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Of “Fusion” by Jianping He

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1 Of “Fusion” by Jianping He

2 Suspect: He, Jianping Born: Zhejiang, China 1979
Current Residence: Berlin, Germany Comments: He is currently a teacher at the Berlin University of the Arts Jianping He has received multiple awards for his many works of art.

3 BAD! BLANK SPACE Imbalance UNBALANCED When you have unevenly
distributed the objects in a work of art. BLANK SPACE BAD! UNBALANCED

4 BLANK SPACE The blank space leaves a void in the poster
All of the attention is focused toward the upper right corner of the poster BLANK SPACE The blank space leaves a void in the poster

5 Low Intensity Colors The low intensity colors makes the poster looks boring and none attractive.

6 Low Vs. High As you can see the lower intensity is a shade lighter then the higher intensity. Low intensity High intensity vs.

7 Small Letters The small letters on the poster makes it difficult to read and difficult time of having a understanding of what that poster means. It also may make the entertainer not entertain if can’t be able to read.

8 Can YOU see that?? Tell me what you see Tell me what you see.

9 Thank YOU have A NiCe DaY

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