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Spanish Music Today. Melendi

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1 Spanish Music Today

2 Melendi

3 Melendi is a popular Spanish singer. He was born in Oviedo, (Asturias) 21st of January 1979. He is specialised on rumba and he usually sings pop and rock. He has a lot of awards and he sold millions of records.


5 Pablo Alborán was born in Málaga in 1989. He started in 2010 with his first official record, Solamente tú. He is famous in Spain today In 2012 he had got three nominations to Latin Grammies.

6 Fito & fitipaldis

7 Fito & Fitipaldis is a Spanish group created in 1998 by Fito Cabrales. They usually sing blues rock, rock and urban rock. On 26th September, 2006 the group published a record, Por la Boca Vive el Pez. It had got a great success. Their records are; Antes de que cuente diez, Dos son multitud, Por la boca vive el pez. (+360.000 copies) Vivo... para contarlo, Lo más lejos a tu lado, Los sueños locos, A puerta cerrada.


9 Estopa is a Spanish duo created by the brothers David and José Manuel Muñóz in 1999. They were born in Cornellá de Llobregat, Barcelona (Cataluña). They are specialised on Catalan rumba, pop rock and rock.

10 The End

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