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Genetically Engineered Food

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1 Genetically Engineered Food
The Ethical Issues Involving Genetically Engineered Food

2 What Is Genetically Engineered Food?
Combines genes of different organisms into one substance It can include medicines, vaccines, vitamins, feeds, and fibers.

3 It is a violation of natural organisms intrinsic values
The food product will not be natural anymore. The original food product may become extinct.

4 Tampering with Nature Mixing Genes among species.
Creating something that was never meant to be. Could negatively effect many different parts of nature. Tampering with Nature

5 Objections to consuming animal genes in food
Vegetarians will eat animal genes against their will or with out them knowing. Different Religious groups may consume something that is against their believes to eat. Objections to consuming animal genes in food

6 Reduce Genetic Diversity
Reduces the chances for many things to survive because their nutritional importance can be re-created and put in to other foods. Also GM food can breed with other species Reduce Genetic Diversity

7 Violation of human rights
Vaccinations could be placed in food Pharmaceuticals could be placed food Many people don't believe in those are healthy to be consumed.

8 Future of Genetically modified foods
Mostly Genetically modified foods will be used. Food will hold a longer shelf life Vaccinations will be put into most food, and more people will have access to them The risk of ammunition to different antibiotics will become more likely Many different types of genes will be extinct because there is no need for them anymore. Future of Genetically modified foods

9 The other side... Provides more food in less land.
Remove genes that trigger allergies. Produces healthier food (the removal of trans-fat or caffeine The other side...

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