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Smarty Pants The Science & Technology of Underwear Dr Audrey Matthews De Montfort University.

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1 Smarty Pants The Science & Technology of Underwear Dr Audrey Matthews De Montfort University

2 What are Pants? Pants English Underpants or knickers American Trousers or slacks

3 What do we mean by Smart? Smart English Clever; keen on bargaining; stylish; unscrupulous; brisk well-groomed; painfully severe Science Something that appear to think, or have memory They return to their original state

4 Birth to Death

5 From Babies to Children

6 Teenagers and Sports

7 Adults

8 Older People

9 Why do we Wear Underwear? Modesty Glamour Support Comfort Performance (special use) Hygiene Protection

10 A Brief History of Underwear ModestyGlamourSupportComfortSportsHygieneProtection 21 st Century Today 50 years ago Post war 100 years ago Victorian Over 200 years ago Pre- Victorian

11 Materials Building blocks Fibres e.g. cotton, silk Filaments e.g. nylon, polyester Structures Knits, weaves & non-woven

12 Traditional Materials

13 Regenerated Cellulose Tencel

14 Bamboo

15 Nettles

16 Poly Lactic Acid Ingeo

17 Nylon Tactel

18 Recycled Bottles

19 Polymers Monomers are links in a polymer chain Different polymers have different groups attached and chemists use balls to show this

20 Elastane Naturally relaxed, soft chains in tangled disorder Soft SegmentsHard Segments Under tension, chains straighten out Relaxed, chains draw back to natural tangle

21 Fabric Structures Knitted Woven Non-woven

22 Sportswear – Demands of the body

23 Sportswear - Demands of the Activity

24 Sportswear – Our Needs Comfort Freedom of movement Breathable Quick drying Lightweight Move moisture away from skin Improved fit Improved performance

25 Swimwear Less fabric, more speed Shave all body hair

26 Aquablade More fabric, more speed Fabric more slippery than skin

27 Fastskin Copies dermal dentricles found in shark’s skin Water forms vortices around dentricles Water slips more closely to body Minimises drag and increases efficiency

28 Fastskin Structure Seams isolate muscle groups The inner arms of the FastSkin (full body) incorporate a gripper fabric that mimics skin, increasing friction and giving the swimmer a greater grip and feel in the water.

29 PowerSkin FRICTION zero friction WEIGHT 30% lighter than a regular swimwear material MOISTURE ABSORPTION 15% less moisture absorption THE FABRIC A revolutionary woven material with polyamide coating

30 Wet and Dry Suits

31 Neoprene Closed cell neoprene Cells filled with nitrogen Minimal water absorption Good thermal insulation SCS super composite skin has low friction coating Titanium coating aids heat retention

32 O’Neill Animal Ease of movement around joints Special moulding technique No loss of thermal insulation

33 Heated Textiles

34 Heated Vest - WarmX

35 Cooling textiles

36 Advanced Materials Nomex

37 Advanced Materials Encapsulation Phase change materials

38 Adidas Ap-precision Tennis Compresses serving arm Reduces muscle vibration and energy losses Factor of three increase in accuracy of forehand shots 10% increase in serve accuracy Ball speed increased

39 Electronics Smart shirt technology Electronic monitoring Entertainment!


41 Optical Fibres

42 Copying Nature Inspired by Nature Leaves Burrs

43 Copying Nature Pine Cones Lotus Leaves

44 Nature’s Model !

45 Acknowledgements Thanks to staff from De Montfort University: Dr Dave Morris Dr Barry Cope Also to: Speedo Charnos Prion Books British Association Royal Institution

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