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Disaster Response Team Training for Coordinating Unaffiliated Volunteers.

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1 Disaster Response Team Training for Coordinating Unaffiliated Volunteers

2 Integrating National Initiatives into Missouri Communities Community Control by Fours

3 How did we get here? September 11, 2001 Local Large Scale Disasters - 2003 Tornadoes Local Small Scale Disasters – 2004 Henry County Storms Citizens Genuine Desire to help

4 Goals Have a clear understanding of how to set up and run a Volunteer Reception Center Develop Partnerships between MUMDRT and partner agencies. Explore issues unique to your district(s) Develop a plan for your district(s)

5 Topics of Discussion State Principles Concepts of Operations – Coordinating by Fours Roles and Responsibilities Video District(s) Plan Q&A

6 State Principles Volunteering and Community Life The Value of Affiliation Volunteer Involvement in the Four Phases Management Systems Shared Responsibility Volunteer Expectations The Impact on Volunteers Building on Existing Capacity Consistent Terminology

7 Concepts of Operations Management Information Interface Logistics The scale and scope of the operation will expand or contract based on need. The need for these functions however, will not change. Four major areas of operations or functions are required to efficiently manage spontaneous volunteers.

8 Concepts of Operations: Management To efficiently manage spontaneous volunteers, four positions are required. Positions: -Volunteer Coordination Team Leader -Information Management Chief -Interface Chief -Operations Chief

9 VRC Command Structure


11 Concepts of Operation: Information Management Data Collection Phone Bank Matching Technical Support The Information Management Team (IMT) handles the input and dissemination of volunteer & voluntary agency info. The four functions of the IMT are:

12 Concept of Operation: Interface Community Coordination Volunteer Agency Coordination Recruitment Signature Projects The Interface Team (IT) is the eyes and ears of the VRC. They provide a vital link to the community & volunteer agencies that will be using volunteers. The four functions of the IT are:

13 Concepts of Operations: Operations Support Facilities Staffing Safety The Operations Team (OT) keeps the VRC running smoothly and meets the needs of VRC staff. The four functions of the OT are:

14 Roles and Responsibilities Mitigation Preparedness Response Recovery

15 Roles and Responsibilities: Response Conference call within 24 hours Within 48 hours Statewide Volunteer Coordinator, MUMDRT conference coordinator, and AmeriCorps report to area AmeriCorps establishes/coordinates VRC MUMDRT mobilizes VCT

16 Roles & Responsiblities: Recovery Transition between AmeriCorps and MUMDRT Transition between MUMDRT and community

17 Jamie Dake Missouri State Emergency Management Agency Citizen Corps Coordinator Phone: 573-526-9256 Email:

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