If Human Bones are not found with Dinosaur Bones, then that means they were NOT BURIED TOGETHER, but does not say NOT LIVED TOGETHER

37 Why don’t we find human and dinosaur fossils together Humans would have held on to debris longer with the coming of the flood Humans tend to bloat and float in death, leaving them to rot, not fossilize Dinosaurs are in fossil graveyards, not scattered all over the place

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