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Double Object Pronoun Placement

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1 Double Object Pronoun Placement
Avancemos 3 – Unidad 2 Lección 2

2 Double Object Pronouns – Review of DOPs and IOPs
In Spanish II, we learned about direct object pronouns and indirect object pronouns. Here is a quick review (see my Spanish II powerpoints for a more complete review of both concepts if you are unsure about them)

3 Direct Object Pronouns
me (me) te (you) lo (him or it) la (her or it) nos (us) os (you all inf.) los (them, you all) las (them, you all)

4 Direct Object Pronouns – Examples:
Isabel, ¿tienes mi suéter? Do you have my sweater? No, no lo tengo. No I don’t have it. ¿Compras esos pantalones? Are you buying those pants? No, no los compro. No, I’m not buying them.

5 Indirect Object Pronouns - Review
An indirect object tells us FOR WHOM or TO WHOM an action is performed. Indirect objects are used to accompany or replace an indirect object. Example 1: I bought the ticket for her. subject verb direct object indirect object Example 2: He sings a song to me. subject verb direct object indirect object

6 Indirect Object Pronouns - Examples
I bought the ticket for her. Yo le compré el boleto. He sings a song to me. Él me canta una canción.

7 Indirect Object Pronouns
Me - to/for me Te – to/for you Le – to/for him/her/you/it Nos – to/for us os Les – to/for you all/them

8 Double Object Pronoun Placement – New Information
RULES: When using both object pronouns, the indirect always comes before the direct. (Use ID to remember this). Usually they happen together as a unit. Don’t “le lola” – If both pronouns begin with an “L”, the indirect object pronoun “le” becomes “se”.

9 Double object pronoun He gave Juana the flowers. He gave her them.
Él le las dio. Él se las dio. If the l-l, sound is not present, do nothing with the se.

10 Double object pronoun He gave me the flowers. He gave me them.
Él me las dio. Do nothing!

11 Negative and object pronouns
If you have a negative sentence and double object pronouns, the no goes in front of the object pronouns. She doesn’t make it (f) for us. Ella no nos la hace.

12 Double Object Pronouns with Commands
Ejemplos: Enrique explícale tu punto de vista a Raquel. = Explícaselo ***With the nosotros command, drop the “s” of the nosotros ending before adding the reflexive pronoun “nos” Let’s get organized NOT Organicémosnos BUT Organicémonos

13 Práctica: Give it to me (tú) Buy them for her (Ud.)
Bring it to us (Uds.) Let’s tell it to him. Distribute it to them (Uds.) Don’t present it to me (Ud.) Dámelo Cómpreselos Traíganoslo Digámoselo Distribúyaselo No me lo presente

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