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Womens Health Menopause and Female Libido Tradeshow 2008 Amanda Jones – US Health and Nutrition Product Manager.

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1 Womens Health Menopause and Female Libido Tradeshow 2008 Amanda Jones – US Health and Nutrition Product Manager

2 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

3 Feminene ® Female Support Code: DC:$17.50 SR:$24.95 BV:13.50

4 Menopause begins when the ovaries start making less estrogen and progesterone Usually after the age of 50 Permanent end of fertility and menstruation Natural biological process Menopause

5 Physical and biological symptoms of menopause that can disrupt your sleep and zap your energy Hormonal changes cause the physical symptoms of menopause The signs and symptoms of menopause can occur long before the first anniversary of your final period Declining levels of progesterone and estrogen Menopause

6 Hormones are chemical messengers – they transmit Information between cells and tissues The body: Makes them Uses them Metabolizes or inactivates them when they are no longer needed Any disturbance in this communication at any stage results in symptoms What are Hormones? Sex Differences in The Brains Serotonin System

7 Symptoms of PMS/Menopause Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS) Headaches Bloating Nervousness Hot Flashes Night Sweats Facial Hair Abdominal Weight Gain

8 Keep hormones balanced Make sufficient amounts Good dietary fats make good hormones Use them efficiently Special nutrients facilitate hormone use Metabolize them after use Most Important Step! How do we minimize symptoms?

9 IngredientsPMS SupportMenopause Support Soy Isoflavones (supports normal creation of phytoestrogens- chemical found in plants that may act like estrogen in the body) Calms PMSReduces hot flashes and night sweats Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels Contributes to bone health Vitamin E (promotes normal use of hormones) Helps with breast tenderness, cramps, irritability Promotes cardiovascular health Protects LDL from oxidation Helps maintain normal levels of testosterone Black Cohosh (promotes normal detoxification of hormones) Liver Support Reduces menstrual pain/mood swings Combats hot flashes Works similarly to estrogen Feminene® Ingredients

10 IngredientsPMS SupportMenopause Support Wild Yam (supports normal creation of phytoestrogens) Helps with menstrual cramps General menopause Chaste Berry (promotes normal use of hormones) Promotes cycle regulation Breast tenderness Helps stabilize hormone levels Valerian (promotes normal detoxification of hormones) Good for nervousness and mood swings Helps relieve cramps and fatigue Promotes restful sleep Feminene® Ingredients

11 B-Complex Vitamins – (B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B-12, and Folic Acid) Supports oxygen flow to the reproductive organs, supports a healthy nervous system and helps reduce stress Sage – Acts as a natural estrogen promoter, good for hot flashes, helps reduce sweating: night/day Evening Primrose Oil – good hormones come from good dietary fats. EPO = vegetable-derived gamma-linolenic acid: supports normal blood vessel dilation Passiflora – promotes relaxation; promotes restful sleep St. Johns Wort – promotes relaxation Other Beneficial Ingredients

12 Helps maintain optimal female health Helps alleviate mild symptoms of menopause Black Cohosh has been shown to reduce hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms Helps counteract mild adverse effects of PMS Helps stabilize mood Feminene® Code: DC:$17.50 SR:$24.95 BV:13.50

13 Myth #1 Women dont enjoy sex once they have entered menopause Many symptoms of menopause affect a womans sex life – however a majority of these can be overcome Menopause Myths

14 Myth #2 Libido drops permanently after menopause The need for physical contact and intimacy does not decline with age Menopause Myths

15 Myth #3 Sex after menopause will never be as good Many women have reported that their sex life has improved dramatically after menopause Menopause Myths

16 Feminene ® Female Support Code: DC:$17.50 SR:$24.95 BV:13.50 Dont forget to put it on Autoship!

17 Prime Time Female Libido Formula Code: DC: $32.00 SR: $44.95 BV: 26

18 Most Commonly Seen Sexual Problems in Women (Age ) 33% have low sex drive 24% have difficulty with orgasms 14% experience pain during intercourse 37% think about sex only a few times a month 33% think about sex two to three times per week (Laumann & Colleagues at the University of Chicago)

19 Female Sexual Dysfunction affects an estimated 30 to 45 million women in the US Female libido is very complex and intricate It is based upon: o Hormones o Social Expectations o Physiological Responses Female Facts

20 Libido refers to the base line interest in sex or sexual appetite Sexual arousal is a physiological response to sexual stimuli Female Facts

21 The Answer: Key Ingredients: Sensoril® (Ashwaghanda) Velvet Bean Extract Damiana Pueraria mirifica extract L-Histidine Code: DC: $32.00 SR: $44.95 BV: 26

22 Ashwagandha works as an adaptogen by helping to inhibits occasional fatigue, boost energy, and counteract the negative effects of stress. Independent of its adaptogen activities, ashwagandha has also been shown to promote normal nitric oxide synthase, which promotes the normal dilation of the blood vessels in the sensitive areas, helping to produce a normal orgasm. Sensoril®

23 The active constituent L-dopa is often given the credit for velvet beans sex supporting properties L-dopa is converted to dopamine within the brain In regards to sex, dopamine release and neuron stimulation are believed to be triggered by the anticipation of a reward (sexual activity) which in turn intensifies sexual desire and response Velvet Bean Extract

24 Damiana has been hailed as sexual stimulator since ancient times, particularly by the native peoples of Mexico Damiana has been shown to bind to progesterone receptors, which may promote healthy estrogen levels in women The result is the support of normal sexual drive and pleasure Damiana

25 Contains several phytoestrogens that exert strong estrogenic activity on vaginal tissue. Pueraria mirifica has been shown to promote normal estrogenicity on vaginal tissue and promote normal vaginal lubrication and comfort during sex Pueraria mirifica extract may help promote normal lubrication and promote strength of the vaginal muscles to support a strong contraction Pueraria mirifica

26 L-Histidine is converted to histamine within the body Histamine, a neurotransmitter, promotes normal vasodilation and smooth muscle contraction in the body, especially the genitalia muscles Its promotes normal nitric oxide synthesis which is important for normal blood flow to parts of the body and normal sex hormone activity Sexual climax (orgasm) is triggered when histamine is released from mast cells in the genitals and can produce sensations of intense warmth throughout the body L-Histidine

27 Benefits: Enhances female libido (sexual interest and desire) Promotes normal sexual arousal and intensity Supports physical response to sexual stimuli Promotes sexual pleasure and performance Helps promote natural lubrication Prime Time Female Libido

28 Benefits: May help to manage the effects of stress that reduce sexual drive Supports normal blood flow to genitals Helps maintain vaginal health May help support energy and endurance during physical exertion Supports normal sexual climax Prime Time Female Libido

29 The Answer: Prime Time Female Libido Code: DC: $32.00 SR: $44.95 BV: 26 Dont forget to put it on Autoship!

30 Make Every Time…. PRIME TIME!

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